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Saying Goodbye To Expired Makeup

When it's time. It's time.

Every Makeup Hoarder's nightmare, and I'm living it right now.

All these have been with me for over 5 years or more now. I've valued them & treated them with respect (and extreme care!)

These are about 80% of the make-up I have to let go of. There are still some in some boxes that I need to sort out. I don't touch them anymore, and now they're just there occupying all the space.

All MAC Lipsticks will go to the Back To Mac program, so at least I'll get some free lipsticks to replace a few.

NO, I won't give EXPIRED stuff away to other people.

YES, it hurts.

I'll be fine.

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I Lilac You


I Lilac it too much right now. It will make all my decisions this year.

Featured Products:

COLab Unicorn Dry Shampoo

MAC  Mineralize Blush Sakura (Quite Cute Collection)

Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek Blusher #4 Releve Purple.

Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher from XOXO Minnie Collection - More pictures here.

Inglot Eyeshadow 493 Shine. More pics here.

Colorbar Nail 'Sister's Secret' (more pics here)

Deborah Milano Fluid Velvet Liquid Mat #14 'Peonia'

Etam top

I pictured this post differently, with a lot of amazing  LILAC things I don't have with me yet.
But I couldn't wait any longer, and picked stuff from my stash.

Another one is coming.....

Btw, did you notice I changed the blog color too? =D


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The Only Lip Balms I Need

These are the only lip balms I've been using since 2018.....

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm (Original) SPF 15 : So so surprised how good this one is! I love the curved shape made to fit lip shape. I wear matte liquid lipsticks all day, and this heals my super dry (and sometimes, tortured) lips overnight. 
Price: Rs.130.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15:  If I had to pick one clear & simple lip balm I'd go back to, I guess I'd currently pick this. It does what its made for. I think this is my 2nd tube, if I remember correctly.
Price: Rs.164

Jub Jub Lip Balms: If I'm in the mood for flavored tinted lip balms, I use these eos dupes I found at a store in MBK Mall, Bangkok. They are very good, and maybe I like them better than the eos ones.
Price: Rs.345, each (approx.)

I got all 3 on the top shelf ~ Strawberry Cheesecake (which I'd finished), Hokkaido Melon, Berry Blossom.

Now, Skincare & Lips. DONE! 

The Hair loss post many of you are waiting for is coming shortly.

Will be back later with another post....


I Used Only Korean Skincare Products For 3 Years

~ I recently had to wish for a pimple, just so I'd be able to test the CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch. What I'm saying is, I haven't had any serious, hi-fi pimples for the past 3 years
(Just 1 time: I was at a Watson's in Bangkok in May 2018, and I saw this Garnier Sakura White Serum. It was pink & pretty, so I bought a sample-sized tube. I applied it on my face that night, and next morning I woke up with a big cystic pimple on my forehead.)

~ I was gonna get fillers on 2 deep frown lines on my forehead. Now they look ironed out. Though I started making a conscious effort not to frown so much & wear sunglasses whenever I'm out, I know it's hugely due to the extra products I was using.

~ Pitted scars are smaller & those tiny white bumps under eyes (milia seeds) are gone.

~ Skin texture is smoother & more polished than when it was in my early 20's.

~ As for dark spots, lighter sun spots are gone. But deeply-embedded pigmentation patches have not changed much. However, I must say that I haven't used many heavy-duty Korean"Whitening" products yet.


Those are some of the results I got from using only Korean Skincare products consistently for the past 3, or so, years.

I came across a quote, which says: "Don't sell a product, sell an experience."
My mind instantly traveled to all my Korean Skincare Products, because each and every product I've used have been an experience.

I started in 2015, and then it slowly became my BIGGEST OBSESSION. If I'm not using a K-Beauty product yet, I'm reading about it & researching the benefits of its ingredients.

Products I've used. *Derma Roller is another story.*

*Earlier products*

The K-Beauty 10 Step Routine (My Way):

STEP 1: DOUBLE CLEANSING. Using a cleansing oil/balm & then a foam/gel cleanser.

(Only 1-2 times a week)



(Only 1-3 times a month)


(I never skip this step.)


(Only during day time)


*You skip STEP 10 during the day & STEP 9 at night.

To simplify it, here are the products I'm currently using most of the time.....

