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Red Matte Lipsticks ~ Comparison

Following my post on L'Oreal Lincoln Rose (here), I've had a few requests to compare it to MAC Ruby Woo. So, I decided to include the other 3 red matte lippies that I've got in this post:

MAC Ruby Woo (Retro Matte), Rs.990 ~ Reviewed here

MAC RiRi Woo (Retro Matte), Rs.990 ~ Swatched here
*MAC Ruby Woo & RiRi Woo are practically twins. You'd be happy with either. I've compared them in this post
Maybelline Superstay Non-Stop Red, Rs.549 ~ This costs the least. I've swatched other shades from this range here.

L'Oreal Moist Matte Lincoln Rose, Rs.899 ~ Swatched here
Inglot Matte Crayon #21, Rs.680   ~ Swatched before here
MAC Ruby Woo, MAC RiRi Woo, Maybelline Superstay Non-Stop Red, L'Oreal Matte Moist Lincoln Rose, Inglot Lip Crayon #21


May Favorites ~ Beauty, Etc

It feels like just yesterday I was making my 'Birthday Wishlist', now the month is coming to an end, and that wishlist half-fulfilled. Still grateful & I'm looking forward to the rest of the year....and making new & modified wishlists! ;)
Here are my beauty & other favorites from this May ......



I have a vivid memory of one shopping trip I had at Debenhams in Dundee (Scotland). I was at the YSL counter- lost in lipstick swatching, and then I heard 2 women chatting with the (my) YSL SA about 3 feet from where I was standing: "........from INGLOT.......yes......for my good.....hehe....." Suddenly my mind was *alert* and I looked up. The 2 women were of Indian or Middle Eastern origin, I wasn't sure. From what I understood, one of them just got engaged & the wedding date was approaching. I struggled with a thought- Should I? Interrupt them like a nosy person? Nah, I shouldn't. I'll just google. Ahh....I gots to know!
I walked towards them & pretended to ask the YSL SA something about the lipstick I was holding, and then I casually added: "Inglot is here in Dundee?" Luckily, I didn't get weird/annoyed looks. They told me it's only in Aberdeen, another small city about 1 hour away from Dundee.
The point of my story is, not many cities are lucky enough to have Inglot. In India, it is available in about 8 cities! It's not a store you can live without once you've had a taste (bite?) of it.
I had gone to the store in Select City Walk Mall (New Delhi) last Friday, and had such a fun time customizing palettes and oggling at all the nail polishes (My God, I want them ALL!!!) Just wanted to share the pics I took inside the store.....
Inglot Berry Collection


Purple Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Pink Glitter 'Vs' Purple Glitter = Purple got the most votes (here). So here is the tutorial....finally!

I apologize for the delay. This is the 2nd time I did this pictorial - because I didn't like the first one too much & also, I kept searching for my Inglot Duraline to use with the glitter, hoping I'd find it, only to realize I'd sold it off in a Blog Sale! So I had to go old school, so as not to delay it any further.

STEP 1: After priming lids with an eyeshadow primer, apply purple eyeshadow on lids up to your crease line.

STEP 2: Also apply purple e/s on outer half of lower lash line.

STEP 3: Take some pink e/s on a blending brush, and sweep it along the edges of the purple e/s in a window wiper motion. Run the brush along the purple line on lower lash line as well. Blending tutorial here.

STEP 4: With a pointy pencil brush, apply a brown e/s on the outer V of upper lid.

STEP 5: Shade inside the V. Take more brown e/s to intensify the color.

STEP 6: With the same pencil brush, take a lilttle bit of matte black e/s, and make a V along the inner edges of the previous brown e/s. Just a little to define the crease line a little bit more (especially if you don't have a deep crease line), coz we don't black to overpower the other colors.

STEP 7: It should look something like that.


Valentine's Day Presents & Handbag Of The Day

Mr.CZ: 'What do you want for Valentine's Day?'
Me: 'I don't know. Surprise me.'
Mr. CZ: 'Uhh....I can't think of anything!'

