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My Instagram Beauty Stories #01

I love Instagram, and post quite regularly on there. It's like mini blogging, with just photos and less talking. I thought I'd share some of the makeup & beauty pics that I picked out randomly for all of you who don't have an Instagram account.
Lipstick Ban Picks: Deborah Milano Rosetto Milano Red #14, MAC Sheen Supreme Bare Again, Essence Almost Famous, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #36, Colorbar Velvet Matte Obsessed Orange.

*I pick some lipsticks from my stash as part of my Lipstick Buying Ban

Feeling colorful with blushers: Sleek Flamingo, NARS Angelika, NYX Pinky, Majolica Majorca Pink Macaron, MAC Pink Swoon.


I Transform Into Cersei Lannister ~ GAME OF THRONES

"When you play the Game Of Thrones. you win or you die.
There is no middle ground."

Cersei Lannister: A character created by George R.R. Martin in his books A Song Of Fire And Ice, which has been adapted into one of the most popular tv shows, GAME OF THRONES. Cersei has a twin brother, Jaime Lannister, with whom she had been in an incestuous relationship since they were adolescents. They both have a younger brother, Tyrion Lannister (the little man up there & my favorite character in the show), whom Cersei loathes because their mother died while giving birth to him.
To read more about Cersei, please go here

*** I do not condone incest. ***


Makeup When You Look DRAB

You know that "Pregnancy Glow" you keep hearing about? Well, not every knocked up woman gets to wear it like a halo. Most days, I feel like a lazy kangaroo with lacklustre waist-length hair. I'm too tired to prettify myself, and I've developed a habit of doing my makeup halfway too - BB cream, powder, a bit of brown eyeshadow on the crease....okay, that's it.
On this particular day, I made an effort to brighten myself (and mood) up. I'll jot down a few mini tips, and I hope my 'baby brain' will still translate my thoughts into words that make sense.


I Transform Into A Pop Star | I Transform Series Look #1

*** AMETHYST'S New Album, eccentric, is out now! Hope you'll go out and BUY it! ;) ***

Welcome to the first post of a new series I'm doing! Been planning to start this for over 2 months. This one wasn't supposed to be the 1st look, but it just happened, since I did the glittery purple eyes, so I went with it. More about the series at the end of this post. For now, I'm a purple-haired Pop + R&B Star named AMETHYST (real name, not just stage name)........


Look Of The Day: THE FIRST TIME.....

THE FIRST TIME I'm beauty blogging from our new home. If you've been wondering where I've been, I've been exhausted. If you read my other blog, you'll see what I mean. My hands feel like sandpaper now, after washing them too much. Which reminds me, I have to get a heavy-duty hand cream.

THE FIRST TIME I'm wearing a man's shirt. Men's T-shirts I wear all the time, but this is a first with a crisp shirt. I stole it from the man, and now it's hanging on a floral hanger in my closet, MINE! =D
THE FIRST TIME I'm wearing these makeup products:

Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect CC Cream #32 Beige Claire ~ Too soon to tell if it'll rock my world, but I like the finish & light-medium coverage.

Bourjois Intense Extrait Eyeshadow #09 ~ Very impressed how soft and pigmented this is. I'm already in love with it, and I see myself wearing it a lot. 09 is a deep mocha brown, which looks a little taupe. I'd also apply it as a liner with a wet brush, like I do the other black shade #10 (swatched here) Because I have hooded lids, eyeshadows hide in the folds, unless I do this......


Philips Kerashine Hair Styler ~ Tried & Tested.....

There's a 2-in-1 new hair styler in town that intrigued me from the moment I was introduced to it ~ Philips Kerashine Styler. Let's see if it's what your hair needs, and most importantly, if it's worth your money.....

  • 45mm barrel, Ceramic coating with Keratin infusion.
  • Swivel Cord of 1.8m.
  • Heats up to 190° C.


Look Of The Day ~ New Haircut

If you read my last post where I talked about my Dream Layered Haircut, you might have been expecting to see the result. So here it is: my new haircut....oh, and my first LOTD post from India! =)
Where I got the haircut: Affinity Salon, New Delhi. It's not the kind of salon I'd want to go back to. It's over-staffed & I didn't like the vibe. Forget about tea/coffee, they're stingy with friendly/welcoming smiles too. A few people have also said the same, and now I know why. They have many branches in Delhi, so I hope the other branches are nicer!

