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What's Christmas Like?

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Hope you're having a day filled with love & happiness.

Well, I didn't really have a Christmas post lined up, coz it's been hectic lately. So I decided to use these pics (where my hair is a mess, btw)

Let's talk about deep, meaningful things in between.

What's your Christmas like?


~ Discovering too late that the tree lights are all spoiled. It's okay, I'll get new ones after Christmas, before New Year's Eve.

~ There's a Santa soft toy from Hamley's, that I don't mind my son doesn't appreciate, because I secretly got him for myself. I whisper "Dear Santa, please........" in his ears, which he doesn't really have.

~ Watching Ziizayne mimic the facial expressions & dance moves in Sia's The Greatest. When I was pregnant with him, I used to blast Chandelier in my ears, btw.

~ Making plans to go out, and then decide it's too cold. 

~ Finding out that the geyser is broken while already under the shower.   

~ Watching Ziizayne play with his main Christmas present - a car track thing, and being enthu with one battery-operated car that comes with it more than he is. 

~ Christening my new The Body Shop Body Butters that I was gifted- Vanilla Chai & Frosted Berries. Both yum!

~ Not wanting to eat anything sweet & Christmassy.  Ordered spicy Indian food instead - Laal Maas from Coriander Leaf Restaurant. It's the best mutton curry ever!

~ Wanting to listen to long-time favorite Christmas songs - Last Christmas, All I Want For Christmas.... but finding them too peppy. 

~ Blasting R&B/Rap instead. A new artist I just discovered - NF. Listen to All I Have & Wait if you want to know what lyrics are filling my head.  

~ Feeling gangsta - in pyjamas - trying to ignore the pain from one remaining wisdom tooth. 

~ Waiting for 9 pm  8:30 pm 11 pm, so I can open the new wine - White.

Let me back some of those up with a pic:



Hey,Everyone! Just wanted to wish you all a Merry MERRY Christmas! Hope you had a lovely & blessed day with your loved ones. Sharing a few family pics we clicked today. Most of them came out a lil' blurry, coz it was a quick photo session after a long day of lunch & fun with the family.
Bubbles was very sleepy here, so he wasn't in the mood to smile (he looks depressed actually.... haha!) He smiles & tries to talk now! =D


Christmas Day Makeup, Hair, Outfit

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Hope you are having a lovely day with all your loved ones. We are here in Glasgow, loving the city but hating the weather. Rain on top of freezing cold! Went out today, but almost everything was closed. After walking a bit, we found a Chinese Buffet Restaurant, and we had lunch there. Nothing special for dinner. Hotel life....missing home, actually.
I managed to click some awkward mirror pics while I was getting ready (and while Mr. CZ was taking a catnap.) 
Before hair & rest of makeup. Crazy Eyes =D
 Curled hair with Babyliss Volume Waves Curling Tong. I curled it inwards holding the tong horizontally. Can you believe I forgot to pack my comb/hairbrush? And I forgot to buy one yesterday, so I'm living without any atm.



Our Christmas Presents Unwrapped!

Time to open our Christmas presents! Not literally, but it sounds more fun. Let's pretend I also don't know what they are. This is basically all the gifts Mr.CZ & I gifted each other. Well, except for the make-up products that I got before Christmas & all the jewelry, some of which I got on Boxing Day (26th Dec) sales.
The snowman (which lights up), candy canes & green sequin ornament were all the christmassy decorations we got this year.
 Some of you may have already guessed what's in the tin boxes


2 Holiday Makeup Looks ~ Red 'Vs' Coral

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
This was supposed to be up yesterday, but we were busy, and I was exhausted by evening. So I decided to just sit back and do nothing..... listen to  Last Christmas & All I Want For Christmas Is You....and wait for Christmas Eve!
I couldn't decide which lippie color I wanted to wear, so I wore 2. You know, I don't usually smile wide in my FOTD's because I always end up looking too enthu... like, too much teeth.... sometimes too goofy. But a Holiday/Christmas-themed look is an exception =D


