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The 'Secret' I Add In Foundations

"The best things are discovered by accident."
~ Anonymous.


When that quote becomes popular, I'm gonna say "I'm Anonymous! I'M ANONYMOUS!!!" (I my head, I'm running after people who are not listening to me....and then I stumble & fall on my face.)

BUT I probably won't, because it's's's so! Let's just leave it at that.


NEW! Lakmé Clean Up Clear Pores With Green Tea Extracts

Lakmé CLEAN UP Clear Pores range is enriched with goodness of Green Tea Extracts that soothe and calm your skin and Salicylic Acid that helps prevent break-outs fight blemishes and reduce irritation.
Lakmé CLEAN UP Clear Pores is an easy-to-use professional clean-up range comes with three unique new formulations:  a face wash to cleanse all visible dirt, a scrub to remove dead cells and a mask to reduce pores and tighten skin.
  • Face Wash ~ Rs.90 for 50gm  | Rs.160 for 100gm.
  • Scrub ~ Rs.110 for 50gm  | Rs.225 for 100gm.
  • Mask ~ Rs.110 for 50gm  | Rs.225 for 100gm.

*I so want to try these! You know my love for green tea! =) 


Free Revlon Bag & Weekend Haul

Got a cute polka-dotted big-sized bag with some Revlon stuff yesterday- CustomEyes Eyeshadows in Naturally Glamorous & Rich TemptationsColorburst Lipgloss in Strawberry Fraise. Also got the L'Oreal True Match Blush in Rosey Cheeks. Reviews and swatches coming shortly. For now take a look at the cool bag- even cooler coz it FREE-hee-hee...

Now let's see it....err.... strip?


Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask Review

What it is:
This highly moisturizing heating mask provides deep cleansing to skin with the thermal effect of roasted salt and granulated sugar. Black sesame seed nutrients leave skin soft and smooth.

To Use:
After washing, apply to wet face, avoiding eye areas. 
Massage in circular motion, focusing on dry areas, wait 3-5 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. 
Use in environment with moderate temperature; if used in a hot environment such as a bathroom or sauna, mask can overheat.


Lotus WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub Review

Lotus WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub exfoliates the skin gently, removes dirt, impurities, blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin brighter and healthier with a shining glow. The gentle exfoliating action works on skin discoloration, dull and uneven skin tones and softens the skin giving you a firmer texture.
Oatmeal exfoliates gently, restores the natural moisture balance of the skin and yogurt moisturizes and lightens the skin reducing imperfections giving you silky, smooth and brighter skin.
For all skin types.

How to use:
Gently apply the scrub on moistened skin with brisk circular movements on your face and neck, Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice a week.


Lakme Fruit Blast Pear Butter Deep Hydrating Mask Review

Pear Butter Deep Hydrating Mask with Pear & Shea Butter ~ Rescue and rejuvenate rough, flaky skin with pears and pure shea butter. Formulated for deep cleansing and intense hydration, this mask complements any skin care routine. Soft, buttery yet grainy textured pears are rich in vitamin C and K that help revitalize your skin. Shea butter helps moisturise the skin, promoting cell renewal.


Lakme Fruit Blast Facewashes Photos & Information

I am getting fruit blasted with this basket of Lakme Fruit Blast Facewashes. They were sent to me in this cute basket accessorized with peaches, leaves, ribbons & bows. My kind of presentation! It looks good enough to be carried by a flower girl. I'm thinking about placing it under my Christmas tree and put some chocolates, candies and lollipops in it for grabs :)

 Strawberry, Citrus Rain, Berry Lush, Melon Melt & Pear Butter Mask

They all smell so good (yummy-licious!) that I'm having a hard time deciding which ones I want to use first, at the same time not wanting to confuse my skin.


The Magic Of A Compressed Face Mask

I tried one of the compressed face masks for the first time today and OMG I love it! I've gotten so lazy about using masks and taking extra care of my skin lately, but this has made me realize that these extra things are actually FUN + they nourish & can do about 50-60% of the repair work that your skin needs.

Remember I  got these Japanese-made compressed cotton face masks....

I used the PINK heart-shaped one

Out of the wrapper

Dabur Gulabari Rose Water in a bowl

It just pouff-ed up into a double heart. I poured a bit more rose water on it....

.... and swirled the bowl around so the mask got wet completely. Then I opened the mask gently....


Now meet the squirrel...

No smiling! (Oh, and must get nose strips!)

I left the mask on until it dried a bit. I noticed my pores, which looked gigantic earlier, took a hike after this.
I used ice cold rose water. Next I'll use green tea. Can't wait!

*You can also use cotton pads as face masks. Just dip some in rose water/green tea/whatever, stretch them a little, and stick them to your forehead, cheeks, chin & nose. Let's say, 3:3+3:1:1 if you're using square ones.

