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Newly Discovered Makeup Products

You know what I really love to do?
Look into other peoples makeup bags. I don't mean seeing what beauty addicts post in their blogs and YT videos, I mean in person. The real nosy way. 
The same with dressing tables. Say, I come to your bedroom, and you have a vanity table busy with colorful stuff, I'll go snoop around there first before I even greet you. Okay, maybe that's just what I'd secretly want to do.
The products I'm showing you today are mostly what I discovered in my hometown friends' vanity tables & makeup bags. Thankooo! =)

  • Cathy Doll BB Cream ~ How cute is that packaging?! All my friends were using this, and it looked very good....and smells really nice compared to other BB Creams I've used.  It's got whitening ingredient - Glutathione - in it, and SPF 59 PA +++.  It's an Asian brand. I ordered from this Ebay seller for $13.17 (Rs.733), Free Shipping. I got it in 6 days! Will review it later.


Bourjois New Launches ~ Colorissimo Lip Palettes, Effet 3D Max 8H Long Lasting Gloss, Beauty Full Volume Mascara, Etc

Remember the Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palettes I talked about in January? Oh my G, January?!  Well, they are finally here in India..... and they brought some friends!
  • Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palettes ~ These have the same packaging as the Effect Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadows, and is accompanied with the same applicator too. I feel Bourjois could have made the colors better, coz 2 or 3 palettes look very similar to each other.


Maybelline The Jewels Rubylicious & Amethyst Ablaze Review & Swatches

Maybelline New York The Jewels Collection are jewel-inspired  Color Sensational Lipsticks. If you want deep jewel-toned shades, especially for Fall & the Indian festive season (say, Diwali), you will probably find a shade that'll complement your blingy mood.
I've got 2 shades here- Rubylicious & Amethyst Ablaze. 
Packaging: Pretty-Pretty, with pink caps and Maybelline New York engraved on the silver bullet case (Is that right? Why don't I know what it's called!)

Matrix Biolage & Schwarzkopft Haul From

Just a quick post before I finish writing my other post for today.
I got my hair permanently straightened in my hometown. Yes! I will tell you all about it & show you in a few days. So, I needed a good shampoo & conditioner. I decided on Matrix Biolage, since I always liked how they smelled when I get my hair washed in salons. As I was browsing for online stores, I found out they're cheapest at
My haul:
  • Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo 200 ml, Rs.171 ~ This claims to control frizz even in 97% humidity, which is exactly what I need in the current Delhi climate. Paraben-Free.
  • Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Conditioner 98g, Rs.139 ~ Paraben-Free too.
  • Schwarzkopft Osis+ Mess Up Matt Gum, Rs.549 ~ I got this for Mr.CZ. I like to style his hair, but I liked the read tuna tin packaging more.... hehe....


Beauty Blogging Behind The Scenes & 3rd Anniversary Giveaway Winners

So I was trying to come up with a topic to commemorate my blog's 3rd Anniversary, but just couldn't cook up anything for days! I had something else - something better - in mind, but that'll take a lot more effort & time (which we don't have). So, this is the best I could do in a short time.
Indian Vanity Case Behind-The-Scenes: What goes on behind this blog's homepage. I will share with you what you don't get to see. Hope you'll at least get a few laughs from it.


Lakmé Absolute Monochrome Collection & Kareena Kapoor's Day & Night Looks

Pioneering beauty trends for the modern and bold Indian woman, Lakmé launched its latest style statement – Lakmé Absolute Monochrome – a collection of chic, edgy and glamourous looks styled to perfectly suit the contrasting roles of the Indian woman. The Monochrome Day and Monochrome Night Looks highlighted the ramp at the Lakmé Grand Finale adorned by the creations of fashion visionaries Kallol Datta and Pankaj-Nidhi. 
Sharply graphic, Monochrome is a look that reflects the color blocking trend in fashion, and channels attention to one part of the face to maximize the impact of make-up. Lakmé Absolute Monochrome looks have been put together with the Lakmé Absolute range of high performance make-up. Color vignettes for face, lips, eyes and nails, this range promises intense color and a flawless finish along with a 16-hour impeccable performance. Packed with skin enhancing ingredients, this super luxurious long wear range perfectly balances beauty and science

Day Look


My Review In Cosmopolitan Magazine August Issue

Hi, Hello! 
I know I disappeared for a week, and I'm very much alright. Thanks to all those who were concerned about me considering the incidents in Assam. I just got back in the city on Saturday night. I have missed blogging so much, but yesterday I decided to just relax for the last time, and watch 'The Vow' (Bland & predictable, but saved by Channing Tatum)
Boy, am I late in telling you about this! I was asked to review a mascara - Shiseido Perfect Defining Volume Mascara - for Cosmopolitan magazine, and it was published in the August issue. 
Many thanks to Priyam Chaturvedi for giving me the opportunity to try & review my very first Shiseido product ever, and to appear in the magazine for the second time (previous here). Oh, and also for being so patient with all my cropped photos ;) (I'd sent her many many photos that couldn't be used, before finding this one- in which my whole head is showing.)

There are 3 products there. I picked the mascara, as you know I'm always on the lookout for the next miracle tool for my sorry lashes.


