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Date Night

Firstly, this post was supposed to be up a week ago! Days seem to fly by so fast, I can't even.

Secondly, please excuse the blurry night time pics.

We'd gone out for dinner after over a month! I had a hard time picking what to wear, since everything's too tight now that I'm on my 3rd trimester. So I just went with this hi-lo dress, which came with a belt that's too small now =D

Dress ~ Jane Norman
Bag ~ Voir (Malaysian brand)
Shoes ~ Stelatoes. Shown here

Had dinner at Punjab Grill

Lemonade ~ If you're familiar with Kala Khatta or Chuski, a street ice popsicle that's popular in India, it tastes a little bit like it. I really enjoyed it, coz I'd been craving that Chuski!

Punjab Grill makes the best lamb chops! Also had Mutton Saag (mutton in spinach gravy), which was also nice.

Good Night/Day All! <3

Will be posting regularly here this week, coz I'll be leaving for a mini vacation soon! =)

Thank You for reading & hope life's good.


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The Dress That Came Back To Me..... [A Story Of Hope]

This is not just a shopping story. It's a story of hope.
Last December, on Boxing Day (26th Dec), I saw this Butterfly Skater High Low Dress in Jane Norman, adored it, but Size 6 wasn't available. I went home and checked online, but nada. I wrote about it here, and was quite upset about it.
Since there's no Jane Norman store her in Dundee, I've sort of stopped browsing their website regularly. On the 23rd, a few days ago, Jane Norman posted in Facebook about their new revamped website. I went, instantly clicked on the SALE tab as usual, browsed, and saw this dress, again! Size 6 was available! I couldn't believe it! I added to cart immediately along with another black lace dress that was also on sale. But I removed the lace dress, because it didn't beat my River Island Lace Dress. Umm...nope, no regrets.
As I waited for the butterfly dress to be delivered, I felt unsure, anxious and paranoid. Maybe it's a technical/website mistake...maybe it's not really a Size 6...maybe it's a defective piece...maybe they mail back and say it's out of stock and they'll refund my money... maybe I only dreamt about my purchase and it didn't really happen, let me go check my email again...maybe... aargh! Seriously, yesterday I actually had a headache and felt a little feverish, and I took a Crocin.
It reached me finally, and it's perfect! It's just a little immodestly low, but it can be taken in at the shoulders. Other than that, it fits perfectly, and the high-low ratio is also perfect for my petite frame. 
Look at the pink tissue paper with hearts!

The gold belt has no holes, so it can be adjusted freely

Price ~ £12 + £3.99 (shipping) = £14.79 (they also gave some discount on the total) | Rs.1346. [Original price was £40 | Rs.3642.]
Oh! I also found a cropped denim jacket that I'd been longing for. In the movie Safe Haven, Cobie Smulders (Robin from HIMYM) wore this jacket.....
I love everything about it. You don't see quarter sleeves on cropped denim jackets very often. I saw it on Jane Norman that same day.....
.... and I would've pounced, but it was only available in a Size 18. Next day, I checked again (why am I like this??!!), and that was also gone! I am still kicking myself that I didn't see it sooner! Sigh, it would have looked fab over this dress too, no?
Maybe someday.....Okay, I won't jinx it. But ya, if you see a denim jacket egg-jackly like that anywhere, please holler at me! 
[Yes, the print & fabric is the same as that top I wore here.]

Moral Of This Story: If you want it bad enough, it will come to you. Most times, when you least expect it.

If you need more proof, go read my story from 2010- 'The Zara Dress That Waited For Me' here.

So, what do YOU want very badly right now? =)


LOTD/OOTD: Coral, Coral, Coral....

It was only meant to be a post about a coral lipstick, then one thing led to another. Next thing I knew, I was clicking selfies all over the house. We'll blame the shoes, coz it was the very first time I wore them! =)
FaceMAC Prep+Prime Fine Filler, Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Maybelline Drem Lumi Touch Concealer under eyes, The Body Shop Loose Powder & Honey Bronzing Powder.
Cheeks ~ Topshop Neon Rose Cream Blush. Swatched here.
Eyes ~ Maybelline Color Tattoo On And On Bronze, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, , Lakmé Kohl Ultimate, Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara, False Lashes. 
Lips ~ Maybelline color Sensational Vivids in Shocking Coral #910. Pics here. These lippies are really vivid, I've swatched another shade Hot Plum here
(Please excuse the blurriness & powder bits on the mirror =) )

Those shoes at the back! Casual & most-worn ones stay in the hallway.

I asked in people to guess which color I'm wearing on IVC Facebook Page, and so many guessed Coral! Kudos =)

I hope this post answers a recent, rather amusing, comment.....

Don't worry, even when prego, I will still do outfit posts, haha! =D (I will waddle in a sundress and a floppy sun hat, with a lollipop in my hand.)

Coral Peplum Sequin Dress ~ Jane Norman. |  Sorbet Shoes: Primark. Shown here. | Bow Earrings ~ Forever 21. Shown here

P.S: I was gonna publish a video this week, but it's been delayed till next week!


OOTD: "This Used To Be My Playground"

Pictures taken outside the home I grew up in. The home I eventually left....for good. Of course it didn't look like this when I was little, it changed- like everything else.
I went to visit my grandma last time I was in my hometown. My cousin sis clicked these pics quickly before we left.
"Your cab is here. Stop posing!"
There's that curious boy again :)


Fashion Haul (SALE) ~ Primark, Jane Norman, Topshop

I got these clothing items on Boxing Day (26th Dec '12) along with all the jewelry I'd blogged about here. I got them at such amazing prices that I had to share!

Primark Black & White Stripe Skater Dress With Blue Belt, £5 (Rs.430) ~ Ya, the blue belt looks so off, but so overlook-able at that price! The fabric is great quality- thick & warm. The black & white stripes make me think of Carrie Bradshaw's 1st Paris outfit.


Outfit Of The Day ~ Suspender Tights, Frills & Bows

You'll either love or hate suspender tights. Although I absolutely hate some styles, I bow to the genius who started the trend. I just adore the girly-looking ones, like this pair right here.
I almost froze during this photo shoot. It was so cold & windy that day, I couldn't feel my hands anymore by the time I was done.
*All self-timer photos, so you'll see some odd & blurry shots.


Favorites Oct '12: Magazine Freebies, Eye Shadows, Blush, Jane Norman, Etc.

How's your Saturday going? I woke up after 12 today coz I slept at 4 am in the morning obsessing over some things. Nah, not that. The man was long gone hehe....
Let's talk freebies first! 
Instyle: 4.0ml Benefit Benetint. Now this is a sample! This should last me a long long time. Also available to 'collect' are Cha Cha Tint & Sun Beam . (Posted last month's freebies here)
Marie Claire: 30ml L'Occitane Rose Petals Hand Cream (4 types to choose from!) & 50ml Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner. The conditioner smells incredible! Divine! And that hand cream is my very first L'Occitane the not-so-sickening rose scent.
Yup, I almost fainted seeing the Marie Claire freebies.