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Spring Is Coming! OOTD

Just a quick OOTD - SELFIE Style =) 

{Hence, blurry pics!)

I've been covering myself in tights...and tall boots....and overcoats for so long that it feels so good to dress light again! And also feel a lil' lighter again!

Forever 21 Daisy Shorts (LOVE!)
Nichii Top (Old)
Yellow Flats (Shown here)

Thanks For Reading, all!

Happy Friday & See you again soon! :*)

P.S. Yes, I had to suck in my tummy for these pics! ;p


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Red Lipstick Hides Dark Under Eye Circles?!

First off, I want to say this is not my idea. Credit goes to a Youtuber - Deepica Mutyala - a girl who's probably made all pricey "Dark Circle Correctors" obsolete. Her makeup tip of using RED LIPSTICK to mask dark undereye circles (and prevent them from showing through concealers) had everybody talking - because it sounds ridiculous! That is, until you see her demonstration. I'll attach her video below.
So, after I watched her video, I really wanted to try it on myself. I straight away tried the trick with a coral lipstick, because I knew red would not work on my skin tone. But just to put the original tip to the test, I also tried a red lipstick, and it did ended up looking too pink & didn't brighten up my under eye areas like the coral one. I guess red lipstick works best on deeper skin tones.
This is the 2nd time I did this. The 1st time, I was blown away by the difference it made. Something about the lipstick that made the result look almost airbrushed (especially from afar, and not so up-close like you'll see mine below... hehe!)
 I did a step-by-step to show you how I did it:
Step 1: I applied the coral lipstick straight from the tube. Just a swipe. I'm still not sure how much I need really =D
Step 2: I dotted concealer on top of the coral lipstick. That is a lil' too much, and I had to blend the extra downwards around my cheeks too.
Step 3: Blended them together with a blending brush. I find fingers or a sponge blend them better than a brush like this.
Step 4 (not shown): Set with loose powder. In the AFTER pic, I hadn't used powder yet.

I'll agree I didn't have serious dark under eye circles to begin with, but see how it concealed those little sun spots/freckles. Next, I'm gonna try different red/coral lipsticks (probably matte ones) on other spots and blemishes, and see how much they'll be concealed.
***I forgot to mention the staying power when I published this post: The concealer holds on really well to the lipstick, and they both set well on to the skin. I guess it's the wax in the lipstick. Once blended seamlessly, they don't crease & settle into fine lines. Especially after powder, the coverage is budge-proof!

Coral Lipstick ~ Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick #20 1,2,3 Soleil ~ Swatched here

Concealer ~ Maybelline Fit Me Concealer #20

Powder ~ The Body Shop Loose Powder #01

Brushes ~ Sigma E25 to blend concealer & Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply powder.

Deepica's video:

Lovely girl! I think this beauty hack has changed many people's lives. Not to mention saved us some money too!

What do you all think? Have you tried this trick & found it helpful? 

Do share which lipsticks you have used with all of us! =)

Have a great week all....

Until next time......


Floral Print Mirror Compact & Eyelash Curler

Head Band,
Cushion covers.....

I want all of those in this same exact print, please!


Pink Glam Eyes & Lips Combination

You know that feeling when you finish watching the finale of a TV series? Like something died inside you? Ya, that's the feeling I'm feeling these days - after I finished watching The Missing. It's such a brilliant show with an ending that still haunts me days later. Do watch it if you're into mystery.

So....if you're wondering what makeup I wore on Valentine's Day, this is it. I didn't get time to click photos that day, so I recreated the look. Well.... just eyes & lips, because a full LOTD with presentable hair is almost impossible for me to do these days! Even on V-Day, I had to put my son on a chair opposite me while I did my hair! He stopped crying & watched  =D


Charles & Keith Heels ~ Total Steal!

Happy Sunday, all! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday. Me, I went out shopping with my boys for a few hours.

I just realized this is CZloves' very first blog post of 2015. I don't know where January went!

I got these Charles & Keith Tri-Colour Ankle Strap Heels on SALE in November or December last year, and thought I'd share, because I see they're still available online for those interested.

I just LOVE the design - very out-of-the-box!


Bio Oil ~ Does It Really Work For Stretch Marks & Scars?

Since last year, I've received a ton of questions regarding stretch marks, so I thought I'd do a post on it. Stretch marks are the #1 skin concern during pregnancy (More than weight gain even, at least for me. And yes, I still can't fit into most of my old clothes! More on that in another post.), because they are, in most cases, invincible (Unlike some political parties who lost the state elections today.) Once they've marked their territory on your body, they become a permanent reminder that prevention really is better than cure.
I have a vivid memory of a person I know always scratching herself when she was pregnant. The scratch marks on her stomach and - I won't write the b-word - chest area were red & bloody! I asked her why, because I didn't know about these things called 'Stretch Marks' back then. She had this relaxed smile on her face, and said, "It's sooo satisfying to scratch until my skin bleeds." Ya, it's quite psycho. But I've been there - with mosquito bites.
I used only Bio Oil all through my pregnancy, and I'd been using it on old stretch marks and scars for years before. I won't bore you by making you read a lot, and get right to the point(s)!
First thing, I got no stretch marks on my tummy after pregnancy. Zero. Thank Goodness Bio Oil!

When did I start to apply? I found out I was pregnant in February '14, and I started using it religiously after showers around the last couple of weeks in March. So, there wasn't much itching, and I didn't feel my skin stretching & losing its elasticity during those 9 months. I think you can start with any other dry skin lotion in the beginning. You're good as long as you keep your skin moisturized.

How much to apply, where, when? All around my tummy, yes, but I also applied it on my lower back, hips and derriere. Basically, where you're most likely to expand during pregnancy. I apply after showers, and sometimes before bedtime. Generously.
How many bottles I used during the Pregnancy? As you can see, I'd been using five 60ml bottles. There was a 6th older bottle that I'd discarded.

Does Bio Oil remove old stretch marks? Not completely even after years. I have a few, and with time, Bio Oil has made them less noticeable and less "wormy" looking. I'd say it flattened them. Stretch marks during the early stage are red, and they turn white as they become more permanent. Get them while they're young!

Does Bio Oil remove scars? Again, it helps flatten and lighten some scars. Like keloids. I got my belly button pierced - twice! My body rejected it both times. Now the scar is half the regret it used to be because of my committed relationship with Bio Oil.

Did I mention this post is not sponsored by Bio Oil? Even though I kinda wish it was. Maybe, a lifetime supply?
Price of Bio Oil in India: Rs.450 for 60ml.

I think that's all. I hope I've answered the questions you asked and had in mind. If you have any other that I forgot to mention, feel free to ask!

Good Luck to all the lades who are expecting....shoo stretch marks!

Until next time.......