Me: 'You know what I want.'

Mr.CZ: 'You mean that?'

Me: *Grin* 'Yes.'


Me: 'Nah, I don't want that anymore. It's cute, but I know I won't use it. I don't want anything anymore, actually.'


Me: 'I know what I really want now. This.'

Mr.CZ: 'Okay, let's order this from Amazon. We may or may not have to pay duty.'


Me: 'Nah, I don't want this anymore. I don't want anything anymore. Leave it.'


Me: 'Okay then. I want Make-up. Just take me shopping.'

So, we went to DLF Promenade Mall the other day:
Lancôme Rouge In Love Lipstick in 340B Rose Boudoir
MAC Please Me Matte Lipstick
MAC 217 Blending Brush
INGLOT Eye Makeup Base 01
INGLOT Translucent Loose Powder #210
* 2 more things should have been here, but I'm getting them next week. *
Floozie Black patent charm mini cross body bag/purse ~ LOVE this French designer! The bags are so cute & quirky. I found this on sale one day in Debenhams Dundee (Scotland). I'm taking it out for the first time today.
 Me: 'And what do YOU want?'
Mr.CZ: 'Nothing.'

Me: 'What?! You must want something.'

Mr.CZ: 'PS4.'

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you celebrating it & Happy Uncomplicated Day to all who are not celebrating it =D
Looking at this wet & cold Delhi weather, I don't feel like going out anymore. Tempted to just stay home with a movie. On top of that, I have a bad cold and some fever =\
Okies, will talk to you again soon. If you follow me on Instagram & CZloves Facebook Page, you know what is coming shortly, stay tuned! =)

Oh, and I loveeee you......


12 Lip Crayons

When you were a kid/teen, you:
A. Used only the crayon you needed at a time. You like to keep them looking brand new.
B. Used only the bright colors. You probably colored leaves yellow or orange.
C. Used all of them at once. You loved coloring flowers and kites.
I pick C.  I used all the crayons in my box as soon as I get them. I would just scribble rubbish with each and every color. I probably doodled  CYNTHIA   LEONARDO. Yes, Dicaprio was my life back then. My life!
That's why even now, I want to try ALL the lip crayons. I think I've swatched everyone of them in drugstores. But I don't have all (yet), I have only the ones shown below:
Topshop Lip Stick Clueless ~ Worn here
Lakmé Absolute Lip Tint Berry Pink ~ Swatches here
Revlon Balm Stain Rendezvous, Sweetheart, Honey ~ Swatches here
L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Die For Guava ~ Swatch here
Bourjois Color Boost Peach On The Beach + Red Sunrise (below) ~ Swatches here
Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm Give Me A Cuddle ~ Swatches to be posted.


Easy Bronzed Chocolate Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi All! 

Are you mad at me for the lack of posts this week? Sorry about that. So many things went wrong during the last few days. Hope this tutorial on my current go-to eye makeup will make up for it. It's easy to do, and the colors go with everything and every occasion, especially Fall.

 1. Apply matte brown eyeshadow only on the crease. Layer it to gradually build the color as desired. If you have a deep socket and a big lid, blend the eyeshadow a little bit down.
2. Apple metallic bronze eyeshadow on lid. Also apply it on your lower lash line. Sort of join then in a C at the outer edge.
3. It should look like that. You can always re-apply both eyeshadows to intensify them. 
4. Take a brown gel liner or pencil and apply on lower lash line starting from outer corner, and bring it inwards but stop somewhere in the middle, not going all the way in. 
5. Use same brown liner on top lash line. Join it in a V with lower liner similar to what I did here. I won't line all the way to inner corner. I will stop at the part where my lash line begins to curve down.  
6. It should look like that. See how it blends with everything because it's brown?
7. Apply black mascara on top and bottom lashes. I could have chosen a better mascara, but they all need to be repurchased.
DONE! =)


