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Best Buys & Bargains Feat. A Makeup/Jewelry Organizer

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all doing good. Where have I been? I took a break from the internet. Detox. I hope my posts this week will make up for the slack these last couple of weeks - starting with this penny-saving post! You know SALE Season is on full swing here in Delhi, and although I haven't specially gone sale shopping yet, I stumbled on a few bargains. These are some of the things that I thought might interest you snazzy lot.....


My Review In Cosmopolitan Magazine ~ Lakmé CC Cream

As I've mentioned here, I'm part of Cosmo Beauty Panel, a group of 17 people who'll be reviewing the newest products that hit shelves for Cosmopolitan India. One of my first set of reviews was featured in last month's (October) issue, and it's of India's first CC Cream - Lakmé CC Cream.
About  Lakmé CC Cream: A complexion care cream with SPF 20 that protects, moisturizes, brightens, evens tone, conceals & freshens.

Available in 2 shades- Beige & Bronze. I've been using Beige.
I said: "It evened out my skin tone, which has underlying hyperpigmentation (melasma), but wasn't thick enough to conceal spots. While it lasts all day, it requires a bit of powder in top so skin doesn't look oily."
Below are some swatches to complete my review.......


Mint Dress OOTD | Fav Blog Posts Poll Results | UK Life Update

While I write this post, I'm gonna try to get the memory of Miley Cyrus' VMA performance out of my head. We won't say what's already stamped all over the internet, we'll just bury the memory, and think of butterflies instead. Ooh....butterfly print dress....
 Yes, that's the photo for Cosmopolitan.....
Cosmo Editor said "We want full-length pic. I said "What kind of attire"? Cosmo Editor said "Wear your favorite outfit!"


We WON Best Beauty Blog!!! Cosmopolitan Blog Awards '13

Oh My Bows! I officially have the best readers! We won the award for Best Beauty Blog (India)! YOU VOTE PHOR MY BLOG

Thank You! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted & everyone who simply reads this blog! Special thanks to Cosmopolitan India for hosting India's first-ever blog awards! 

There's a cartoon-ish version of me. Give me a jharoo (broomstick) so I can fly... haha!
Answer #4: Thanks to Mahak Sharma who posted that comment =)


Cosmopolit​an & Lakmé Fashion and Beauty Weekend At Select Citywalk Mall

If you want to do something girly & fabulous this weekend, you could head over to the Cosmopolitan Beauty & Fashion Weekend, presented by Lakmé.

Where: Select Citywalk Mall, New Delhi.
When: 13th & 14th July 2013.

Have Fun! 


When A Beauty Blog Is Nominated For A Cosmopolitan Blog Award.....

Election Candidate: "If I win this election, it will give me a chance to build a bridge from River X to the village. That way, when you're done doing laundry in River X, you won't need to do mountain climbing for 1 hour to get to your huts. This is my heart's only wish."
Village People: "YES! YES! YES! Finally somebody who understands us...who cares for us the people! Ah, no more darty darty fingernails & big big insect bites. We lob you man! WE VOTE PHOR YOU!" 
Election Candidate (Now Politician in Office): "Huh?! I don't remember saying anything about any bridge. Do people still go to that filthy River X? Put a tiger in that area, and mark it unsafe. ["EK THA TIGER. BEWARE!"] Bridge! Like I get paid enough to waste my time on something I'll never use myself... Sah-la!"