1. Double Cleansing: Banila Co Zero Cleansing Balm to remove makeup. Foam cleansers I've been using are: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright, Innisfree Volcanic Pore Cleanser & It's Skin Mangowhite Cleansing Foam.

2. Peeling Gel: It's Skin Mangowhite Peeling Gel (My favorite so far)

3. Toner: Son & Park Beauty Water.

4. Eye Cream: Etude House Pink Vital Water Eye Serum

5. Sheet Mask (not shown): Not a necessity for me, really. Though I've used most of the Innisfree ones.

6. Essence (not shown): I was using Innisfree Soybean Essence.

7.  Serum/Ampoule: It's Skin Caviar Serum (which I LOVE & will repurchase) or Klaire's Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop.

8. Moisturizer: Etude House Pink Vital Water Cream. I need a moisturizer when I'm using a whitening serum, which is usually watery. But if I'm using a Snail serum/ampoule, which is slimy in texture, I skip moisturizer. This all also depends on the weather.

9. Sunblock: Innisfree Daily UV Essence Water Base SPF 50+ PA+++. This is not my favorite. I like Missha one. I prefer sunblocks in essence form

10. Sleeping Mask: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. 
My absolute favorite skincare product of all time.

Do I do this full 9-10 step routine everyday? Yes, only at night. Then, in the morning, I use only foam cleanser---till Step 9. But, of course, I sleep with my makeup on quite often too. So the routine is done in the morning.

I had gotten bored of using the same products, coz they really do last a while! So I recently got some of the popular Korean skincare products right now:

Yes Style Haul:

Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel

Dear Klaires Freshly Juiced Serum Vitamin C & Centella Asiatica Extracts

Etude House Lash Serum

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Borabit Ampoule

Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydro Gel Eye Patch

Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence

Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Son & Park Beauty Water

Skin & Lab Pink Clay Facial Mask

CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (Mentioned at the start of this post)

Klaire's Gentle Black Cleansing Puff (FREE with purchase, with a sheet mask)

*Yes Style shipped my package from Singapore & I did not have to pay Customs charges, coz they*


Myntra Haul:

The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Facial Toner

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Lotion

*Myntra was selling The Face Shop products at discounted prices - upto 30% off.*


This is a topic that shall continue. This post has been sitting in my drafts for over a year, and I will click publish NOW, whether it's good/informative enough or not.

In the next posts, I'll list down The BEST MUST-TRY Korean Skincare Products I've tried so far, and in another, I'll share my weekly/monthly routines and how I rotate between ALL the products - because I'm about to buy more ;p

This is where I'll try everything, if I could. 
This is where I'm going ALL IN.


5 Girly Perfumes For Spring

5 Things:

 1. Spring Cleaning is #1 this month. Thinking about redecorating my dressing room too - some florals, some color....hope I don't get bored when I don't find what I want.

2. Two songs at the top of my playlist: WAR:Jay Sean & All I Got:Said The Sky & Kwesi.

3.  My help left on 3rd March for her village, and she'll be back till May. She's the best & doesn't talk much, and I don't know how I'll man--- well, I got another temp today..... but I miss my original one already! Sometimes, I feel like just ringing her in Bengal, and....I don't know.

4. Four More Shots Please on Prime. India's SATC, ladies! ;)

5. Five Girly Perfumes I selected for spring, during this "Spring Cleaning" phase of mine......
(Only 1 of them was gifted by a man. Others, by myself for myself.)

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Bulgari Rose Goldea

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce (More pics here)

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

Hugo Boss Ma Vie


Terminal 3 Haul

Imagine forgetting your airport haul bag, above the sink, in an airport washroom.
Then you're running towards the boarding gate, because it's the FINAL CALL ( yoozh).
Halfway, you realize the bag is not in your hand, and you're left with 2 choices:
Run back to the washroom, which would take about 2 minutes - OR - continue running to the plane & secretly shed some tears during the journey.
It took me 5 seconds to have a very small heart attack & turn back.......

Satya Paul Wallet ~ Because instant attraction.

Accessorize Sunglasses ~ Because I forgot to carry sunglasses.

Rage Chocolate ~ Because of the packaging. (Actually from the landing airport, not T3)

Just a quick post, as I'm still out of town.

Speak again soon!