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The FLOPS! Beauty & Online Stores

So that movie Queen seems to be a super hit, huh? Saw several FB statuses about it:

 "QUEEN! Loved it!" 
 "Queen was awesome!!!"

 I didn't know what it was about at first. My first guess was some epic-type movie about some English queen.....or a drag queen transformation movie. It was only until "Kangana rocked in Queen!" that I realized it's a Bollywood movie. Now I can't not watch it, but only until it comes out on DVD where there'll be English subtitles.

Okay, now we talk about the very opposite of Bollywood superhits.....

The most recent FLOPS in the beauty & internet world:

Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo & Conditioner, Rs.56 each

I got the 80ml bottles of both to try out. I made sure to try out 3 other types of shampoos/conditioners to be 100%  sure this is the twosome that lathered my hair to dullsville. After every wash, it felt drier, but got greasy faster. Maybe the 5 oils in it (Argan, Jojoba, Camelia, Almond & Olive) cause too much buildup. No Radiant Shine, amigo!

L'Oreal Kajal Magique, Rs.245

From the first time I used it, I knew I didn't like it, but I wanted to be sure. So, I used it everyday for over a month. Then one day, I took a break from it, and I used my other trusted black kajals/kohls. I saw how much it fell short. It's not soft enough, it's not black enough, and it doesn't last on the waterline.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara, Rs.1020 (from UK)

I tried & I tried some more to love this, but the fancy brush exhausted me! I was doing all the work. From every angle - horizontal, vertical, upside down.... and then always having to clean up after it when it leaves untidy smudges my lids. I wouldn't have minded the effort needed had the results been outstanding, but both length & volume were unimpressive on my thin lashes. Note: It might work better on longer & thicker lashes.
(Photos here)

The worst online store I've ever shopped from so far. They will send a wrong product, you inform them, they'll tell you to click a photo of the wrong product, pack it properly, hand it over to their pick-up man, delay replacement because the wrong product they sent has to be checked by QC first (What if I'd used/tampered with a random product I didn't want?!), two weeks later they'll inform you the product you actually ordered is not in stock so they won't be able to send it- without an mention of a refund. And all this drama will go on for over 3 weeks. You sent a wrong product by mistake, that's fine. Just fix it ASAP & don't make the unforgivable mistake of making the customer run after you! *I think they wouldn't have refunded the money themselves if we hadn't called them up multiple times.


It's not a flop online store, just flop International Shipping. I ordered a pair of shoes that costs around Rs.2000, and I received an email from ASOS saying I need to pay customs fee of around Rs.700. The standard duty fee on footwear in India is 10% (I'd even pay 20%.), but they're charging 35%! What I found odd was, I should have been contacted by our local customs office about the charges when the package had been inspected, but the email came from ASOS not long after I placed the order. Which probably means they're the ones charging, not customs. Simply put, it's their courier fee. Perhaps they should remove their "Free Shipping Worldwide" slogan. I was really depending on it for New Look shoes when I left UK, so it's painful to find out I can no longer order from it....well, unless I get desperate maybe. After several angry emails, they refunded my money.

Now all these are just my personal flops, and they might work better on/for you =D

So what are your Flops this month?

On my 2nd blog, CZloves:

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NEW! Sunsilk Straight-Lock Technology

- From Shower to Party Stopper –
A revolutionary technology which locks your tresses and keeps them aligned straight and sleek post hair wash!
Sunsilk unleashes the newest, innovative way of controlling the unwanted hair frizz, leaving your hair straight and slick after your hair wash. This new and advanced technology from the house of Sunsilk locks your hair into a desirable and glossy straight hair look soon after wash, as soon as your hair begins to dry. Sunsilk Perfect Straight is the creation of Sunsilk’s team of groundbreaking hair experts, partnered with insights and expertise of the Tokyo based, world renowned Yuko Yamashita. This new innovation works by controlling wet hair and making them settle into silky strands of lustrous straight hair as and when the hair begins to dry.
How does it work? 
The pioneering Straight-Lock Technology harnesses the power of amino silicone; an adhesive ingredient and mineral oils, locking in that magic moment for perfect shape. This unique technology in the product formula, concentrated in the Conditioner, affixes every strand, nourishing the hair’s fibres while also securing aligned and straight hair.
The Straight-Lock Technology aligns your hair to keep it straight, so you can literally wash and go for the days when you don’t want to miss out what life has to offer. The powerful Conditioner provides essential nourishment to hair, without leaving a residue. This means hair can stay manageable and shiny.

  • 80ml shampoo: Rs 56.
  • 180ml shampoo: Rs 110.
  • 360ml shampoo: Rs 189.
  • 90ml conditioner: Rs 56.
  • 180ml conditioner: Rs 110.

Are you as interested in this range as I am? 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Sunsilk Keratinology Products From MedplusBeauty.Com

This is kind of a review of MedPlus Beauty, an online beauty store. I ordered Sunsilk Keratinology Sun Kissed Colour Therapy Shampoo & Sun Kissed Colour Therapy Conditioner. I saw them at my supermarket last week & was so so tempted, but I decided to check online first- coz maybe I would get them cheaper. And yes, I was right.
They both cost Rs.200 each, but MedPlus offers a 15% discount on Sunsilk Keratinology, so Rs.170 bucks each. You save 60 bucks (woohoo.... lol).

Ordered on: 23rd Feb '12
Received on: 27th Feb '12

[To tell you the truth, I almost cancelled my order because I didn't get a shipment confirmation email, and I thought they would take too long to deliver. I emailed to cancel, but they said I would receive them today, which I did.]

In the end, I'm happy with my first shopping experience with MedPlus Beauty.

The products were packed in a big box with some thermocol, and both were wrapped in bubble wrap.