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Bourjois Glamour Fantasy Perfume Photos

We landed in Indira Gandhi International Airport. Only one thing was on my mind. Something luxury I saw in Amsterdam, but was too expensive. I assumed I'll see the same in India duty-free and it'll be less expensive, and I'll be happy.... and everything will be right with the world again. After standing like a robot in migration, I headed straight to duty-free. Something luxury wasn't available, sadly. Instead, I spotted something I'd blogged about before (here) and had almost forgotten about ~ Bourjois Perfumes. Was disappointed that there were no testers, and I couldn't have a look at what the bottles looked like, but I knew if I didn't buy it then, I may not get my hands on it, coz who knows if they'll launch it in the stores here. Also, there were only 2 types available out of the 4 that were introduced - this & the purple one called Glamour Excessive. I picked this, Glamour Fantasy.
About: This fruity fragrance opens with a gourmet of cherry and raspberry macaroon. In the heart, sweet strawberry & jasmine in a wonderful floral bouquet. In the end, an intense and heady patchouli.


Cutest Perfume Display By Nina Ricci

Just wanted to show you this cute Nina Ricci Perfume display at Schiphol Airport Duty-Free, Amsterdam.
 *These are mobile phone pics, so they're not so clear.

Nina Ricci La tentation de Nina (Limited Editon)

Yes, I'm sold! =)

Just waiting for it to launch in India, where it'll definitely be priced lower.

P.S. I'm dreaming about a dressing table that looks like that cart! *.*


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Beauty Addict And Her Stash To Pack | OOTD

Leaving UK in less than 2 weeks now, so that means these are crazy packing times! Last night, I was home alone. Mr.CZ had gone to Newcastle and he'll be back till later this evening. I layed almost all my makeup and beauty products on the bed in our guest bedroom. This bed just has a sheet, and we didn't get any pillows and whatnot for it because, you know, no point. These are most of my beauty products (save for some skin & hair products I keep in the bathrooms) that I'm packing to take to India.
I decided to throw myself into the MESS, because it's always been my dream to sleep on/next to a pile of makeup products..hehe. Btw, I kept my left knee bent in most pics, coz I was trying to hide a a big (healing) bruise. I fell down on the bridge a couple weeks ago. Always been a quiet bridge, but that day, a couple was walking towards us, and they saw me fall. Because that's how life is - you never fall without an audience.


Mini Vacation Pics & Haul

So last Thursday we'd gone for a mini vacation to Edinburgh, mainly for Mr.CZ's birthday. We stayed there for 3 days, and came back on Sunday. Too short, but we made the most of it, and had fun. 
These are most of the things I hauled:
Benefit Rockateur Blush ~ Rose gold blush. Can't wait to try it on my face. £23.50 | Rs.2362.
Shu Uemura 24K Gold Eyelash Curler (Limited Edition) ~ I wanted to try a new curler. I'd left the original silver one in India, and decided to get this gold one because it looks so beautiful. £20 | Rs.2010.
Soap & Glory Hand Food Mini Hand Cream ~ Wanted to see what the big deal is. I like it so far. £2.50 | Rs.250. 
Balmi Raspberry Lip Balm ~  These used to be round like the eos Lip Balms (pics here), but they changed it to square (I smell a lawsuit =D). £4.99 | Rs.500.
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Astringent Lotion ~ Repurchase. It's a toner, and I missed not having it. Post on it here. £8.25 | Rs.828. 
MAC Retro Matte Lipsticks ~ Already posted photos here.
Warehouse Coral Pink Clutch Bag ~ On Sale! Got it for £10 | Rs.1004. Original Price: £24 | Rs.2410.
New Look Leather Biker Jacket ~ I'm wearing it in pics below. £39.99 | Rs.4017.


LOTD ~ Blue Eyes & Boats

This was the makeup I had on yesterday. I rarely wear bright colored eyeshadows on regular days. But right now I'm loving this turquoise blue eyeshadow and have been wearing it like a liner. Now that's one way to wear bright eyeshadows, ladies. Just apply with a wet flat or angled liner brush for a little bit of intensity. If you're a scaredy cat, try only on your bottom lash line.
Face ~ Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Beige 54 (shown here), Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, The Body Shop Loose Powder.
Cheeks ~ MAC The Perfect Cheek Blush
 Lips ~ MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick. Photos here 
Eyes ~ Inglot Eyeshadow 504 DS (shown here) applied with a wet Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush , Lakmé Kohl Ultimate & Urban Decay Blackout (matte black) to tightline and line very close to upper lash line and on waterline. Since I have hooded lids, I had to contour my crease, especially with a heavy lower lash line.  I blended Urban Decay Buck, Naked & Blackout (all from Naked Palettes), Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara.
 I'm surrounded by boats & ships here in Dundee. I imagine seeing Jack Sparrow in one of them someday - he waves at me, I wave back & invite him over, he comes and braids my hair, and we drink tea together. I thought I'd share some pics.....
Frigate UnicornScotland’s only preserved warship, and one of the six oldest ships in the world. I pass it all the time.

I walk on that bridge whenever I go to the city center

A gift when we moved in ~ "We hope you enjoy your new home for the next few months."

Weekend Snacks

Regards from Mr.CZ =)

Happy Weekend Everyone....See you again next week!


A Girl Spat To Sorbet Shoes....

