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Cheap & Awesome Makeup Drawer Organizers

How much are you willing to pay for 1 drawer organizer (be it acrylic or plastic)?

Me, no more than Rs.100. Especially when I'd need more than 5.

Which is why I was over the moon when I got these for Rs.50 ($0.8) each! 

I picked up only 4 of them first to test how they'd fit in my drawer. They're perfect, and I needed 10 more for two drawers. 7 in each. I went back to the shop, but they weren't available at the time. 

I got 2 white & 2 grey, coz I wasn't sure which color I wanted. Now I know I want only white.

Other available colors: Black, Pink, Purple, etc.

Bigger sizes are also available in the same design.


New Cosmetic Organizer Tray

A recent find that I'm absolutely in love (lob!) with is this organizer. Don't mistake it for those acrylic 'Made In China' ones. This one says it is Made in Taiwan. The quality is top-notch! Super clear, shiny & thick, much much better than the 24 Lipstick Holder I got from Ebay (Remember that? Posted here). I was over the moon when I found it in a shop, that too amongst many other designs/types!

I have not thought about what I want to keep in it, so I just arranged random things for now just to show you how they look.


Inexpensive Acrylic Lipstick Stand For Rs.273 | $4 | £2

You know what is the best thing about moving back to India and finally settling down in one city? Now I get to shop for home stuff! Haven't got a home yet, haha (sigh, new new problems keep arising), but the new furniture has started to come in. For over a year, I'd browse Ebay for makeup storage things, and just look longingly at them coz I couldn't buy these bulky things in UK. Now I'm like a cow who'd been locked in a shed for too long!

So to kick-start the makeup storage items, I ordered this Acrylic Lipstick Holder/Stand. Just one because I wanted to see the quality first .
It can hold 24 lipsticks.
I love that it's step-step (yes, step-step) and not flat.


My MAC Lipstick Collection

I know, I know, I disappeared for more than 3 days again! That's why I wanted to do a big post today. Did you know I'm apartment hunting these days? A lil' more on that at the end of this post.
Immediately after reaching home yesterday, I suddenly wanted to do a MAC Lipstick Collection. It was evening time, and although I spent over half an hour clicking, I ended up not liking the pictures. So these are the 2nd batch, and I'd gone out in the garden to set them up. Luckily, only 2 people saw me lining up the lippies like it's the most important job in the world - the mali (gardener) & one man talking on his phone on a terrace next door. Maybe more people saw, but I was lost......

I arranged them color-wise, so you can compare between similar shades.


What's In My Makeup Bag? Sequel

Remember when my handbag was stolen in Goa when I'd gone for a holiday with my friends in 2011? Remember I told you the only thing that wasn't in the stolen handbag was my makeup bag? Or maybe I didn't mention it here, and just tweeted? I don't recall. Okay, I'll just tell you the gist:
While a bar/restaurant on a beach, I stood up for 2 mins to talk on my phone. I came back and my handbag wasn't on my chair anymore. This happened while all my friends and Mr.CZ were right there! We all went mad! When we sat down again, somebody pointed at my little makeup bag, sitting there on the center of the table among food & drinks. Oh, the joy! I must have taken it out to get a lipstick or something before that, and I'd forgotten to keep it back in my handbag. Quite strange, right?
This bag here is a new makeup bag, but I still have & use that one too in another handbag. How can I leave it when it didn't leave me?
  • Too Faced Glamazon Eyeshadow ~ A gorgeous shimmery taupe eyeshadow, which makes a great cheek highlighter too.
  • Benefit The Porefessional Face Primer Sample ~ Don't know if I like it, but I keep it in the bag in case
  • Bourjois Cream Blush Nude Velvet ~ Cream blushes are better to keep in your handbag, because you don't need a brush.
  • Accessorize Brow Kit ~ The brow powders could also double or triple up as eyeshadows & contouring powders - in emergencies. I love that it has tweezers, which I like to have with me. Shown here
  • Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation Sample ~ There's an offer at Debenhams- Buy this foundation and get 1 YSL Cream Blush FREE! So I got it to try first. My shade is BD30. I find it quite oily, but that also gives my skin a nice dewy glow. I don't know if I'd buy the big pricey version, but I wants the free cream blush so badly! =D
  • Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Powder ~ Compact powder! Very important. Read about powders here
  • The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream ~ Dry hands, my pet peeve. More pics here
  • Maybelline Cover Stick Concealer Medium Beige ~ Just an emergency concealer.


