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WANTED: Green Tea Skin Care Products

I hate the taste of Green Tea, but I am obsessed with Green Tea Beauty Products! OBSESSED! Right now, I'm c-r-a-v-i-n-g Green Tea beauty products like a pregnant woman craves sour (or sweet) foods. Btw, did you know that when a pregnant woman doesn't get what she's craving, the baby will drool more? Yes, it's true. My pregnant relative didn't get the mutton she wanted to eat during pregnancy, and her baby was always unnaturally wet around the mouth area. Poor thing.

These days, I'm searching for Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea range, which I have used before, but I can't find them in my local supermarkets! I think I'm going a bit crazy....thinking 'Green Tea....Green Tea....'

Why Green Tea?
Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants & has anti-inflammatory properties which ward off wrinkles & acne. Studies show that it reduces sun damage & fights skin cancer. You can google for detailed explanations, but that's all I need to know.
*Most importantly: It smells nice & refreshing!

I know one brand - Ginvera, and it has a variety of Green Tea products. I saw them everyday at Watsons when I was in Kuala Lumpur last year. The brand is only available in Malaysia & some other Asian countries, I think. 
I have only used one products by the brand so far- Green Tea Intensive Whitening & Spot Corrector.....
I finished it. I remember it didn't visibly clear up any spots, but  it's a small tube. I'd buy it again.