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My Outfit ~ Day 3 Lakmé Fashion Week

This was my outfit of Day 3 Lakmé Fashion Week. You know, I never plan to be matchy-matchy, but sometimes it's the only way to go.


Arabic Look

I had a tough time picking a title for this! (Changed it from Indian to Arabic after reading the comments :))
This is a look I created for my 1 month LOTD Challenge (3 looks per week). It would look fabulous on a night out. Shimmer all the way to the brow bone. It looks so gorgeous & glam under yellow light. I'd do this makeup if I were wearing a black & silver Indian saree.


BOW Earrings ~ Black & Gold

I turn to accessories when I need to feed my bow addiction (staring at Hello Kitty's head does not count!), so I was ecstatic when I found these classy-looking (read: not-so-kiddish) black & gold drop BOW earrings. I lve 'em so much! Hope you'll lve them too! :)