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Married 5 Years Today! The Journey & Wedding Photos

Today's Mr.CZ & I's (or mine's?*confused*) 5th Wedding Anniversary! Overall, 9th year together...Phew! I thought I'd share some of our Hindu wedding photos. These are screenshots from the wedding video, coz somehow we don't have the album & photos. 
Details on my bridal outfit here. Makeup done at Ambika Pillai Studio from a Senior MUA for Rs.8000 in 2007 (They've got the best highlighter- it's in glitter form like diamonds. Will find out and let you know!) I also did my own bridal look here
2003: Met. Dated.
2003-2007: Live-in relationship ("Salaam Namaste" phase in between, but minus the knocked-up heroine!)
2007- 20??: Married.
         * More about our love story here 


Here Comes The Pink Indian Bride.....

I managed to do this Indian bridal look but it got dark in no time so I didn't get to click many good pics. But I'm just glad I did it...woohoo! :)

*I would've picked a different colored bindi (thing between my brows) but this one was the only one I had that kinda matched the pink. 

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