LOTD ~ Blue Eyes & Boats

This was the makeup I had on yesterday. I rarely wear bright colored eyeshadows on regular days. But right now I'm loving this turquoise blue eyeshadow and have been wearing it like a liner. Now that's one way to wear bright eyeshadows, ladies. Just apply with a wet flat or angled liner brush for a little bit of intensity. If you're a scaredy cat, try only on your bottom lash line.
Face ~ Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Beige 54 (shown here), Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, The Body Shop Loose Powder.
Cheeks ~ MAC The Perfect Cheek Blush
 Lips ~ MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick. Photos here 
Eyes ~ Inglot Eyeshadow 504 DS (shown here) applied with a wet Colorbar Fabulips Lip Brush , Lakmé Kohl Ultimate & Urban Decay Blackout (matte black) to tightline and line very close to upper lash line and on waterline. Since I have hooded lids, I had to contour my crease, especially with a heavy lower lash line.  I blended Urban Decay Buck, Naked & Blackout (all from Naked Palettes), Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara.
 I'm surrounded by boats & ships here in Dundee. I imagine seeing Jack Sparrow in one of them someday - he waves at me, I wave back & invite him over, he comes and braids my hair, and we drink tea together. I thought I'd share some pics.....
Frigate UnicornScotland’s only preserved warship, and one of the six oldest ships in the world. I pass it all the time.

I walk on that bridge whenever I go to the city center

A gift when we moved in ~ "We hope you enjoy your new home for the next few months."

Weekend Snacks

Regards from Mr.CZ =)

Happy Weekend Everyone....See you again next week!


INGLOT 10 Square Eyeshadow Palette ~ 10 Things I Love About You

10 Things I Love About You:
I have found them,
I could write them,
I would shout them,

So I finally took pictures & used this INGLOT 10 Square Eyeshadow Palette that I got in April (April!) I'd over-swatched & obsessed over all the colors at the store, so I already knew I'd have no complaints about the quality of any of them. They're all amazing!
Hope you like it...and it's name! =)
  • Eyeshadow Refills ~ Rs.350 x 10 = Rs.3500
  • 10 Square Freedom Palette ~ Rs.1400
  •  Total: Rs.4900.
463 DS ~  Ivory with sparkly gold shimmer. Perfect for the inner corners.
341 Matte ~ A pale peachy pink. It'll be used for blending, but it can be used as a subtle blush too!
37 Shine ~ Metallic Bronze. Always wearable.
460 DS ~ Taupe with gold & silver shimmer. This was love at first sight.
326 Matte ~ This is so far my favorite deep cool brown eyeshadow. It's so silky!
464 DS ~  Terracotta with gold shimmer. I would wear this with 504.
477 DS ~ Lime green with golden shimmer. This is the one I bought twice, btw (post here)
71 AMC ~ Purple with silver shimmer. It's hard to find purple eyeshadows that are pigmented, but this is pretty good.
504 DS ~ Turquoise blue with silver shimmer. I'm loving this on my eyes these days. I wore it only on my lower lash line the other day, and applied it with a wet brush.
482 DS ~ Prussian blue with silver shimmer. It's absolutely gorg! It pops when worn over a cream e/s, like Maybelline Color Tattoo.

