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Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy & L'Oreal Hair Spa Review

So many of you have asked me about hair straightening, so I thought I'd talk about the 2 treatments I got done- Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy (Permanent Hair Straightening) & L'Oreal Hair Spa Treatment.
In these pics, I'd just gone for the L'oreal Hair Spa Treatment at a salon in Delhi a few days before leaving.
*OMG that looped hair is driving my crazy! This is what happens when I'm not in control of the camera.

Schwarzkopf Strait Therapy- This is a permanent straightening procedure which lasts upto 6 months. This is my 3rd time getting it done, I think. I got the Lakmé Hair Serenity, and my hair was calm and manageable. But when I reached my hometown, it became very frizzy because of the humidity there. It would pouf up & wouldn't fall, you know what I mean? So, I went for it. I knew that I'd want to get it done eventually, and it'll cost more in Delhi & UK. I was very happy with the results- straight & heavy hair. BUT it made the ends very very dry & frizzy, they completely lost their elasticity. They would get tangled together which made it impossible to comb through without breakage. So....yes, time for some TLC. Uff, one problem after another!
  • Tip 1: If you don't want your hair to get burnt, tell your stylist not to make the straightening iron too hot, or iron it too much. My friend doesn't let them iron at all, and her hair turned out just fine.
  • Tip 2: Avoid getting it done during monsoon season, because your hair ends will frizz more. That's what I experienced.
Price: Rs.4500. It costs above Rs.7000 in the New Delhi. I know some small salons do it for Rs.2500, but very risky....haha! If you want it done for somewhat FREE (you'd probably have to pay only for the straightening cream), go to a Hair Academy, where students will do it for practice. I've done it on other people while I was studying in one, and they were happy with the results =)