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Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review & Swatches

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint ~ Light, non-sticky, moisturising formula with vitamin E. Paraben free.

This is my first lip gloss from Inglot. I'm not so crazy about lip glosses and recently I don't even look at them in stores. I don't even remember the last time I bought one. Even with this, I bought it mainly for  the unusual test tube packaging. Isn't it so cute?!

 I got #90, a pretty coral-pink. I love this shade! It comes with a sponge doe foot applicator. 

90 swatch ~ This is the true color. 
It looks more cool-toned on my lips below, don't know why

  • Super glossy yet non-sticky
  • Very moisturizing. My lips were chapping like crazy lately and none of my lip balms helped until I used this. 
  • Even though the color fades after locking lips too much, the balmy feel doesn't wear off completely. 
  • Smells like vanilla ice cream! But not very strong though, and doesn't taste sweet.

  • The applicator is very long, as long as the lip gloss tube, that I find it a little hard to apply with. I mean, my hand is so far from my lips. It's like holding the end of a pencil and drawing. It is longer than the MAC Cremesheen Glass applicator + the black cap is half the length of MACs & most lip gloss caps.  However, I find it charming and like the challenge. It's getting a little too easy lately ;)

Price ~ Rs.550
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5
Repurchase? Yes. I'm getting the red one, 93, next and maybe 89 & 94. See all shades here

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I tried these at the inglot store the other confused over whether i wanted the lip paint duo's or this and bought neither :p

    Looks pretty on you. Is it a lip plumper too? Yr lips look...well..plumper..

  2. This looks awesome! Love inglot products.

  3. Its really pigmentd. hv a gr8 color payoff & cute color 2oo. luk mre of a lip stain isn't...??? the red wuld b really nice fr sure...

  4. the test tube packin' is really fun. its rminds me of how many apparatus & test tubes i hd brkn in chem. lab in d lst 2 yrs... heheeheee... :)

  5. cynthia i too got this gloss mainly for its packaging! it looks so unusual sitting on a table and also when you whip it out of your purse for a quick touch up! the shades are unusual too, difficult to dupe. i have an almost pastel coral shade. the one you have is so gorgeous!

  6. oh and its quite strange, but my gloss too looks different swatched and on my lips. the colour changes quite a bit.

  7. god its about time i bought a new lip gloss. i wish someone would gift this to me..

  8. pnb- no it's not. I just pouted ;)

    Rima- Oh that's a gorgeous shade too. Ya I clicked 3-4 pics and still the color didn't come out right.

    Candy- hehe...yup very chemistry. I wouldn't say it's like Lip stains coz it's not matte & drying :)


  9. hey - i hauled inglot today! Totally worth the 4 hours odd commute to and fro!

    Btw they have this promo - buy 3 face products and get the lowest price one free!

  10. must try this! it looks so pretty on your lips. :3

  11. I don't usually wear gloss or any lip products except a clear balm, but I've been dying to get a few glosses.

    Oh, if only Inglot was near me.
    I LOVE the colour, its gorgeous. :)

  12. Hey you should give me a rec list for Inglot, I can order Inglot stuff from here now :) So excited...don't want to waste money that's why need your opinions ;)

  13. I'm the same, don't really like lip glosses much prefer lipsticks really, but it's a nice colour.
    Really don't like the 'test tube' tho reminds me of chemistry- bad times :( lol

  14. The tube looks more like an uber cute test tube.
    And the color is so pretty !!

  15. This is another pretty shade :)

  16. wow... this is such a petty colour... love it !! <3 thnx for the review..

  17. I am dying to try this .....
    i was it in shadde 93..

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!


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