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Super/Sunblock MOM

I'm not quite a SuperMom, I'm more of a SunblockMom 😂

All I'm concerned about is applying sunblock on my child. We have a sunblock routine before he goes to school, etc - face, arms, legs.

I've been trying to find the perfect sunblock for him - one that protects & also prevents tanning, because he tans very easily. 
When we'd gone to Shillong (scorching hill station sun) one time, he'd come back looking roasted.

We've gone through tubes and tubes from most brands, but none of them have been 10/10. I've recently bought a new one. I'll come back with a post on that.

If you been here since I posted the one on the left 13 years ago - HERE

Above are all pics from last year, in Malaysia. First one in Legoland.

Happy Mother's Day, yesterday & everyday ;)


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