Price: I paid Rs.1250 for wash, cut & blow dry. After seeing the prices in UK, I thought it was a bargain =D
 Color: It's still the same as last time. I used Nice & Easy 106 Natural Medium Ash Blonde & L'Oreal Feria Extreme Ombres Kit F02 Platinum Ombre.
Here, it's 2nd day dirty. I washed and blow dried it on Friday, used my Babyliss Volume Waves Curling Tongs yesterday. I thought I should leave it straight-ish so you can see the cut.
Aren't we all annoyed with that chunky bang? Hehe  =D


Dream Layered Hair Cut And Style

I've just booked an appointment for a haircut, and I'm feeling very nervous! Although my natural & uncurled hair no longer has any shape, I'm afraid they'll ruin it.... haha! I want layers, but not the choppy step-by-step kind. Below is a video I found on YouTube, and I'm blown away by the technique.

Isn't he amazing?!

That style is egg-jackly what I want!

I wish I could take off my head and attempt to do it myself =D

I will show a pic of the final result to my hairstylist today. Let's see if he/she will be able to achieve something similar.

More pics I found on google....

 Longer version of this.

Longer version of this too.

[ALWAYS take a picture of what you want. Most times, they act like they understand exactly what you're talking about, and then they give you something totally different (to cry about). Been there.]

Good Luck meeee!


Christmas Day Makeup, Hair, Outfit

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Hope you are having a lovely day with all your loved ones. We are here in Glasgow, loving the city but hating the weather. Rain on top of freezing cold! Went out today, but almost everything was closed. After walking a bit, we found a Chinese Buffet Restaurant, and we had lunch there. Nothing special for dinner. Hotel life....missing home, actually.
I managed to click some awkward mirror pics while I was getting ready (and while Mr. CZ was taking a catnap.) 
Before hair & rest of makeup. Crazy Eyes =D
 Curled hair with Babyliss Volume Waves Curling Tong. I curled it inwards holding the tong horizontally. Can you believe I forgot to pack my comb/hairbrush? And I forgot to buy one yesterday, so I'm living without any atm.



The Donut Bun

Hey Everyone,
Wad up? I'm now blogging from Scotland. It was a hectic weekend, and there are lots of boxes near the front door yet to be unpacked- all mine, coz my Virgo man unpacked all of his things in barely 20 minutes. Howww???
So, me with a bun that I did all by myself....I never thought I'd see the day! You must have noticed that I'm not very creative with my hair, so this donut was sort of out of my comfort zone. Usually, I hate buns & ponytails.... they give me a headache ("My hair hurts!") But since Cosmo wanted an updo for the story I was featured in last month, I had to do it- for the first time in my entire life. Oh, actually this is the 2nd time. 1st time was the for only the initial pics that I had to send asap- ya, that bun didn't turn out so well....and yes, I had to do this same look twice!
It couldn't see the top, so I missed putting hairspray on  some stray bits. Look how they poke out =\
I used this Primark Hair Donut which I got for only £1 (Rs.83), a hair tie & some hair pins. I wouldn't say it's hard, but it'll take some practice to perfect it.
You'll see me do this hairstyle in a video shortly. I have to wait for broadband to be activated here in our new place, so I can upload it to Youtube. Ugh, something or the other is keeping me from posting this video! Hmm, but everything happens for a reason.
What do you think? Do you like wearing buns? 


Favorite Makeup & Hair Oscars 2013

I have not watched the Oscars yet, and I won't coz I don't watch TV anymore (I mean cable), but seeing the hair & makeup always excite me- the good ones only.

This year, only 2 looks held my attention.....

Best Hairstyle ~ Maria Menounos. I just love love love this hairstyle. If I didn't have such a large forehead, I'd style mine like that all the time! How cute is the hairband with only a section of hair?! I never knew this person until now.

Best Makeup ~ Adele. She always looks gorgeous! Lipstick she's wearing looks very similar to Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick My Mahogany

Which Oscar '13 look was your favorite?

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup Look

Did you miss the OTT, crazy & fun make-up looks on here? I really missed doing them, and I'm aware they're the reason some people come here. I know, I know... even my Bollywood Babes series is hanging in limbo, just give me some time with that. Right now, I'm in the mood for spontaneity & quirk, maybe coz it's Halloween month! More make-up looks coming up.....very excited about one in particular (I just received some jewelry from Ebay, but I still need a few more items & bangs for my hair to complete the look.) No, two actually. I'm excited about 2 crazy OTT looks! =)
I didn't give this one much thought, and I think I should have polished the eyes a little. Oh-kay, enough babbling. Hope you like!


My Favorite Make-up Looks & Hairstyles At Lakmé Fashion Week

I want to share with you guys my favorite looks done by Lakmé Studio at Lakmé Fashion Week. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out some new looks this season, like I am. 
Make-up looks: I picked all wearable & universally flattering ones.
Hair? Well, one is holding 5% of my hopes & dreams.