One Day In Dubai....

This was supposed to be published last night, but then I got busy, and soon it was 2 am Indian time. Actually, this post is over 2 months late! Remember?
On our way to Newcastle, we decided to stop in Dubai for a day. Mr.CZ & I both regretted that we did not extend another day, because we felt a few hours in Dubai weren't enough + we were so exhausted.
During check-in in New Delhi IGI Airport, we were told we couldn't take our luggages, until we reached Newcastle. I just managed to take out my tight jeans before parting with the bags (I was wearing comfy jeggings for the flight). So ya, one day seemed right in that moment.
I planned to change into another outfit in Dubai, but since I didn't have my luggage, I had to wear my simple comfortable flight attire the whole day. We spent the whole day at Dubai Mall. Till midnight, actually, coz the mall was opened till late that day.
Dubai was just so beautiful! It looked so....picturesque & rich. That day, the weather was so windy and a little foggy. I felt sand on my lipstick

We stayed at the Ramada Downtown Suites Hotel, which was big and roomy. It had a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom & one big bathroom.


Perfume Storage & My Wardrobe

As I was packing up & putting away all my perfumes in their respective boxes yesterday, I couldn't help but take some last shots of how they were. I was in my element, and a MAN walked into my dressing room:
Mr.CZ: "It seems you're clicking pictures more than you're packing! Every time I come in here, you're clicking photos."
Me: "Wha....?! I don't think you should come into this room anymore!" 
Uff, I don't want to talk about it! Back to topic of the day: How I (used to) store My Perfume Collection.
I got the basket with some Lakmé products sometime back, btw. I somehow ended up keeping it there, and decided to put the perfumes I wear the most in it.


My Kryolan Train Case

Hey Everyone, happy Saturday! Mine will be a packing & organizing day. I've got only 6 days now! Amma!
I sorted out some make-up yesterday, and emptied out this Kryolan Train Case. It has been a big part of my life for years, and now that I have to part with it, I wanted to show it to you. I have treated it rather badly, but it has never broken on me until now (touch wood!) I LOVE this baby!
Once, I had it with me on a plane. When we landed, one of the guys from a rock band walked by me and said: "So it's not a bomb."
Color:  Grey & Black 
Price: Rs.2200 ($40.00) when I bought it in 2004. Or was it 2500?
It can be locked

Those separators can be shifted around, and can also be removed completely.
I have now filled it with all my lipsticks & other melt-able products, and I'm still hoping it will accommodate some more.....


My Lipstick Collection

This is for all you LIPSTICK ADDICTS! My Lipstick Collection revealed!
It was requested many times, and I've actually been meaning to do it for a long time now, but I always thought next week....procrastinate ++++.  Now, I can't delay it anymore, since I'm leaving my home & country (reason here)
*Please Note: This is what we Beauty Bloggers do, and we NEVER call it "showing-off", okay? =)
That's never the intention. I personally enjoy seeing other people's makeup-collections & how they store them. I mean, we buy & review them, so we also need to see how they live too, no? 
Since I put all my lip products in this stack of drawers, you'll see my other lip products too- lipglosses, lip balms, etc.
These are Nayasa drawers I've shown you before. On top there is the Vanity Organizer from Home Stop

3 drawers. Top- Lipsticks, Middle- Assorted/Messy, Bottom: Lakmé


My Vanity Organizer

Most times when I'm getting ready, about 5-7 minutes are wasted on searching for the products I need. I don't find my eyeshadow black gel eyeliner (you tend to want the one that's not in sight) brow everyday nude-ish do the math.

