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FREE Clinique Products With Instyle Magazine & Next Month's Free Gifts Are....

Monday Evening, 24th September '12, Newcastle Upon Tyne:  It rained the whole frickin' day, the internet hadn't been activated yet, I was feeling out of sorts. I just wanted to curl up on the couch with some random show on British tv & a cup of Tetley. BUT we had to make a trip to Sainsbury's (supermarket) to buy some necessary groceries. On the way, my right hand was almost frozen, because both Mr.CZ & I had to hold the edges of the umbrella, so the wind wouldn't blow it into a Y shape. If not for Instyle, some cute table mats & a pack of chilli powder (authentically Indian, mind you), it wouldn't have been worth it.
The magazine section is near the entrance, so that's where I ended up first. Hello, Instyle magazine! Olivia Palermo on the cover. A pretty thing, but who is she? I've seen her somewhere. One evidently famous celeb I do not know. Ooh! FREE Clinique products!
Price: £3.80 (Rs.330)
It took me a while to notice that they had a different free product on each issue: Repairwear Laser Focus Serum, High Impact Mascara, Long Last Gloss Wear, Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer. 'Collect All 4 Amazing Products' they say. Yeah, right. The tactics these people! I picked the moisturizer, coz I really needed one =)


'Lakme ABSOLUTE' Makeup Line By Manish Malhotra

Press Release: Every season at Lakmé Fashion Week, Lakmé presents a new collection. This season at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011, Lakme will take a significant leap with the launch of Lakmé ABSOLUTE- high performance long-wear make-up line.

July 5, 2011: Lakmé, the contemporary Indian beauty expert, has announced iconic fashion designer Manish Malhotra as the Grand Finale Designer for Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2011, scheduled from August 16 - 21 in Mumbai. Manish Malhotra is the first Lakmé Grand Finale designer who showcased his Shimmer Shine Sparkle collection way back in 1999 and presented the Free Spirit Collection in 2007. This year, he is poised to bring to life the high performance long-wear makeup range, Lakmé ABSOLUTE. This will be the third time where he will be showcasing his collection at the Lakmé Grand Finale.

In the 12th year of Lakmé Fashion Week, India‘s largest selling make up brand takes a significant leap with the launch of Lakmé ABSOLUTE- high performance long-wear makeup line. The world class products, which last up to 16 hours, are backed with skin care benefits and functional expertise. Designed by Lakmé Make-up Experts and co-created with Manish Malhotra, Lakmé ABSOLUTE offers the best in long-wear benefits coupled with do-good skin care properties enabling the contemporary Indian woman to be magical everyday of her life.

Revolutionizing costume design and introducing the concept of styling in Bollywood films has made Manish one of the most recognized names in the fashion industry globally. Synonymous with contemporary Indian wear, he is known to create glamorous ensembles with Indian color and, textures combined with international fashion sensibilities.

Excited about showcasing his collection at the Lakmé Grand Finale, Manish Malhotra said, “My association with Lakmé began more than a decade ago with the first Lakmé Grand Finale show and it has only strengthened over the years. I’m very excited to once again present my new collection at the Grand Finale this season. My winter festive collection would showcase contemporary Indian evening wear garments. Lakmé ABSOLUTE is inspired by the contemporary Indian woman who effortlessly plays myriad set of roles across her personal and professional life. Akin to my style, the collection adapts contemporary fashion to the needs of the Indian woman.”

On the association, Farida Kaliyadan, General Manager, Lakmé said, “Manish is one of the most sought after designers and a name to reckon with in the fashion industry. He represents the perfect blend of International sensibilities with an Indian soul clearly making him the best choice for the Lakmé Grand Finale and Lakmé ABSOLUTE. It’s great to see the return of a Mumbai designer who best represents the ethos of this collection. The range is designed for the modern Indian woman of today who leads an international life with a soul that is Indian at the core.”

