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UPGRADE Your Skincare Routine ~ CLEANSING

There are a number of changes I've made in my beauty routines - face, body, hair - and ditched some habitual things too, which I regret not doing sooner. 


Ahh... I wish I'd done this sooner, not when I'm already in my 40s!

The rule is to treat your neck & décolletage area the same as your face, because we want that harmony. 

I'm not one to apply makeup on my neck & ears, so this process ensures I won't even need to!


April Favourites | 2024

Remember MONTHLY FAVOURITES posts? They used to be my favourite :)

Okay! Firstly, my Number One April Favourite is......

Baby Reindeer - on Netflix. 
WOW!!! Too good! This is an absolutely brilliant dark comedy TV show. It made me laugh like crazy (the best laughs I've had in a while, really), it made me uneasy & tense & furious, it broke my heart a little - or a lot, I don't know - and it soothed something in me in the end. I'm rewatching it.
WARNING: Disturbing scenes though. It went from hilarious to dark real quick.

On to the beauty products I've been using & loving for months - I thought I'd do products that are easily available in India this time....


Why Return A ZARA Dress?

I rarely return stuff that I purchase online, and that's because it usually takes me 2 weeks to over a month to click checkout after adding them to cart or favourites - which means I only purchase things after they've caused me sleepless nights....and I can't live without them any longer!

Btw, I almost kept this dress, just because I didn't want to go through the return drama with ZARA after they didn't refund my money for months last year - for my son's product, not mine. 

Why I returned this dress?

It looks cheap. Gingham print on a such a flimsy polyester fabric is just nah-ah.

The worst part is the even cheaper-looking lining. It's actually in reverse and not stitched on to the seams, which makes it ride up underneath + it sticks to your skin...ugh!

It's just not worth  ₹3590! The audacity.

Look at the lining.....


Matching Skincare To Your Outfit?

It's a YES from me!

It somehow re-arranges my scattered thoughts into a right angle. Some people will get it, some won't.

It doesn't happen often, so it's nice when sometimes something gives you a sense of harmony & makes your routine feel a bit unusual and special.

I always do pink colour, so I like that this time it's a springy bright yellow! I mean, how bright is this sweater top?! I was immediately drawn to it at the store - I kept walking away from it, but it kept looking at me!