Christmas/Holiday Eye Makeup Tutorial ~ Nancy Ajram Inspired

I've wanted to do a Nancy Ajram inspired makeup for a long long time- since last year, to be precise. This year, on 6th April, I seriously planned to do the look, but I guess I got sidetracked again. I know the exact date coz I'd written the post in a Notepad.
Who's Nancy Ajram? She's this Arabic singer. I'm obsessed with only one of her songs - Fi Hagat. Not the song exactly, but the music video. I have watched it a hundred times, I think. So this is kind of a tribute to the song ;) Pic of her makeup in the video......
We have very different eye shapes, so I had to do it to suit my eye shape. She had her eyeshadow right up to her brows, but that would look very weird on my hooded lids. If you have a deep pronounced crease, you could do it exactly like hers.
  1. Apply eyeshadow all over lids & Lower lash line I used Maybelline Color Tattoo Permanent Taupe. You can straight away apply a chocolate brown eyeshadow. I didn't have a dark brown matte eyeshadow.
  2. Take a brown eyeshadow on a blending brush. I used Sigma E25.
  3. Apply the brown eyeshadow on top of the taupe cream eyeshadow. Also apply on lower lash line. I used Urban Decay Buck from Naked Palette.
  4. It should like that.
  5. Take a shimmery taupe or bronze eyeshadow. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo On And On Bronze.
  6. Pat it gently with your ring finger in the center of your lids as shown. Make sure not to touch the edges.
  7. Pat a little bit of gold eyeshadow on top of the bronze.
  8. Reapply the brown eyeshadow making it darker on the outer corners
  9. Get the color in the hollows under your brow bone and blend using circular motions.
  10. Blend & soften the edges of the brown shadow with a fluffy blending brush. I used Sigma E40. Blending Tutorial here.
  11. Line very close to your lashes with black gel liner & an angled liner brush. Start from the outer corners, then line from inner corners by pushing the brush on your lash line, and then join them in the center. I used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner & MAC 266 angled brush
  12. This is optional: False Lashes. I used Eylure Katy Perry Lashes in Sweetie Pie. Skip if you have naturally full lashes or a darn good mascara.
  13. Apply black mascara to blend the false lashes with your natural ones. I used Maybelline Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara.
  14. Darken the brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line. I mixed Urban Decay Buck & Blackout because I don't have a dark brown eyeshadow with me.
  15. Apply a bit of the shimmery eyeshadows you used on the lids just on inner half of inner corners of lower lash line. I used only Maybelline On And On Bronze with a pencil brush.
  16. DONE! 
 My brows look dusty (in pics only) because I used cold brow wax. Big mistake >.<

Red Lipstick suggestions: Here she's wearing a YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick (as shown in the video) - probably in Red Taboo. Other suggestions: Maybelline Pleasure Me Red & MAC Russian Red.

The Video:
Stupid stupid man, isn't he?  =D

Fi Hagat means 'There Are Things'. Translated to English (because I'm that  interested heehee):
"I can't ask you to make my world sweeter, to change how things are
No matter how close you are to me.... How dear you are
I can't tell you how I want our life to be
Know, on your own, how I want our life to be.
At times, it seems that I'm content
That I'm calm, that I've accepted everything and got used to it
That doesn't mean you can believe that I gave up."
[Full song translated here - if you're interested.]

I love her makeup in last scene as well. Suggestions: 
Eyes: You could use the same taupe Color Tattoo I used here, or any matte taupe eyeshadow.

I will post a full LOTD with these eyes in a bit, but it will no longer be Nancy Ajram inspired. Hope you found the tut helpful.
Post Updated: 
More pics here 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear IVC Readers,

Wishing you a blessed Christmas & a very Happy New Year. 

Hugs & Kisses.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

*I'm leaving for a New Year vacation tomorrow, so I'll be back next year! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Christmas Wishes, Lots of Photos & OOTD

If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that my tree collapsed the other day, coz one of the plastic leags of the stand broke. I hugged the tree tight so the decorations wouldn't fall off. Then I was too tired to reshape it, let alone redecorate!  Anyways, here it is, since so many of you wanted to see it. It's small like our apartment :)

Don't you just hate wires?! I wish we had those Christmas trees that come with lights in India.

Lmao at that tip =D


Cute Christmas Snowballs

I'm decorating my Christmas tree today, so I thought I'd show you these cute snowball-looking Christmas balls I got yesterday from Archies. There weren't too many nice (by that I mean tasteful) decorations in the Archies in Ambience Mall Gurgaon. They had a lot of those miniature pervy-looking Santas =D. Nah, I'm exaggerating (I think)