INGLOT Candy-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

Say Hello to my Candy-Colored INGLOT Eyeshadow Palette in some of the hottest colors of the season! There's nothing I love more than making my own Inglot eyeshadow palette. This time I decide on a 5 square palette, which feels like a wider/heavier ruler. You can easily knock someone unconscious with it, I think. 
All the colors are so pretty & girly, I could look at it all day! Really, I still don't get why people need shrinks. Okay, I guess they are not make-up addicts.   
Hope you'll like the candy-filled pics. I won't blame you if you end up craving Gems & lollipops after this =)


Shoe Haul Preview & Where/How To Shop In My Hometown

I'm NOT supposed to shop. We all know that, since I'm moving & am carrying only 2 bags to England. But come to my hometown, Shillong, and you will go c-r-a-z-y! This is OFFICIALLY the best place to shop fashion in India. If you can't afford Bangkok, come here, okies?

Color: They are fuchsia pink, they just look reddish in photo.

Size? 34. Little bit loose, but once I put insoles in the front, they fit. Not sure if I'll be able to walk properly, though =D

How much? Rs.1600 ($29.00). I think it's quite cheap (since I'm used to city prices), but some of my friends still think I was ripped off a little. Original price- Rs.2300.

Where to shop in Shillong? I've been asked this many times. Best places are Glory's Plaza Tibetan Market (opposite Glory's Plaza). Both in Police Bazaar. For more shoes, also go to Daluja's complex. There's a store called Shoe Emporium there, which sells trendy & formal shoes. In the same complex, there's a shop called Exotica for jewelry. For more formal clothes, visit Body Basic in Laitumkhrah. they sell dresses, gowns, shoes, etc- brought from Hong Kong, Bangkok, and similar places.

Tip #1: Always- always - cut the price in half, or less, when bargaining here (in shops where there are no price tags). They say 1500, you say 600. Then increase bit by bit when the saleswoman/man shakes head like you're about to rob them. You say 620-650. They will normally agree at 700-800. If the rascals still act pricey at, say, 750, you shake your head and start to walk out of the store. They will call you back- in most cases. A little drama usually helps =)

Preview of how many shoes? Three. For now. Staying here for another week. But ya, I probably won't buy anymore ;)

Happy Weekend, everyone. Talk to you again tomorrow. 

Oh, I'm currently obsessed with this song.....

It has inspired me to do a Nicki Minaj-inspired look when I come back :) .....

......*googles nicki minaj wig*

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Mint Sunglasses, Gold Hoops & A Cheap Heart

Hi! If you're wondering where I disappeared to, I'm in my hometown! So obviously posting is gonna be a bit irregular. I've got that MTS thingy for internet, which is very slow! =[  
Anyways, let me tell you about the story when I almost missed my flight for a simple Accessorize heart pendant. Mr.CZ, whose call I ignored at the time, doesn't know this story, and I will get an earful when he reads this,, I get an earful from him all the time, anyways ;p
So, after security check, 20 minutes before boarding, I saw 70% OFF stickers at Accessorize, and immediately went in. I got lost there ('Should I buy this? Should I buy that? Is this cheap enough?' situation.) 
" So-and-So flight number xxxx to Guwahati is now boarding at Gate number xxB" 
Yeah, yeah. I tried a long gold necklace with 8 keys hanging in the center. 300 bucks. Hmm, must buy it. Oh, letters I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U at the end of each key. Uff, like I don't wear my heart on my sleeve enough, now I gotta wear it on my neck? No!
In the end, I bought only the gold heart necklace. I left the store and ran towards the boarding gate, which was f-a-r, coz it's the big international airport. Then....then....I remembered what was missing- my laptop bag! I had put it on the floor next to the counter in Accessorize! Oh-my-godzilla! I ran back to the store - in heels - and it was still there. Hauled it, and ran again.....boy, the gate was so far! I remembered one of my niece's/nephew's small scooter thingie- you know the low type without pedals or anything- you just sit, twist the handle & it starts rolling? Ya, that would have come in real handy that day. But it's okay, I reached my plane- last passenger, but reached.


Maybelline The Jewels Collection Color Sensational Lipsticks

Maybelline New York has launched a new collection of Color Sensational lipsticks called "The Jewels", which has a range of 6-7 jewel-colored lippies in pretty pink packaging.


July Favorites & Fashion Haul

Bye bye, July. Hello, August! The month I'd been dreading, and excited about, at the same time. Gotta start packing for my hometown, and do a lot of pending laundry...... so bore!

Let's start with the haul, and then the beauty stuff.....

Forever 21 Mesh Yoke Bodycon Dress N*de, Rs.799 ~ I thought this was quite reasonably priced, and it was THE LAST PIECE available that day, so I took it as a sign from up above that I had to....had to....get it! I talked to myself in the store too - "It's the last piece.... S size.... it's meant for me only. Yes, we have to buy it."  This goes very well under the Forever New Peach Sorbet Trench.- for England maybe ;)
Forever 21 Mesh Yoke Bodycon Dress

Benetton Cherry Print Tank Top, Rs.? ~  From Benetton Kids! It's for 12 year olds, I think. Who cares if it fits, no?  I wantz ze cherries on ma baaddy.

SPF & PA Facts ~ Pick The Right Sunscreen For You!

Today, I want to share with you some information about SPF & PA stuff. We buy sunscreens, but are we buying the right one? I, for one, have learnt a lot from this, and I know exactly what type of sunscreen I should be buying henceforth.

Hope it will guide you too!

Information below provided by HUL India, and I'm in no way an expert on such things =)

What is SPF & PA?

What SPF is right for you?
Step 1- Choose Your Skin Type: Type III, Type IV, Type V, Type VI
I'd say I'm a Type III 
Step 2- Duration of time spent in the sun: Less than 2 hours, More than 2 hours 
For me it's less than 2 hours, on most days.
Step 3- Recommended SPF: According to the chart, I'd need SPF 30. If I spend more time in the sun, like at a beach (woohoo!), I'd have to use SPF 50.