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Reader In DISTRESS! Make-up & Skincare For Hyperpigmentation/Melasma

Some days back, I got this email from a reader:
"CZ!!! i need your help please!!! Rote in to u soo many times but i just havent heard from you!!!! wats a gurl gotta do to get your attention huh????!!!! :P ;) Its summertime and that = lots of sweating and melted off makeup on the face!!! :@ I desperately need you to recommend a good waterproof long lasting liquid foundation for me!! Ive heard liquid foundations are good for heavy coverage ie cover pigmentation, melasma?? :S I suffer from pigmentation of the upperlip and i generally wear foundation on tat part and spread it out a bit to lighten the pigmentation but coz of the summers it melts all over!!! :\'( im desperately in need of help CZ & only U can help me!!! I dont trust salesladies at makeup counters to give a honest enough opinion!! I had written to you on your lakme mousse review page to but still no reply!!! Please please pleaseeee help!!!! Or ill stop recommending your name to my friends!!!! *muahahha* :P ;) ok maybe that was being a bit too dramatic but wats a gurl without some drama huh?? ;) PLEASE REPLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! :)
Ri!! :) "

Firstly, I'd like to say to all those whose distressful queries/comments I have not replied to, most times I simply forget! Sometimes I go back to an old blog post, see a comment I think I should have replied to but completely FORGOT, and I feel very bad. Very bad. Same with emails. So, my sincere aplologies if I missed replying to your queries. I advise you to resend sometimes so it pokes me "Reply....reply, woman!" Believe me, I forget to reply to emails from people who want to give me free stuff & money, too. This head, I tell you. 

Secondly, hahaha....!!! I read this email one morning & it totally woke me up =D


Makeup For A Maroon & Silver Saree

This is a reader query. She will be attending an Indian wedding & would be wearing a gorgeous maroon saree with silver embellishments.

She sent me a photo of the saree:

If I'm wearing a saree like that, I am guessing my makeup will be pretty much the same as Vanessa Hudgens' here....

Since the saree is so bling & I'm assuming you'd be wearing some bling jewelry too, I'd want to keep my eyes matte, maybe just a little shimmery color on the center of my lids & inner corners. A simple smokey eye look will suit it well:
  • A matte brown like MAC Espresso + something with a hint of plum-like MAC Sketch- on lids
  • A matte black like MAC Carbon or Bourjois Intense Eyeshadow #10 on the outer V, and blend it with MAC Sketch.
  • A pearly vanilla highlight color on your brow bone & inner tear duct areas.
  • Black pencil liner, like Lakme Kohl Ultimate, smudged on top and bottom lash line
  • Black  mascara. Maybe add some natural-looking false lashes too.


Katrina Kaif's Lipstick In ZNMD & Aamsutra Ad ~ Reader Query

Reader: "I watched Zindagi Na Milage Dobara this weekend end and I was pretty fascinated with Katrina's lipstick. It was a reddish/pinkish color with a wee bit of brown shade in it.
Do you know what color or which brand it could be?  I think she wears the same in the new maza add too."

I just put this pic for reference. 

Me: I haven't seen the movie, but the ad I've seen many many times. Slice is my favorite cold drink. I'd say the lipstick falls in the plum family. Looks like the lippie was applied very sparingly, or maybe it's just lip liner & lip balm. It's about time these ads & movies came with makeup breakdowns too, no? Maybe "Make-up done by so-and-so. For complete list of products used on the heroine, visit her blog/website at"

So, I went through my lipstick collection & the internet and I found some shades that look similar to the one on Kat:
  • MAC Captive ~ Swatch here
  • Lakme Enrich Satin #134 ~ This is the closest shade I have myself, and it looks quite similar on my lips. However, it looks lighter & more pink on camera. Swatches here
  • Last shade in Lakme Lip Palette ~ Swatch here
  • I think I have seen a similar shade among Lakme Lip Love Lipsticks- maybe Plum Pout.
Now I want to watch the movie too, so I can be more precise! =D

Any other suggestions are welcome! 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Prom Makeup For Red/Gold Dress ~ Reader Query

I'm only 17, but i kinda have a secret obsession with makeup. i have a drawer FULL of makeup that i really dont have anywhere to wear to cause i'm still in high school. ( i mean plenty of people wear a lot of makeup, but it's horrendous. Your eyes will BLEED. ) 

i live in the U.S. and my prom is May 13th. (friday the 13th, hehe:) )
and i needed suggestions for makeup. I'm wearing a red and gold dress that i've attached as a pic (i admit that it looks very indian. the lady making it for me had trouble making it. lol)