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How To Make BIG Shoes FIT!

Hello! =)

Just thought I'd quickly share this post here, since I know some of you also go through this problem.

To read full post, please head over to my Shoe Blog: CZloves HERE

How To Make BIG Shoes FIT small feet

My Feet Size: UK 2-2.5.

Yes, they're tiny, but the problem that adds to my shoe woes is the fact that my feet are also thin and flat-ish - there's not much flesh between my soles and arch of foot. I think if they were thicker, I wouldn't have so much heartache in shoe stores.

Okay, so here's what I do when it looks like I'm a kid trying on grown-ups' shoes......



OOTD & Baby CZ Sonogram Pics

QUICK! Think of a number from 10 to 19.

Don't scroll down until you've thought of the number first!

We'll call it "Intuition Test"

Number in mind? Okay, now you can continue reading....

I had not seen this Mango dress for a long time, coz I'd left it in India when we moved to UK. You must have seen it on IVC (here). So I felt like wearing it for the 2nd time. I know, we need pastel yellow shoes too =D

And here are some sonogram pics of Baby CZ.....

First pic ~ Very first sonogram, when it looked like a diamond ring. Posted here
Second & Third pic ~ From Down's Syndrome Test. Everything was fine. That's it's hand, not a snorkel.
Last pic ~ Baby CZ waving. I know it's a graphic photo, but it was cute when it happened =)

It may look big, but it's only about 7cm.

Okay, hope you have a number in mind.

The due date is......

13th October!

After the first ultrasound, they put 8th October as the due date, but of course they said it'll be confirmed only after the 2nd ultrasound.

So, tell me, what number did you think of??? =)

Thank You for reading & will see you again soon!

Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow.


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His & Hers Lace Up Shoes

Just some fun clicking time with our new shoes. Did I tell you I like shopping for men's shoes too? =D

His: Skechers.

Hers: New Look. Will wear them in an outfit post someday.

New furniture in pics - coffee table & tv station. Can't wait for decor posts! Nope, we haven't got the apartment yet, but we're getting close =)

Thank You for reading & I will talk to you again soon!


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Over The Knee Boots

Hi everyone, welcome to my first shoe post on my new blog!
I've always been a fan of over-the-knee socks (Since 2009, Britney Spears, hit me baby one more time!), so I couldn't help falling for Over The Knee or Thigh High Boots when I saw they've made a comeback. These were Limited Edition, and the last pair in my size.
Long story short: I saw and tried a pair, they looked a lil' dusty (you know how exposed suede gets), I decided to order online, only big sizes sold online, I went back to store, couldn't see my size, asked SA, she said they're sold out, I thought about the dusty pair fondly, I went back to the where the boots were hung to put back the big size I was holding, I decided to check one last time, I sat on my ankles & lifted up one boot at a time, then there they were between 6 and 7! The same dusty ones, but this time, they didn't look so dusty anymore. =)
My favorite kind of thigh high boots (and knee-high boots, for that matter) are the ones that cling to legs almost like socks. My preferred material is suede, but I wouldn't be opposed to soft plushy leather either. I would probably stay away from patent leather.... I didn't really admire them in Pretty Woman either, although I LOVE the movie & Julia Roberts' in it.
Super windy day, so my hair literally attacked my face from all angles! Bye bye curls.


Beauty Addict And Her Stash To Pack | OOTD

Leaving UK in less than 2 weeks now, so that means these are crazy packing times! Last night, I was home alone. Mr.CZ had gone to Newcastle and he'll be back till later this evening. I layed almost all my makeup and beauty products on the bed in our guest bedroom. This bed just has a sheet, and we didn't get any pillows and whatnot for it because, you know, no point. These are most of my beauty products (save for some skin & hair products I keep in the bathrooms) that I'm packing to take to India.
I decided to throw myself into the MESS, because it's always been my dream to sleep on/next to a pile of makeup products..hehe. Btw, I kept my left knee bent in most pics, coz I was trying to hide a a big (healing) bruise. I fell down on the bridge a couple weeks ago. Always been a quiet bridge, but that day, a couple was walking towards us, and they saw me fall. Because that's how life is - you never fall without an audience.