Friday, 24th May '13, 10:40 am:
We reached the train station. An hour later, we're supposed to be in Edinburgh. As we walked in, I saw a magazine shop, and decided to pick up LOOK Magazine. Mr.CZ went ahead to get the tickets. The shopkeeper was a woman in her late 20's to early 30's (I couldn't tell). She had an almost gothic rock star style- very short cropped black hair, maybe some piercings, she wore a black t-shirt with skinny jeans. I've always admired this style & find it fascinating. She was boyish, but petite. Maybe one size bigger than me, and a couple inches taller. 
I paid for the mag, and took out one copy from the middle of the stack, and not the one on top. It was a habit, you know. Usually, the copy right on top of the stack gets dusty & has probably been touched and flipped through by a lot people, maybe some people who don't wash their hands after doing susu & doodoo. It makes sense, because that way, it won't feel eww when you read the magazine in bed. Plus, this magazine didn't come with an outer sleeve.
 Boyish Woman: "They're the same thing." 
 Me: "Oh, I know. I just want one from the bottom.", I said nicely, and smiled at her. I thought she'd say, "Oh, I see! No problem, you have a naa-ice day now!" 
But she didn't.
Boyish Woman: "But they're the same thing! They're the same thing!", she shook her head wildly. Then she twitched her top lip to one side, and raised her giant eyeballs without looking up- like those male dancers with the heavy kohled eyes & smudged red lips (What are they called?) She kept mumbling, and hit her palms on the magazines. I started to walk away from the uncouth violent behaviour, and that's when she added:
 "S-c-h-t-o-o-p-i-d" (that is: Stupid)
For a second, I thought about ignoring it, but my inner gothic rock star chick didn't let me. 
Me: "What the hell is wrong with you? I KNOW they're the same! I just don't want one from the top of the pile, what's s-c-h-t-o-o-p-i-d about that?!", I looked her straight in the eye.
In that moment, she somehow looked smaller than me, and a question raced quickly through my mind: Could I take her, if she jumps over the counter and drops those giant eyeballs on my face? 
Then, instantly, she stopped mumbling and twitching, and just shrugged. I reckon she probably thought a little Asian woman was going to take it, and run away feeling ashamed. She went back to the counter, as some other customers approached the store, and I walked away with a tarnished mood.
I started flipping through the magazine as soon as we sat in the train, and my eyes landed on something that made me forget about what happened 10 minutes ago. On page 6, were these Primark Sorbet Strappies [£12  | Rs.1028]. My mood brightened up again. This time, in 3 very specific colors!
(If you're wondering why I keep buying the same style of shoes {you must have seen the black & red ones here}, it's because they're the only ones that fit my inadequate feet -thanks to the ankle straps. They've recently launched nude ones too, by the way.)
About 3 hours later....
In Primark: There was only one pair in 'Size 3' available. But for about 7 minutes, the right side was missing from the shelves, strangely. Only the left side was there. Usually, each pair is tied together with an elastic string.
Mr.CZ concluded somebody had stolen it. "But why only one side?", I asked incredulously. He said, maybe the person had the shoes, and one side got spoiled or something, so she came to steal one of them....haha! 
I wanted to cry! Then..... magically, like a Fairy Godmother, a SA appeared with the missing side of the shoe! 
....and the sorbet shoes and me....oh, and a bonus pair of coral Bold In Ballerinas [£.6 | Rs.514]....
 .....lived sorbetilly ever after. 


One Day In Dubai....

This was supposed to be published last night, but then I got busy, and soon it was 2 am Indian time. Actually, this post is over 2 months late! Remember?
On our way to Newcastle, we decided to stop in Dubai for a day. Mr.CZ & I both regretted that we did not extend another day, because we felt a few hours in Dubai weren't enough + we were so exhausted.
During check-in in New Delhi IGI Airport, we were told we couldn't take our luggages, until we reached Newcastle. I just managed to take out my tight jeans before parting with the bags (I was wearing comfy jeggings for the flight). So ya, one day seemed right in that moment.
I planned to change into another outfit in Dubai, but since I didn't have my luggage, I had to wear my simple comfortable flight attire the whole day. We spent the whole day at Dubai Mall. Till midnight, actually, coz the mall was opened till late that day.
Dubai was just so beautiful! It looked so....picturesque & rich. That day, the weather was so windy and a little foggy. I felt sand on my lipstick

We stayed at the Ramada Downtown Suites Hotel, which was big and roomy. It had a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom & one big bathroom.


What's In My Travel Beauty Bag?

I'm blogging from a train! =) From Edinburgh to Dundee.
These are basically all my travel essentials. Only an eyeliner pencil is missing. The Lakme Kohl Ultimate again! I found it yesterday, and it's missing again...what is wrong with me it?!

  • Bag - Primark
  • Sunglasses- Primark

  • Lipsticks- Rimmel Lasting Finish #16 (pink, MAC Sheen Supreme Bare Again (Nude), MAC Modesty (nude), Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Sweetheart (fuchsia)
  • Lip Balm ~ Vaseline Pink Bubbly
  • Blush ~ NYX Peach with Sigma Princess Kabuki retractable brush.
  • Compact Powder ~ Majolica Majorca Pore Powder. I forgot the exact name.
  • Hand Cream L'Occitane Rose Petals Hand Cream
  • Eye Drops ~ Clearine. Can't live without it.
  • Primark Anti-bacterial Hand Wipes ~ I prefer wipes to the liquid hand sanitizers.
Extras ~ Tissues & Hairbrush.
Most important thing for a girl ~ KNOCKOUT PEPPER SPRAY. Especially if you live in Delhi, you need this!


What do you all keep in your travel beauty bag?