  1. Smoldering Peach ~ This look is flattering on almost all skin tones. It has made me reach for my peach blushes on most days. Imagine it without any peachy-ness on the eyes. Right, it won't look balanced. So when wearing peach blush & lipstick, try to add a little bit of peach eyeshadow on your lids too. However, you can skip the peach blush. Make-up symmetry :)
  2. Gold eyes & Red lips ~ This is a Blair Waldorf kind of look- very classy. Skip blush, or sweep a little bronzing powder under your cheekbones.
  3. Neutral ~ Eyes are understated in this look- just some light brown eyeshadow, black kohl, and false lashes. A pale pink lipstick complements the eyes perfectly. Tip: Pair this look with a white outfit/shirt & some dull gold jewelry.
  4. Fairy Cheeks ~ Yes, glitter cheeks can get messy, but there are always theme parties to go too. For regular night outs, apply the glitter on the center of your lids instead- both gold & silver glitter would look nice against peach eyeshadow.


TIGI Catwalk Hair Collection For Lakmé Studio ~ Products For Straight, Curly & Voluminous Hair

I had never really paid attention to TIGI products before, until I took a closer look at the Catwalk Collection at Lakmé Studio, Lakmé Fashion Week. The brand has got products for every hair type. I felt like I was living under a rock all that time! Now I've decided that 2012 will be 'Year Of The Hair' for me. Here, I'll be showing all the products from TIGI Catwalk Collection: 
  • TIGI Your Highness High Volume Collection: This collection promises to add body, fight frizz and give impeccable body and fullness. Ingredients like Jasmine, Lavender, Wisteria and Violet nourish each strand for soft, touchable hair with incredible volume.
  • TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curl Collection: This Collection invites you to embrace the idea of enhancing natural curls and waves to bring out the very best in your hair. Using advanced marine biology ingredients, a fusion of Kelp, Algae, Cucumber Water, Sea Weed and Sea Fennel form the Catwalk Aquacomplex. Harnessing the power of the ocean, these rich botanicals deliver extraordinary hydration and definition.
  • TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Straight Collection: Transform hair into silky, glossy fluid perfection. Inspired by the mysteries of the Orient, Sleek Mystique contains the Catwalk Exotic Infusion of Lychee, Bamboo, Honeysuckle, Dragon Fruit and Rice Bran Oil. This provocative blend smoothes, improves strength and adds divine shine to every hair type creating a sublime canvas. Entice your senses and immerse yourself in pure bliss.


Big Buns & Glam Makeup by Lakmé Studio, Day-5 Lakmé Fashion Week

The last day at LFW Talent Box was all about big buns (up north!). Lakmé Studio created 2 types of buns- side & center. They looked so good that I'm thinking about getting some clip-on extensions & hair stuffing for myself, so I can do one someday. The make-up was nude & peachy & glittery- super pretty!
Look-1: For Priyal Prakash


4 Looks By Lakmé Studio & Backstage Photos Day-4 Lakmé Fashion Week

Lakmé Studio created 4 different looks on Day-4 of Lakmé Fashion Week (Hey! 4-4). One kinda Paris Hilton, one kinda Jlo, one very Blair Waldorf, and one very Lady Gaga. I'll show them here- in that order.

Khem by Khushboo & Prem


Airbrush Makeup & Hairstyles By Lakmé Studio + Backstage Photos Day-3 Lakmé Fashion Week

I really liked the looks on Day 3 Lakmé Fashion Week. Soft smokey peach eyes, peachy lips, sleek hair-wrapped-around ponytails, and straight shiny locks. The airbrush makeup looked fantastic! See for yourself....
Makeup Artist Chirag doing Airbrush Makeup

The result. So flawless, right?


Lakmé Studio Gave Me Model Hair & Tuxedo Nails

On Day-3 of Lakmé Fashion Week, I got to try out Lakmé Studio's 'Ultimate Blow Dry'. It was amazing, especially since I hardly spend time on styling my hair most times. Take a look at the transformation......

My hair before

Lakmé Studio Hairstylist Virender


Hair & Makeup By Lakmé Studio, Backstage Photos Day-2 Lakmé Fashion Week & My OOTD

Hey guys,
I'll try to include some interesting stuff for you to see in these LFW posts, I know (I know! =D) how boring it is to see just random people. In this post I'll show you some products used backstage & my Day-2 outfit, so keep reading!

TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Hairspray. WANT! For big & high model hair ;)

Indira by Vedaant (Body Drapes)

Veruschka by Payal Kothari

Hong Kong Jewelry Collection Mona Shroff

My Outfit: I changed into my house slippers, for obvious reasons hehe. I was walking like a limp, people were looking hehe....
Below, I'm wearing an LFW accred badge too.
Zara Sea Green Dress & Zara Flower Clip (bought separately) |  Mango Bag   |  Accessorize Slippers  |  Miss Jo Necklace | Belt from GK M-Block  

See you again tomorrow! :)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*