*DS means Double Sparkle
 463, 341, 37, 460, 326 

464, 477, 71, 504, 482 




My Current/Overseas Eyeshadow Palette Collection

I decided to start wearing eyeshadows that I never wear, because I realized I was stuck on 5-10 neutrals. I took out all my palettes from their drawer to pick them out...... and that led to this post. 
These are all the eyeshadow palettes I have with me here. 6 of them I took from India, the rest I got from UK.
  1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette ~ Swatches here.  (Cheaper DUPE:  MUA Undress Me Too Palette.)
  2. Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette ~ Swatches here . (Cheaper DUPE: MUA Undressed Palette.)
  3. Stila In The Garden Palette ~ Brand New. Never Used. 
  4. MAC Fabulousness 5 Neutral Eyes from Holiday Collection '12 ~ Swatches here
  5. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette ~ Swatches here.
  6. Inglot 4 Square Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette ~ Swatches here.
  7. Inglot Candy Inspired Palette ~ Swatches here.
  8. MUA Poptastic Palette ~ I have swatched this palette last year, but never posted pics.
  9. Sleek Makeup Oh So Special i-Divine Palette~ Swatches here.
  10. Sleek Makeup Candy i-Divine Palette ~ Swatches here
  11. Inglot 10 Square Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette ~ Don't hate me for placing it upside down. It's also still brand new & unused. Photos coming soon, promise. I'm dying to use it!

Uh-oh, odd number! Must must even it asap. 
Many readers have emailed me asking about eyeshadow palettes - inexpensive ones. I'd suggest MUA ones or these big palettes I've written about a long time ago.....
Swatches here

If you want colorful, the 120 palette is the best....
I find these palettes very useful. Sometimes I wish I had them with me, especially when I need a specific color that's not in any of my palettes, and I don't want to buy singles. You'll find them on Ebay, KK Center HK, BH Cosmetics. Back when I got them, they used to cost under Rs.1000.


If you like makeup collection posts, I've done my Lipstick Collection here

How many eyeshadow palettes do you own? 


Bought An INGLOT Eyeshadow Twice By Mistake!

I spent hours at the INGLOT store in Select City Walk, New Delhi, trying to customize a 10 Eyeshadow Palette. I almost went m-a-d! I was exhausted, and at one point I wanted to lie on the floor for a while (to think!) After approximately 45 minutes (or perhaps 1 hour?) the SA said:
"I've never spent this much time on one customer."
In the end, it came down to one eyeshadow. One. He said pick this beautiful bright green shade- 477.... and I did. It was finally over! I left the store - feeling free! No, wait. There's another feeling.... something is not right. I think.... ooh, ZARA!
I went home and browsed my own blog.... then I saw the "feeling". I'd already bought this eyeshadow before!
[For swatches, please go to to the previous post HERE]
It's kind of okay though, because I'd sold my other palette in a blog sale....and it means I really like the eyeshadow, right? But still, I feel stupid....and old! How could I forget?
Has something like this ever happened to you? I'll hit myself if nobody says yes.


India Beauty HAUL, Etc + A New Life Change.....

They didn't all fit on the window sill, so I took them to the backyard table. The biting cold forced me to scatter them haphazardly. For the first time, the wind didn't knock any of them off where they lay disorderly....and none of them fell through the gaps on the wooden planks. "Little joys.", I thought to myself. A minute later, I saw the first 10 drops of rain on the little black boxes.
These are the beauty products I brought back with me from our brief India holiday.... apart from the beauty bags I already had with me =D
Products shown in random order:

  • Heart Box, pink brush holder thing, eyeliners, etc are from Dubai
  • Nars Loose Powder & Blush 
  • Inglot 10 Eye Shaow Palette that I've yet to put together.
  • Colorbar: Triple Compact, Creme Touch Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Nail Polish
  • Illamasqua I'MPERFECTION Collection 
  • Too Faced Eyeshadows
  • Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner ~ I LOVE! They work!
  • The body Shop Coconut Oil
  • Dabur Rose Water Spray
  • Dove Elixir Nourished Shine with Hibiscus & Argan Oil
  • Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal With Crushed Coconut Body Cream Wash ~ My favorite! 
  • Garnier BB Cream (Indian version)
  • Maybelline BB Stick 
  • Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks ~ 2 shades from the newly launched range. 
  • Stila In The Garden Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Timeless Black ~ I was glad to find this in Dubai. I think have never seen a black shade in UK & India...but I don't know. ?
 I had posted my 1st haul  here, so I won't mention them here.