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Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint with Vitamin C & SPF 50

NEW! Maybelline Fresh Tint with Vitamin C & SPF 50

Makeup + Skincare Hybrid with Natural Coverage & Matte Finish.

I'd ordered this online and a day later, I saw on Maybelline's Instagram that it's a new launch in Asia only.
I was quite surprised it was available in India already....and it was on it's way to meeee!

Shades available in India: 6 shades.


Vintage Rose Lips

It's awkward & stressful when people ask me what lipstick I'm wearing, because it's never just one shade. Most times it's 4-5 shades, sometimes it's more. Sometimes there's even an eyeshadow, or a blush, or a concealer involved.

Doing my lips is always like getting into a car and driving with no destination in mind. My new thing is putting a stack of little pre-torn square tissues for lip blotting on my vanity table. 
It's become a compulsion - applying, layering, blotting & re-applying multiple times....until someone yells, "LET'S GO! WE'RE LATE!"

Here are 8 lip products that I have been using everyday, to create my favourite rosy-n*de-a bit peachy-but more pinky combination - which I now simply call Vintage Rose....



A few months ago, a floral handbag was all---I---could---think---about!

I searched everywhere online. Some too pricey, some too dicey.

I went to my favourite LYN, and the website was down. I found out later that the brand had pulled out of India - like some other international brands....  *bleep* Covid *bleep* *bleep*

Just when my interest was starting to dwindle - as with all things that don't come to me easily, I stumbled upon a floral handbag I liked....

but is it the one?
maybe I can find a prettier one?
a pink one?
maybe I should check that app.....
oh yes, it is the one.

The following weekend, I was at the store. Prayed both bag and wallet would be there, because they belong together. They are a co-ord set.



Hi all! Welcome to my blog sale ~ SHOP MY CLOSET

I need to do some serious clearing out asap, so I'm selling my "good closet pieces". The ones that are still brand-new (even after years!), the ones that I don't wear, the ones that have been worn only on 1 occasion.... the type of stuff that I can't just toss out like a pair of over-worn pyjamas - you girls know what I mean.

Please take a moment to read through the following notes before purchasing anything.....


Every piece on sale is in saleable & almost brand-new condition. They have been cleaned/washed & thoroughly checked for defects and damage beforehand.
Some are brand-new with or without tags, others have been worn 1-2 times.


They are mostly Size UK 6 or UK 8, XS, and S. 
Size will be mentioned alongside each item.


All prices are as low as possible. I gain nothing but closet space & a subsided guilty conscience  😅. 


All sale items will be shipped within 5 days after payment has been received, via a suitable courier partner.
Within India Only.
FREE SHIPPING for orders over Rs.600.
Flat shipping fee of Rs.99 for orders under Rs.600.


Once sold, it's sold. NO RETURN. NO REFUND.


Please send me a message using the Contact Form HERE or DM me on Instagram - @acynfulfiction HERE - and I will send a payment link.

Payment must be made within 1 hour, after which it will be sold to the next person.

If you decide to buy more than 1 item, you can make separate payments for each item during the duration of the sale.

*All sold items will be updated with SOLD OUT


BRAND NEW (with/without tags)

Brand New ZARA Co-Ord Set (won't be sold separately)
ZARA Blazer, Size XS,  MRP ₹4990 / SALE: ₹2400
ZARA Skort, Size XS, MRP ₹2890 / SALE: ₹1400


VERO MODA Limited Edition Marquee Dress (Brand New), Size: XS  - ₹700


Knit Co-ord cami dress with sweater (Brand New), Size: Small (32-36" bust) ₹1000  SOLD OUT


ZARA Bootcut Jeans with buttons & stretch (Brand New), Size: 32/UK 4 ₹1000 SOLD OUT


FOREVER NEW Long Wrap Dress (Brand New), Size 6 ~ 


ZARA Tulle Top, Size: XS ~ MRP ₹2990 SALE ₹899 SOLD OUT

ZARA Check Skort, Size: XS ~ MRP ₹2890 SALE ₹799

ZARA Mini City Bag with Chain MRP ₹2590  SALE ₹1100 SOLD OUT


Flat ₹700 & Get Second ₹700 item half off OR ₹499 item for ₹299:

ZARA Tulle Polka Dot Draped Dress, Size: XS/UK 6 ~ ₹700


GUESS Red Dress Size: XS/UK 6 ₹700 SOLD OUT


FOREVER NEW Dress, Size: UK 8 ~  ₹700


FOREVER NEW Black Dress with lace, Size: UK 6 ~  ₹700



Vintage-Inspired Gingham Set

A gorgeous set I got back in July, but have never really worn. 
Wearing is never the point anyway, it's the h-a-v-i-n-g *bites nails*

If you're familiar with For Love & Lemons stuff, you'll see that this set is somewhat similar to their vintage vibe - with the little covered buttons, daisies & eyelash lace.

I HAD to get my hands on it immediately after it was launched on their website. 
They had me at 'gingham'; they sold me at little coated buttons.

Bottoms are adorned with gold heart hardware with straps along the back.


Traditional Haul ~ JAINSEM

I was in my hometown, Shillong, in July, and I bought these traditional pieces last minute - meaning: the day before leaving. So, they're not even completely stitched yet - the hemlines need to be embroidered and scalloped and whatnot (see on the yellow floral one in the pics below).

Our traditional attire (what sarees are to some of you), is called 'Jainsem'. 
'Jain' means cloth, 'sem' means drape. Both words are Khasi language.

How We Wear It: There's 2 pieces of square fabric, which you drape over each other; each going from under the arms and pinned at the opposite shoulders. Gosh, I hope I explained that alright. 
Please google it, if I confused you.

Pins for securing each piece of the Jainsems.


Stuffed Toy Blanket ~ Product Of The Month

There are some things I buy for my kid that I wish I did not buy for my kid. 
You know what I mean?

You tell your kid there's a surprise present on the way, he/she gets super excited, it arrives, you want it for yourself......but it's too late for you to stea--- backtrack.

It's actually a "Return Gift" he expects on his parents' birthdays. 

After I checked everywhere online and found nothing, this stuffed toy reindeer blanket seemed like the best & cutest choice - that isn't Hot Wheels, or the likes. He's into plushies lately, so he adores it!


Jewelry Haul

Hello, my blog readers! 🤗  
It's been a while - as my opening line always goes.

My eyelash extensions had been brand new and fallen off, Britney & Jlo have gotten married, a new season of KWK is now streaming.....
But my haul in January-February & birthday post from May have not been posted here yet 😂

My life moves so fast like you wouldn't believe these days, and I've just been feeling very detached from the online world.  Plus, you might have gotten a life update on my Insta, so my head is always elsewhere.

I clicked these pics on a rainy day to pearlize my mood..... 


Pieces Of Me.......

Wool Beret ~ H&M

Harness Belt ~ H&M Blackpink Collection

Pyramid Heeled Ankle Boots ~ H&M

One Of My Favourite Reads, 2021 ~ Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney

Be right back......



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