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Newly Discovered Beauty Products - Part 2

While I finish a make-up tutorial, take a look at some of the beauty products I recently stumbled upon. Most of them I'm going to try out sooner or later......

Zoya Nail Lacquer 'Cynthia' ~ Yes, you read correctly. There's a Zoya nail polish named 'Cynthia'! And it's a deep blue - my decided fall nail color! A few weeks ago, Magali tagged me on a picture of this nail polish on Zoya's Instagram page (Thanks Magali!) Price: Around Rs.1000-1100 in the UK. I don't even want to spend Rs.300 on a nail polish, so you can imagine how torn I feel about it- buy, don't buy? Couldn't I just write my name on my nails? NO! It's not the same!


MSM Cream ~ As I was doing my usual googling of acne and skin problems, I stumbled on a post that opened my eyes wide here. The writer raved about a certain MSM Cream that minimized her acne scars. MSM cream is made with Sulphur, and  is used to treat acne. Some have even called it a 'Miracle Cream'. I am ordering mine soon. Just wanted to know if any of you tried it. Price: Around Rs.1350 on Amazon UK, but it's only around Rs.500 on Ebay.