Okay, that's a story I made up. But I have a strong feeling that it has happened in a village somewhere.
As I have mentioned before, my blog has been nominated for an award by Cosmopolitan India:
"We're excited to let you know that your blog (Indian Vanity Case) has been nominated by Cosmo readers in the Best Beauty Blog category for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 in Association with Dove! We have now opened the polls for voting so it's time to get your readers/subscribers to vote for your blog!"
Today is the last day open for voting. I owe it to my blog, my baby, to fight for it one final time & request you all to go VOTE for it.
Unlike the Politician, I have nothing to offer. No promises, no bridge. But I can assure you there'll be no tiger that will stop you from visiting this blog, no matter what happens.
You'd think that I've desperately asked (or forced) all my friends, family, friends of friends, cousins, friends of cousins, relatives, in-laws, old school mates, the plumber who came to fix a leak in our bathroom earlier, etc, to go vote for my blog, but NO. I've not asked any of them. Most of them don't even know. I'm still trying to decide whether I should let Mr.CZ vote, although I might, since he reads my blog (read: spies on me) and gives his opinions on photos and stuff. 
Truth is, I want the votes to come from readers who love my blog before me. Readers who come to my blog for the lipsticks, readers who would feel crushed if I ever stopped blogging (not happening any time soon!), readers who know what 'Oh My Bows' means. I want the votes to come from YOU who are reading this right now. So, I'll leave it all up to you.
If you want to VOTE, please go HERE ~ Click on Like next to Indian Vanity Case under Beauty Blogs, scroll to the bottom of the page, fill in your details & click SUBMIT. It's done!
Thank you so much & Love you for voting! ♥
At the same time, you can also vote for your favorite blogs in other categories. All The Best to all the blogs that have been nominated! 
Okay, now I'll go Vote for my favorite blogs, too. And no, I won't foolishly vote for my own blog! =D


LOTD: Not Good Enough For A Fashion Magazine....

Hey Cynthia,
Thanks for the mail but I'm afraid these pictures won't work. The two tones need to be clearly visible and the pink and nude doesn't show very well. Also, in terms of hair, these waves don't work too well, and I suggest you do the sleek back hair as on your website.I'm sorry but I guess you'll have to re shoot this. I don't intend to be negative about your effort, but I'm just trying to achieve the best look possible for the magazine. Also, would need pics for each step. Would recommend you try the two tone lips in bright colours, as on the runway. And a white background would be perfect."

This is the first two-tone lips look that I sent to Cosmopolitan for their story in March, and that's an email I got after. I'm sharing the email, because it properly - and very politely - explains why the look didn't work.
Truth is, I kinda knew it was coming, and I didn't get mad or disappointed. Before that, I really didn't know what kind of photos they needed...what to wear...what to pose...the works. It was based on a Spring trend, so I decided on an outdoor background. The day I did the shoot was very gloomy in Newcastle, as you can make out from the lighting in the photos, so I could only click a few because it was freezing! Most of the pics came out too dull and blurry, and I wasn't happy with them. I think I was a little bit happy that I had to do another look. 


Video Tutorial: How I Created My Look In Cosmopolitan Magazine

Over 1 month later than promised, here it is! It went up on my Youtube Channel after 11 pm IST last night....after I waited over 3 hours for it to upload on YT. But it's okay
Pics from the magazine issue here, in case you're new here.
Why this delay? Computers are to blame for this. The laptop I edited this video on didn't work without the charger anymore (battery spoilt), so I decided to take Mr.CZ's old laptop to India, as there used to be daily power cuts in my hometown. I quickly transferred video, and happily thought I'd upload it from India after I'd seen the magazine issue. I found out in India that video couldn't be played in the other laptop...maybe coz it's Windows 8...I don't know! Then the hurried move to Scotland happened....and then the wait for broadband. The End.
Still, I apologize for the delay. 

Anyways, hope you like the video....and think my editing is a little bit better than my purana (old) videos =D
*The lighting is bad in some parts because the sun was shining in my face.

I was going to do a voiceover, but I couldn't do it right. I bought a mike attached with funky headphones and everything- like a DJ's, but then the background noise (including vibrations from the fridge) was deafening. Hoping I'll learn all the techie stuff before the next video. 
Do you know what's arrived? My birthday month! Hola! I better start looking for things to wish for & lust after... I mean material things.... I know Zayn Malik is too young for me, okay- even younger 20 days from now! ;p (Gosh, if malik of my heart and soul sees this....)


