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The Birthday Month Wishlist

My birthday is in 3 weeks! Yippee! The wishlist is getting longer day by day. No, this is not a hint for anybody, if you're wondering. Not many people gift me these days anyways. I might as well buy some of these things, wrap them up the night before my birthday and open them on the day. Sounds fun actually. I might do that! Note to self: Buy wrapping paper (pink) & ribbons (black)

First, let's start with the makeup- obviously.

  • Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush ~ Every time I see these, my heart skips a beat.  I wanna be very happy, so I want both shades- Natural & Rose.

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes ~  A long-wearing, solar-baked blush that lasts up to 12 hours. Infused with natural clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun. When I first saw these and heard 'Amazonian', I thought about a girl in school who recited a poem in front of the whole class and she pronounced Amazon "A-may-zon!" confidently. Our strict owl-eyed English teacher almost ate her up for that. Anyways, I want the pink, purple, brown/bronze & most of all the coral shade- Tipsy *slurring & drooling*
  • Benefit Bella Bamba ~ I want 3D watermelon pink cheeks.

  • Lancome Butterflies Fever Blush Glowy Ballerine ~ It has my name written on it-bow & butterflies. Sadly, this will not be launched in India.
  • Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire ~ Look at that beauty!

  • Lancome Desert Rose Blush ~ I don't know if I really want this, but it looks different and weird like an optical illusion, so I guess I'm just hypnotized.

  • Lancome Absolu Nu Lipstick ~ Isn't the packaging design fabulous?! Major Want! They haven't been launched in India yet- of course *rolls eyes*

  • Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm ~ These babies look so cute! They've got great reviews, so a lip balm addict, like me, wants one-or a couple- on a stick.

  • The Body Shop Body Butter Duos ~ Yummy! I don't know what's more tempting- applying it on my body or dipping & swirling my finger in it.

  • Katy Perry Perfume Purr ~ 6 months of longing for this. 6 months! I can't wait anymore!


  • Shoes ~ Floral, lace and leopard prints, at the top of my head. I haven't bought any shoes since the last time I went on vacation, so can you imagine how famished I am right now?

  • Wedding gown ~ Before you go 'wth?!', let me tell you that I didn't have a perfect wedding gown when I got married. India is not the place for chic 'Christian' brides, from my experience. I designed my own but the fabric and detailing didn't come out exactly like I thought, and I didn't even get to see it until 1 day before the 1st wedding (we had 2 weddings.) It's depressing to even think about it. So ever since I've wanted a fabulous one and erase the memory of the cheap-looking shapeless one. One life, might as well, right? So I told hubby I want a wedding gown as a birthday present instead of something Tiffany and I'm delaying buying an android phone. I want something like the ones in the pic above - with a corset back, with straps like the one in 2nd pic (top right). Ok that's confusing. Final decision- 2nd one with corset back like the 4th but with a shorter ribbon. Sigh... ♥_♥  Tight budget, so wish me luck! 
Oh, and thanks to the Royal Wedding, I want a nice hat too, but I don't know what type or color I want yet, so I'll just show you when I buy one. Maybe elbow length gloves, a lacy umbrella and a lacy hand fan too. And and... I want a nice blingy sheer saree too, since I don't have any.

Okay, I better stop now. The list is getting a bit much & random. Some guy reading this is glad I'm not his wife & my husband might kick me to the Victorian era when he reads this =D

So... if I get all these things this month I'll be happiest bride birthday girl ever! 

What's the most epic thing on your wishlist? Anything you want from this list, or I shouldn't even ask? ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. hehhe nice list.. made me drool too... but i do have tht katy perry perfume :P

  2. whoa.... may you wish come true :)
    katy pary perfume's packaging looks very cute.

  3. Those blushers look very nice! You do know that I have a giveaway on my blog for the Bella Bamba blusher don't you? Get entering!

    Also, I hate to rain on your parade but the Clinique sticks aren't really pigmented so ensure that you swatch them before you pick them up so as to avoid disappointment. I swatched them and the colour was practically non existent.

    Where did you see the body butter duos? :P I can't wait for thse either, I hope it works!