The Lakmé Grand Finale, this season, promises to be dynamic and riveting as it unites the best in beauty and fashion.

About Lakmé:
Contemporary Indian beauty expert Lakmé continuously innovates to offer a wide range of, high performance and world class color cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. In addition to leveraging Unilever’s worldwide expertise, Lakmé also partners with the leading cosmetic house Milan-based Intercos Italia, Schwann Stabilo Germany and Paris-based Fiabila. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé also offers its consumers a comprehensive beauty experience through its products and services at the Lakmé Salons and Studios. For further information log on to www.lakmé 

About Lakmé Fashion Week: 
Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) is jointly organized by Lakmé, the No.1 cosmetics and beauty services brand in India and IMG, the global leader in fashion weeks and event production. LFW has been conceived and created with a vision to “Redefine the future of fashion and Integrate India into the global fashion world”. LFW is organized twice every year. LFW Winter/Festive 2011 will be held from August 16 to August 21, 2011 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai. For further information log on to

P.S: *Is anyone else also thinking 'MAC Pro Longwear'? Way to go Lakmé! :)

I'm very excited.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara ~ Helps Eyelashes Grow Longer?

A mascara that helps eyelashes grow. Hmm...can you imagine my reaction when it first came out? I am so the perfect lab ra....I mean candidate for this ;)

About Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara By Fabulash:
The first Revlon mascara that helps lashes grow stronger while visibly adding length and volume.
-Lash enhancing formula complements the natural growth cycle of your lashes, improving their overall appearance and conditioning with each use.
-Get lashes that look instantly longer and lusher and will also grow stronger day after day
-Oversized lash-extending brush
-Ophthalmologist tested
Claims ~ 96% saw instantly longer, more lush lashes.

Shade ~ Blackest Black.


FOTD With My Favorite Inglot Green Eyeshadow + Giveaway Status

Green is my favorite color- after pink (the queen.) I used to think it's yellow, but I guess I changed my mind. There are only so many occasions you can wear yellow eyeshadow to anyways, right? But of course I still like yellow.

Btw, Mac Bite of An Apple Blush on my cheeks and Inglot Lip Paint #66 on my lips.

The green eyeshadow I love so much is Inglot Double Sparkle Eyeshadow #475. It is between forest green & emerald with gold sparkle. 


Bourjois Delice de Soleil Bronzers With Cocoa Bean

I crazy about bronzers nowadays and these new Bourjois bronzers look decadent! With ingredients like Cocoa Bean & Elixir of orange blossom, I'm practically drooling. Add these to my never-ending wishlist!

2 shades to create a natural tan. A clever clamshell packaging so you can use them separately or together depending on your whims and seasons.
Ingredients that are good for the skin:
· Cocoa Bean - sparkle
· Elixir of orange blossom - hydration
-  SPF 15


The Birthday Month Wishlist

My birthday is in 3 weeks! Yippee! The wishlist is getting longer day by day. No, this is not a hint for anybody, if you're wondering. Not many people gift me these days anyways. I might as well buy some of these things, wrap them up the night before my birthday and open them on the day. Sounds fun actually. I might do that! Note to self: Buy wrapping paper (pink) & ribbons (black)

First, let's start with the makeup- obviously.

  • Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush ~ Every time I see these, my heart skips a beat.  I wanna be very happy, so I want both shades- Natural & Rose.

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes ~  A long-wearing, solar-baked blush that lasts up to 12 hours. Infused with natural clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun. When I first saw these and heard 'Amazonian', I thought about a girl in school who recited a poem in front of the whole class and she pronounced Amazon "A-may-zon!" confidently. Our strict owl-eyed English teacher almost ate her up for that. Anyways, I want the pink, purple, brown/bronze & most of all the coral shade- Tipsy *slurring & drooling*


Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadows ~ More Swatches

I bought 2 more Inglot Pure Pigments Eye Shadows, my new found loves, last week. My craving for more is gone for now.