Featured In COSMOPOLITAN Magazine

And we are blogging from New Delhi again! Still very sleepy and exhausted, but I don't want to sleep! I'm loving the pleasant weather and it's so good to hear the sounds of honking traffic outside. Our neighborhood in Newcastle is on mute compared to the streets in South Delhi.
So on our flights back from UK, my mind was dominated by mainly 2 things:
  1. Masala Maggi Noodles ~ Because I've missed it since November. You can get it in the UK, but you have to order it online (3-4 times the price in India) or go to some Indian shops...forget it.
  2. Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2013 Issue ~ Because it made one of my teenage dreams come true!
When Cosmo's Features Writer, Priyam Chaturvedi, asked me to create a look and a step-by-step picture & video tutorial based on one of the hottest SS13 Trends, I was more than excited to do it! Her one email put a smiley with two-tone lips on a very un-Christian Grey grey February sky. I think she put this story together brilliantly, and I'm so happy she picked this photo from a few others that I didn't like so much =)


My Review In Cosmopolitan Magazine August Issue

Hi, Hello! 
I know I disappeared for a week, and I'm very much alright. Thanks to all those who were concerned about me considering the incidents in Assam. I just got back in the city on Saturday night. I have missed blogging so much, but yesterday I decided to just relax for the last time, and watch 'The Vow' (Bland & predictable, but saved by Channing Tatum)
Boy, am I late in telling you about this! I was asked to review a mascara - Shiseido Perfect Defining Volume Mascara - for Cosmopolitan magazine, and it was published in the August issue. 
Many thanks to Priyam Chaturvedi for giving me the opportunity to try & review my very first Shiseido product ever, and to appear in the magazine for the second time (previous here). Oh, and also for being so patient with all my cropped photos ;) (I'd sent her many many photos that couldn't be used, before finding this one- in which my whole head is showing.)

There are 3 products there. I picked the mascara, as you know I'm always on the lookout for the next miracle tool for my sorry lashes.


MAC Party Parrot Lipstick ~ Nothing Like It!

Does 'Party Parrot' actually mean something? I really don't know. The two words fit so well together- so puh-puh ["That girl is such a party  animal  parrot."]
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick from Iris Apfel Collection is a fabulous neon coral-ish pink with a matte finish. The unique shade is undeniably gorgeous, I adore it so much!
It's super pigmented! So hard to take off my lips. That swatch on my hand up there? It didn't come off completely even after 3 showers! It doesn't feel drying on my lips, coz it is a little creamy- you will notice from the lip swatches......


I'm Featured In Cosmopolitan Magazine: "Meet The Internet's Beauty Specialists"

Today was supposed to be just another Wednesday, but something made me happily numb. Seriously, you should have seen my face when I first learned about it from one of my Facebook friends- Lekhawati (Thank You, again!) I told Mr.CZ like I would tell someone that somebody had died. "Honey, I'm in Cosmo."-  not blinking, not smiling, body frozen =D
Then I couldn't to do anything else but quickly click these pics (Twitter buddies badly wanted to see ASAP!), sip on lots of coffee & stare at myself in Cosmopolitan magazine, March '12 issue, haha! *Squeals*

6 beauty bloggers from India are featured, including Rashmi & Tanveer, bloggers I've come to know personally, and whose blogging style & ethics I respect. 

I put the products shown there- Bourjois Effet Smoky Pencil in Smoked Brown (but I was gonna buy black soon too, coincidentally) & Max Factor Elixir Lipstick in Eternal Flame. 

Umm, why do I look kinda Gunda-type (gangster) in the thumbnail??? ;p 

Gratitude to Cosmopolitan's features writer, Meher Bajwa, who did a wonderful job turning a page-long interview into a readable paragraph.

Most importantly, I want to thank all of you IVC Readers for all the love & support you've given this blog. I honestly couldn't do this without you. I love to read your comments, opinions, suggestions, personal experiences, so much. Sometimes, funny comments/stories some of you share here make me giggle under the sheets when I can't sleep. I can't reply to all of them, but I do try my best to reply to at least 20 comments every other day. I hert you all from the bottom of my hert.

Speech is over, now I gotta go find out what lippie Malaika Arora Khan is wearing on that cover! Want! (or do I have something like it already?) Isn't it gorgeous?

So, are you getting a copy of Cosmo this month? :)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*