  4. Nice list...he he..Lancome's butterfly is in my wishlist too!! :D

  5. Okay one question, when u get the gown, where and when will u wear it?

  6. hey cynthia..u shud get d gown done in our part of the world :P ...amazing designers in nagaland,shillong n aizawl..m gettin hitched early nx yr hoping tat i get to wear a dreamy gown too :(:) if u cant get in shillong try some naga designers seriously

  7. donching- ya I wish I could do that. Our part of the world is the best ;). Congrats! Hope u get a dreamy one.

    cnf- Maybe there'll be another wedding...renewing of vows, or something like that, in a couple of years


  8. rhamnousia- hehe...I forgot where exactly ;p. Oww...I better swatch them properly first then. Will check out the giveaway sometime too.

    cali- it's too pretty to pass

    mmd- is very cute

    yasmeen- lucky u


  9. Ohh, i 2oo luv makin' wishlist fr my birthday, i evn hv strtd it. may ur wishlist gt fulfilld. fingrs crossd fr it. So bad cuz i ws wishin' dt i wuld gt dt Lancome' Butterflies Fever Blush Glowy Ballerine nxt month whn i wuld go 2 delhi as a birthday prsnt. so sad fr u 2oo cuz v cn't gt it. bt i jus dn't gt it y dn't dey launch such beautiful prdcts in india, i mean i hd been dreamin' abt it since lst couple of mnths. I supprt u fr gttin' a gown lyk hvin' a princess kind of birthday, i wntd it fr my 16th birthdy as u said it in india dsn't hppn. Add sum mre things 2oo cuz its birthday...LOL

  10. LOL...I'm no where close to getting married, but I would also long for a perfect wedding gown if something goes wrong with mine (god forbid (see)) LOL. I know what you mean though my high school graduation dress was less than perfect...I was a size two then and had to wear a "medium" sized dress because I couldnt find a good one in my size :( So I made sure I made up for it for my university graduation. But you only get married yeah. :/ you could also look at if you want a nice wedding dress. Btw, nice blush list you have going on there missy ;) I am wearing bella bamba today, its awesome :)

  11. Yeah lyk @Adorable On Your Vanity tld u cn gt a really nice gown on shopbop
    i bought a miss marc bymarc jacobs watch lst mnth & its so cute, der r so many things ovr der fashion wise bt sad thing is dt dey dn't sell beauty prdcts.chck it out dey do free wrld-wide shippin' whn u make a purchase of mre dan 100 dollars.

  12. Oh the colours are so pretty! :)

  13. Wonderful picks! I highly recommend the Bella Bamba blush Cynthia - I know you'll love it! I too am lusting for the Tarte blush - I want the nude/bronzey color since I don't really own any "natural" type blushes. Happy early Birthday!

  14. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes is in my wish list also

  15. Candy- ya I know, hey are stupid to not launch it here. Hehe.. of course there's more ;). Will check out the website,thanks

    aoyv- lol...don't worry, yours will be great (knock knock on wood)It happened to me coz we planned everything in 3 months so my gown suffered. Will check out site. I hope I'll love Bella Bamba too!


  16. beautygirl24- Thanks!

    lb- They are! :)

    nidhi- cool!


  17. A very interesting list but I have a doubt.. what would you do with a wedding gown now?

  18. hehehe....huge list...wish you a loads of luck...Advance birthday wishes :)

  19. I love your list!! Makes me wanna wish my b'day was around the corner too so I cld buy myself some goodies too :)

  20. I can't take my eyes off those blushes..They are so beautifully made..

  21. Hi Cynthia, Did u designed ur wedding gown.. Amazing.. If am not wrong.. U can share ur wedding pics rite.. So that we can have a look on your make up detailings and dress..

  22. I like this post,cynthia!Because it reminds me of my own bd wishlist:D...I don't have most epic thing on my bd wishlist,but I was grateful that someone that I like was willing to do a short pilgrimage to mecca on my request since I couldn't go there at the moment.It was a wonderfull gift for me on my bd this year :)
    Nice wedding gown btw..


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