Holiday Party LOTD & Accessories

My favorite season & month is here! I just can't believe another year is coming to an end. I clicked these pics mainly to show off my new quirky hairband and then one thing led to thing I knew, I was naming my blog post "Holiday Party LOTD" when I didn't really go to any party....haha!
*These pics were taken on a very cloudy day. So the pics turned out very dark & noisy. Here in Scotland, one minute it's bright and sunny, and I think "Ooh, let's take pictures!" Then when I'm done gathering the things or myself, it's suddenly gloomy, sometimes when it's only 3 in the afternoon!


Found THE Boots & 50% Off Shoes.....

New Look Grey Cross Over Double Ankle Strap Heels ~ In August, I almost bought these instead of the other pair I showed here. I wore each style on each foot ( I saying this correctly? Sorry, I can't think when in a rush!), and I asked 3 student girls which looked better, they unanimously said these. I went another day, and bought the other ones, of course. These were full price then. Now I got them for about 50% off  (56% to be precise) *grins*  Price ~ £22.99  £10.00 | Rs.1022.
New Look Black Buckle Wedge High Rise Boots ~ FINALLY! Got the wedge boots I've been saying I wanted for over a year. You know, the only comfy black boots I lived in last winter are all scuffed up from the front revealing the white cushion underneath and....and...the heels no longer has the rubbers, so you can see the silver metal. So much noise they made when I walked (on wooden floors, especially), it's embarrassing! Yup, they'll go in the...gawd, I can't even say it. Okay, bin. Price: £34.99 | Rs.3575 (Sadly, can't wait for sale with these, coz I need them NOW...hehe)
3 reasons these are ideal: Wedge heels, buckles are gunmetal (not gold or silver), there's a slit on the side so they won't feel so tight when I tuck in something thicker.


Fingertip Rings & Fall Nails

Hello! Last night, after a long time, I spent more than 5 mins painting my nails. I have also decided that one my fall nail colors will be 'BLUE' - deep & dazzling blues. Sometimes with some bling bling, coz I don't have the patience for much else. This is the only blue nail polish I own right now, so I need to go hunt for a couple more, although I'm trying not to buy too many nail polishes because of my living situation.
You know fingertip rings or 'midi rings' all all the rage now. I find them cute, but I think I would end up losing them a lot, or worse, they follow the water down the sink! I guess I'll have to take them off before washing my hands.

 New Look Fingertip Rings ~ bird, hearts, heart, leaf. One size fits all (nonsense).Price: £2.99 | Rs.303


Heels & YSL ~ With Love, Mr.CZ......

Presents from the man behind the woman behind this blog. A big THANK YOU to Mr.CZ who spoiled me today, mainly because of this reason
Did I tell you he has excellent taste in shoes? In both men's & women's shoes. That is why it was nice to go to Shoe Heaven with him, so he could help me decide between 2-3 designs. I don't know if it's because he's Virgo, since they are perfectionists & can point out exactly what doesn't 'fit' in a picture. Sometimes he'd criticize exactly what I'm unsure about in an outfit. Seriously, if you don't want sugar-coated opinions, turn to a Virgo. My Virgo girlfriend once told me directly that my pants looked too old and shabby, and that I needed new ones! I laughed hysterically, and then we went shopping. Now that is true 'constructive' criticism.


Saturday Hauls ~ Lancome, ZARA, New Look

I feel like I bored you all with nonsense this week, or I just bored myself. I don't know why I'm behind on everything! Before I go ahead and disconnect myself from the online world this weekend (or just tonight), here are some haul pics for you.....  
  • Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick 377N Midnight Rose ~ It took all of my will power to put aside my natural tendency to pick corals & pinks. Price: £21 | Rs.1962.
  • New Look Coral Earrings ~ Saw them once, then I went back. Price: Half Off from £7, so £3.50 | Rs.327.
So pweety!

Last Saturday's Haul.....
ZARA Court Shoes ~ I was shocked that these fit me! Size 36. More shocked because the other Zara size 36 shoes are too big for me. That's why I love these so much! Oh, there were only two pairs size 36's available - one was blacker but looser on my feet; other was brand new, never tried by anyone (tissue still wrapped on the straps) & they fit me better but the suede was less black and had more lint (read: looked dirty). I had to pick the latter, of course... hehePrice: On Sale, about 50% Off, so about £15.99 |  Rs.1494.