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Urban Decay Brow Box Honey Pot Review & Swatches

Let's take a break from all the fantasy, shall we? I badly needed it! :)

Urban Decay Brow Box is my new favorite toy. I am hearting this little thing. It is like a treasure box. It's got everything your eyebrows need.

It comes with 2 shades of brow powders- light brown & a dark beige, clear wax, teeny tiny tweezers, and a teeny tiny angled brush.

Shades available:
Brown Sugar- Dark
Beige Betty - Medium
Gingersnap - Auburn

I got Honey Pot- Blonde. I almost went for Beige Betty-Medium, but I'm glad I didn't coz it would have been too dark for me.

You push the bottom drawer (which is attached to a spring inside) to release the wax. So cute!  

♥  2 brow powders, so you can mix and match to get the shade you want. Brows look more natural too.
♥  The wax is amazing. It's not too sticky or gooey, but it still holds the hair in place. It's hard, not soft.
♥  The brush. It's the best brow brush EVER. It's small so it makes it so easy to fill in my brows without smudging outside. 
♥  Portable. Although, I don't think I'll carry it around for fear of breaking it. Klutz speaking.
♥  I love the packaging! Some people complain that it's too bulky. Well ya, if it's going to house all that stuff. If the brow powders and wax were near each other, the powders will obviously fly and stick to the wax. Ugh! Me no likey.
♥  What else? has a mirror. Not a tiny one. Big enough to see both brows together.

-  Price. I wish it was under a 1000 bucks.
-  The tweezers are a little hard to use. They need to be squeezed real hard to come together.

Urban Decay Brow Box Honey Pot

Swatches ~ Powder 1, Powder 2, Wax

On my brows after a few hours (to see my brow before, go here)

Price ~ $29 (Rs.1299. So Rs.1300)

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4.5/5

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. hello cynthia :)

    thanks for the review. i hope urban decay would go international so it would be easy access for all :)

    may i please request a tutorial on how to use a brow set? i have one from elf and i have no clue how to use the wax part.

    thanks so much!

  2. where do u get ur urban decay products?!!! nice review:-)

  3. Where do you get UD products in India/Delhi? Any Idea?

  4. I love that box - it is so cute! :D

  5. Thanks for introducing this Cytnhia. I am going to get mine. Hopefully, you'll I am with reina and request you to do a pot on how to groom eyebrows. Thanks.

  6. this is so cute. I have had a MUA use it on me, but I wasn't completely sold. I like the bare look to my brows...with this they look really full. But this is such a cute set...I may just get it because of how it looks...yeah I am vain :P

  7. Reina,Jiya- Ok will do that :)

    Anu, jayashree- UD is not available in Delhi. I got it from US

    aoyv- lol...we all are


  8. Thanks for your review! I googled "Urban decay eyebrow review" and came to your blog!
    I think I'll grab this set tonight!


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