Here are the swatches:

22 ~ Purple with gold flecks. This caught my attention from the very first time I checked out the Inglot Pigments, but when I saw that it's #22 I had to get it ;) (my birthday hehe)

I'm wearing 22 HERE


Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review & Swatches

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint ~ Light, non-sticky, moisturising formula with vitamin E. Paraben free.

This is my first lip gloss from Inglot. I'm not so crazy about lip glosses and recently I don't even look at them in stores. I don't even remember the last time I bought one. Even with this, I bought it mainly for  the unusual test tube packaging. Isn't it so cute?!


Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Kiss Of A Rose

Two shades of Cheek Artist were launched with the Lakme Fantasy Collection ~ Peach Blush & Kiss Of A Rose. I wanted both of them from the start. They are a set. They belong together. On my dresser too.

Kiss Of A Rose is a dusty rose shade which, on me, is a MCBB blush. Arre, baba, My Cheeks But Better. So natural it looks, just like after jogging effect. I toh thought it would look so dark on me, but it doesn't, thanks God.
Sorry, I guess Butterfly is rubbing off on me. I am currently reading The Diary of A Social Butterfly by Moni Mohsin. Have you read it? She's freakin' hilarious!

Okay, seriously now, I like this blush a lot. It looks really natural and goes with everything. It is matte and has no shimmer (which Peach Blush has.) Blends like a dream, and stays put for hours. It would suit most skin tones as well.


Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush Review, FOTD & How To Apply It

I've been using nothing but Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush for the past 1 week, and the verdict is in. 

I have used a blush like this a while back, No7 Blush Tint Cream Blush, which I adored. So this brings back good memories (of the blush and shopping at Boots in London)


Urban Decay Brow Box Honey Pot Review & Swatches

Let's take a break from all the fantasy, shall we? I badly needed it! :)

Urban Decay Brow Box is my new favorite toy. I am hearting this little thing. It is like a treasure box. It's got everything your eyebrows need.

It comes with 2 shades of brow powders- light brown & a dark beige, clear wax, teeny tiny tweezers, and a teeny tiny angled brush.

Shades available:
Brown Sugar- Dark
Beige Betty - Medium
Gingersnap - Auburn

I got Honey Pot- Blonde. I almost went for Beige Betty-Medium, but I'm glad I didn't coz it would have been too dark for me.

You push the bottom drawer (which is attached to a spring inside) to release the wax. So cute!  


Lakme Fantasy Collection Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick Astral Blue & Glimmer Green Review, Swatches+ EOTDs

What is Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick?
Let your eyes share magical moments with light beams. Creamy color pencils laced with super fine glitter, reflect light and bring a mesmerizing sparkle to your eyes. Edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend. Keep the mystery alive.

Available in 4 shades:
  • Astral Blue
  • Starry Night
  • Glimmer Green
  • Moon Beam


Lakmé Fantasy Collection True Wear Nail Color Review, Photos & Swatches

Flash around those enchantingly pretty nails. Happy nail colors in mellow pink, hot pink, soft lilac and mauve, bring gorgeousness to your fingertips. Brush them on your nails and bring magic to any look.

Available in 6 shades. 

The 3 shades I got are ~ 250, 247, 251.

I LOVE these. I can't stop gushing over them. Consistency & finish are top notch. Not too thick, not too runny & very glossy. Brush is the ideal size, which makes application effortless & almost smudge-free. Most importantly. they dry quickly

The shades, oh-my-pêche! The best shades from Lakmé, in my opinion. They are perfect for summer. I adore all of them, especially 250. I reckon #251 will be on my toenails all year.