Then my eyes saw this Vanity Organizer 2 weeks ago while I was looking for a wedding gift. My heart literally skipped a beat, and I gasped. You'd think that type of feeling is exclusively for diamonds & man candy, but not for me- I feel that way about utensils too...shhh.
Ohmigosh, this thing is like a pacifier! It has made my getting-ready time a whole lot calmer. It can hold all my everyday makeup products. I now call it my everyday makeup station....and it is mobile too- I can easily carry it from one room to another (not to mention the terrace, Yes, it shall be with me on a deserted island- after I load it a leetle bit more, of course :)

It has 6 sections:
Top left ~ Foundations, foundation primer, BB Cream.
Top right ~ Brushes, eyelash curler, eyeliner pencils, mascara.
Middle left ~ Eyeshadow Palette (Too Faced Naked Eye), TFSI, Bronzer.
Middle right ~ Compact powder, Blush.
Bottom left ~ Buffer brush, Brow kit, Gel liner
Bottom right ~ Concealers, Lip products


My Makeup Storage Drawers

One Saturday, I saw some plastic drawers I've been looking for, but then the white color I wanted was so dirty & old! So the shop owner told us a new one will be available on Tuesday. I ordered 2. I was so excited the whole weekend. Tuesday came, but the idiot didn't have new ones- he'd forgotten all about it. I wanted to scream! And I did- in my pillow, like a lady. 

Long story short, idiot called a few days later to say that they are available! :))

They are quite sturdy although they're plastic. The best thing about them is they are made in such a way that you can stack them on top of each other. I still need to organize my products properly, so please ignore the randomness =D. I also don't usually keep them in this place. I shifted them to a brighter room for the photos.


Winnie The Pooh Brush/Pencil Holders

I was at a stationery store last Saturday and couldn't resist buying these cute Winnie The Pooh "Happy to be Me" tin pencil holders. I was just going to get the one on the left, but of course me had to get a matching one too. What? I needed the......sharpener.

I got the long one, coz I thought it'd be a good way to store my foundation brush- to prevent dust and such from getting on it. You know, somewhat like the Sigma Brush Kit.


FREE Bourjois Makeup Bag!

FREE = HAPPY. You get a free gift and you no longer feel guilty about spending, right? ;)

I hauled some Bourjois products (not for myself) yesterday and I got this cute pink makeup bag! You get this when you spend over Rs.1500. 

That pouch in the middle is attached to the base with velcro.

I just love Bourjois' free gifts! They are so useful. Have you seen the Parisian umbrella I got last year? Click here if you haven't. They even have a brown leather vanity case, which you can get if you spend Rs.5000 (or is it 3000? I'm confused.)

Availability ~ At Lifestyle &  Kunchal's too, I assume. 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Packing Makeup For Travel/Vacation

I'm packing for a vacation right now, so just want to do a quick post to show you what all I carry.

Husband: "I'm telling you, honey, pack very light this time. I am telling you, you don't wanna go over the limit." *Rolls eyes* As if I don't know that.

So here are all the makeup products I'm taking with me:

Primer ~ Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover. I like this coz it's non-greasy

Foundation ~ Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination. Coz I'm going to hot & humid countries, I want a matte finish foundation.

Concealer ~ MAC Studio Finish Concealer, Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

Powder ~ The Body Shop Loose Powder


What's In My Makeup Bag?

If shoes say a lot about a man, then a makeup bag says a lot about a girl, I think. Even if you don't own a very nice looking handbag, a cute little makeup bag can make you feel so much better. It's the heart of a woman's handbag. It has to be pretty. An ugly-looking makeup bag negates the best or expensive makeup products in it. 

This is my makeup bag right now and it's the best one I've ever had (I've had some not-so-pretty ones in the past.)

I adore it! I love the floral design and color combination . Respect to the person who designed/made it. I bought it from that place I went to last year and the year before that (I'm tired of saying it =D) for no more than Rs.400, I think.

There were many so many designs and colors, it was really difficult to decide which one to buy. wish I had bought 1 or 2 more.


My Frilly Pink Blush Basket

This is how I store most of my blushes & some bronzers. I bought this basket many years ago from Bangkok, together with a matching jewelry box. I love the quilted and frilly pink cotton fabric with white flowers. It is not stuck on the basket and can be taken out to wash. I don't remember how much I bought it for exactly, but I'm sure it didn't cost more than Rs.500.

I don't throw away the outer boxes of the blushes, coz then it's easier for me to find what I want when I can see the names on the top of the boxes.

You can make something like this for yourself if you want. Let me know if you want the pattern details.

It was made by a company called Nantita. I googled it and found their website! How cool! Click HERE to go to it.

P.S: I'm having trouble posting today. Blogger is telling me I ran out of photo storage space (?). Any advice?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^