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Super/Sunblock MOM

I'm not quite a SuperMom, I'm more of a SunblockMom 😂

All I'm concerned about is applying sunblock on my child. We have a sunblock routine before he goes to school, etc - face, arms, legs.

I've been trying to find the perfect sunblock for him - one that protects & also prevents tanning, because he tans very easily. 
When we'd gone to Shillong (scorching hill station sun) one time, he'd come back looking roasted.

We've gone through tubes and tubes from most brands, but none of them have been 10/10. I've recently bought a new one. I'll come back with a post on that.


SHOPAHOLIC Diary: Electronics

I don't know why I'm doing this post, really. I just uploaded these pics straight from my phone.

Last week I decided to enter an electronics store to check if they had....umm.... a particular tool, which I got and it's fantastic. I'm not gonna tell you what. 

Then I started to wander.....

Usha Janome Marvela Pink Sewing Machine Pink

I was gonna buy this without any hesitation....OMG. Thankfully, only this display piece was available & we never!
It would've been a reckless purchase, but I do need a sewing machine. Have been on my wishlist for ages.
I'm going to stitch a really pretty patchwork duvet cover, alter my jeans, ruffle my cushions. Yes, I am.

If anyone is thinking about buying me a birthday present - hello, please 👆



How Many Childhoods Were Ruined.....


A FATHER - who left a scar that'll never fade.

A HUSBAND - who mistreats, beats and cheats.

An UNCLE - who whispered 'our little secret'  that's really only his.

A Sir - with bribing candies, grades and praises.

A Priest - with ungodly worship and rituals.

Ask your children questions.

Tell them what's not right.

Protect them from trauma they'll never recover from.

Do what needs to be done: without hesitation, fear, shame.....and heart.


(Some Men. Not intended to be s*xist.)


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Hello Kitty Earphones ~ The Obsession Continues

I'm in my 40s now, and I'm still obsessed with Sanrio Hello Kitty stuff (oh lord, so much stuff out there!)
I don't care what anybody thinks.
The love you once had for something just doesn't go away, okay.

I saw these earphones and I couldn't pick just one! I couldn't!

So I was gifted all three.

My Melody


Hello Kitty


UPGRADE Your Skincare Routine ~ CLEANSING

There are a number of changes I've made in my beauty routines - face, body, hair - and ditched some habitual things too, which I regret not doing sooner. 


Ahh... I wish I'd done this sooner, not when I'm already in my 40s!

The rule is to treat your neck & décolletage area the same as your face, because we want that harmony. 

I'm not one to apply makeup on my neck & ears, so this process ensures I won't even need to!


April Favourites | 2024

Remember MONTHLY FAVOURITES posts? They used to be my favourite :)

Okay! Firstly, my Number One April Favourite is......

Baby Reindeer - on Netflix. 
WOW!!! Too good! This is an absolutely brilliant dark comedy TV show. It made me laugh like crazy (the best laughs I've had in a while, really), it made me uneasy & tense & furious, it broke my heart a little - or a lot, I don't know - and it soothed something in me in the end. I'm rewatching it.
WARNING: Disturbing scenes though. It went from hilarious to dark real quick.

On to the beauty products I've been using & loving for months - I thought I'd do products that are easily available in India this time....


Why Return A ZARA Dress?

I rarely return stuff that I purchase online, and that's because it usually takes me 2 weeks to over a month to click checkout after adding them to cart or favourites - which means I only purchase things after they've caused me sleepless nights....and I can't live without them any longer!

Btw, I almost kept this dress, just because I didn't want to go through the return drama with ZARA after they didn't refund my money for months last year - for my son's product, not mine. 

Why I returned this dress?

It looks cheap. Gingham print on a such a flimsy polyester fabric is just nah-ah.

The worst part is the even cheaper-looking lining. It's actually in reverse and not stitched on to the seams, which makes it ride up underneath + it sticks to your skin...ugh!

It's just not worth  ₹3590! The audacity.

Look at the lining.....


Matching Skincare To Your Outfit?

It's a YES from me!

It somehow re-arranges my scattered thoughts into a right angle. Some people will get it, some won't.

It doesn't happen often, so it's nice when sometimes something gives you a sense of harmony & makes your routine feel a bit unusual and special.

I always do pink colour, so I like that this time it's a springy bright yellow! I mean, how bright is this sweater top?! I was immediately drawn to it at the store - I kept walking away from it, but it kept looking at me!


My 10 Eye Makeup Products

Here are 10 eye makeup products that I currently use almost everyday, except for the false eyelashes of course.

Please note that these shades are for my light brown eyes & pink-toned hair.


Lakmē Sunstick

Lakmē is killing it with all these New Launches!!!

This time, it's the kind I have been collecting - a stick product.


9 to 5 Sun Expert Invisible Sunstick
With SPF 50+ PA++++

This sunstick gives sun protection upto 98% UVB rays and glides on in a completely invisible finish.
Matte finish
Suitable for all skin types, dermatologically tested.
It is tinted. Yay! ← For me, this is the USP right here.


Maybelline PLAY Tattoo Liquid Eyeliners

Time to PLAY with coloured liquid eyeliners! That too from our favourite drugstore brand with their signature fuss-free 'TATTOO' stamp that you can get really creative with - as I did with my swatches below.

You can also apply them on the tip of your lashes as well, if that's the drama you want....or you accidentally got them on your already mascara-ed lashes.

Here, I have Shake (Lilac) & Punch (Fuchsia Pink)

Lakme Powerplay Velvet Crème Blush & Highlighter

Lakmē's newest launches have been on my radar for a while, and these two were on shelves even before the official promos. I'd swatched them at a Lifestyle when I wasn't ready to buy anything ;p

This range is enriched with Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E. They are, as they claim, velvety smooth and blend easily.

Powerplay Velvet Crème Blush: Available in 2 shades - Soft Coral & Pink Rose

Powerplay Velvet Crème Highlighter: Available in 2 shades - Copper Crush & Sultry Gold

I got Soft Coral & Copper Crush.....


2 0 2 4

Wishing you all a very HAPPY & GLOWING 2024!

Finally I unboxed a few new beauty products I'd bought months ago, and.....

....and a new year makeup haul is just waiting to happen!

Saw some products while window shopping last week, and I CAN'T GET THEM OUT OF MY MIND!!!

Featured: Dior Lip Glow Balm 001


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