Lakmé Fantasy Collection Nail Color 250, 247, 251

250 ~ Coral pink. Pink guava-ish. 
247 ~ Pinky beige/nude (meaning:with a pink undertone) with shimmer
251 ~ Raspberry color

Lakmé Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Peach Blush Photos & Swatch

Get those dreamy rose-kissed princess cheeks. This multi-purpose stick glides magically over your cheeks for a natural blush. Feminine and fun, these colors blend beautifully on all skin tones. 
Available in 2 shades Peach Blush and Kiss of a Rose

Price: Rs. 395/-

I'll be showing you Peach Blush. I still have to test the wearability and see if it breaks me out or something, coz it's a cream blush, but so far I'm loving this cutie. This shade is so pretty!

Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist

It has a protective plastic cap 


Lust List: Sleek Makeup Avoir la Pêche Collection

Now that is what I call Peach (Pêche?) Heaven

I WANT WANT WANT these so badly I feel like stamping my foot and throw a tantrum. Wait, actually I already did that. Ask my laptop.

They look so fabulous & yummy, and I can't get over the fact that they're inexpensive yet inaccessible to me.

Paraguaya i-Divine Palette $10.00

Lotus WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub Review

Lotus WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub exfoliates the skin gently, removes dirt, impurities, blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin brighter and healthier with a shining glow. The gentle exfoliating action works on skin discoloration, dull and uneven skin tones and softens the skin giving you a firmer texture.
Oatmeal exfoliates gently, restores the natural moisture balance of the skin and yogurt moisturizes and lightens the skin reducing imperfections giving you silky, smooth and brighter skin.
For all skin types.

How to use:
Gently apply the scrub on moistened skin with brisk circular movements on your face and neck, Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice a week.


Neutrogena Fine Fairness Serum ~ Does It Work?

This  light-weight, easy-to-absorb intensive treatment can visibly lighten skin tone as it refines skin texture.
Contains Neutrogena HealthyWhite Complex that helps inhibit melanin production and high purity retinol to enhance cell regeneration, stimulate collagen and refine skin. Anti-oxidants to help neutralize effects of free radical damage and help prevent melanin production. Clinically proven to improve skin tone and clarity, see visible results in just 4 weeks. 

How to use:
Use 1-2 times a day after cleansing. Lightly massage in to boost penetration.


New U Haul + FREE Gifts!

I love New U! I want it to get bigger & better, like Watsons, my favorite drugstore. I was shopping there yesterday, and realized that I'm a big fan of QVS. The brand has such cool beauty tools- makeup brushes, sponges and whatnot. I want them all! Especially the sponges, I don't know why!

Here's the stuff I got:

  • Audrey's Wedge Sponges 24 pcs (Rs.95) ~ LOVE! I needed more sponges
  • QVS 2 Facial Cleansing Facial Sponges (Rs.165) ~ I needed (yes, needed) a soft facial sponge to cleanse & scrub my face. Sometimes I need a softer tool than my Body Shop Facial Buffer.


Best Cotton Pads For Skin

I found (or more like my hubby found) these German-made Pads+Microfaser, and I'm having so much fun using them. I love things that are different and have a unique quality, and these cotton pads are that!

Textured on one side. So cute! 

The other side is normal and linty, so I'd rather use it for nail polish remover (maybe)


Pomegranate Antioxidant Essence By Pure Beauty

This is something I have been using since last September, and I thought it's about time I tell you how much I love it (and most pomegranate skincare products, in general.)
Pomegranates are natural antioxidants. If you don't like to drink green tea, like me (yuck!), it's nice to have an alternative. Pomegranate seed oil has amazing anti-aging properties, and is known as an 'elixir of youth'.

What this Essence promises ~ Formulated with a natural herbal complex made from mulberry root, rice, green tea and pomegranate oil extracts, it allows every skin cell to experience the renewing power of nature, stimulates skin restoration and cell turnover effects. Day after day, it detoxifies and prevents signs of aging, so your skin radiates youthful vitality.

What is Essence? Basically, a serum. Asians prefer to call Serums - Essence.

Usage ~ Massage onto entire face and neck after cleansing. Use day & night.