By the way, I'm giving away a pack of the heart-shaped compressed masks in IVC Facebook page (here) if you want them :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Reader's Request ~ Skincare Kit For Oily/Combination & Acne Prone Skin

This was requested by a very sweet reader Priyanka J, who has Oily/Combination & Acne-prone skin.

I believe a skincare routine should be simple, when it comes to problem skin. If you have acne, it's better not to confuse your skin more by switching from product to product and "irritate" it
When I get a big pimple sometimes, I feel it has a mind of its own. Like it's saying to me "Don't you let those things gang bang me, or else....=[" =D

Here are the products I'd pick (and I do use most myself) for Oily/combination & Acne Prone skin.

~ Cleansers ~
First and foremost, you have to get a cleanser that is very well suited for your skin type. A childhood friend of mine have been suffering from acne for most of her life - face and body! And the last time I saw her, there wasn't a pimple on her face and she was glowing! So, I asked her what she used. She told me that she read in a magazine that "when you have acne, it's better to use a Foam Cleanser rather than a gel-based one" (hehe...I hope she read this =D)
She then started using Pond's Flawless White Facial Foam, and it made all the difference.
Other cleansers you can use......

Cetaphil when pimples are at their peak and hurt. You gotta have one with salicylic acid like Clean & Clear cleansers for acne.


March Favorites ~ Make-up, Perfume, Haircare, Skincare

♥ Make-up ♥

Koi Make-up Palette

I got this palette a while back but never really used it. I was too busy obsessing over my 120 palette. But recently I've been reaching for it most of the time because the eyeshadow colors are so bright and shimmery, so summer. The quality of the eyeshadows is pretty good too, considering it's an unknown Asian brand. This palette comes with blushers, a tiny mascara and lippies too, but I've never really used them.

Bourjois Hi-Tech Lip Tint in #83 Rose Virtuel

I just love the Bourjois Hi-tech Lip tints, especially the packaging. I had this in Rose Pixel too, but my friend liked it a lot and wanted it so I gave it to her. But Rose Virtuel was always my favorite of the two because it's more pink and a bit more subtle than Rose Pixel, which is more red.

♥ Perfume ♥

YSL Paris Premieres Roses

Since the teaser trailer of Sex and the City movie sequel came out, I've been feeling very impatient. This perfume reminds me of the last two episodes of the series which were shot in Paris. It smells very fruity-floral and girly. Very "Paris" =). I think I will be wearing it till the movie releases in May. Can't wait!

♥ Haircare ♥

Forest Essentials Virgin Coconut Oil

This is cold pressed, organic, nutrient rich and unrefined virgin coconut oil. I love to massage this on my hair before shampooing. My hair does feel softer. Sometimes use it on my body too, especially on my feet.
Price ~ Rs.325 for 200 ml.

♥ Skincare ♥

Body Shop Vitamin C Time release Capsules

As you can see there are only two left =). I love these. They make my skin feel so smooth and I really like the citrusy smell . I use one capsule right after cleansing before bedtime and use nothing else on top of it.

INATURE Herbals Sandal Face Pack

I found this mask in the supermarket. Never heard about this brand before, but I thought the ingredients sound nice. It contains Chandan (Indian Sandal) - Helps to remove dead cells, Kesar(Saffron)- Helps to enhance complexion, Turmeric -for blemish free fair skin. Daily use is recommended. What I don't like about it is that it stings my eyes while I apply it. Really really stings! Red eyes, tears rolling! So i'm not sure if I'll buy it again. But when I'd just started using this, one morning I saw that my skin looked like satin especially my forehead. That happened once! That's why I still like to use it hoping my skin will look like that again.
Price~ Rs.120 only.

Body Shop Pomegranate Body Polish

I like this so much better than the Strawberry Body Polish. I use this 2-3 times a week with the Body Shop Bath Gloves below....

Body Shop Bathing Gloves

I wonder why I have didn't buy these sooner. I think you have more control lathering and scrubbing with these and they could be a substitute for a weekly body scrub.

Rafael Salgado Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Would you look at how cute that bottle is! I love using this to massage my face and body. I've used it to remove my make-up too and it takes off everything, but I still have to wash it off with a cleanser, unlike a cleansing oil. I got this at the supermarket ~ Rs.250 for 250 ml.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

First of all, I just love love love how this smells! And second, it does make my skin feel very clean and fresh. I've always wanted to try this but I had only seen it in the big bottle, so I always hesitated to get it. When i saw this smaller 50 ml bottle for Rs.80, I hesitated no more. 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


DISPRIN (India's Aspirin) FACE MASK

For the last 5 days I've been getting these little zits which really annoyed me, so I decided to use a Disprin (Aspirin) face mask since everybody has been talking about how good it is for the skin. It's known to be really good for acne, reduces inflammation and redness. This is because it contains salicylic acid, also known as beta hydroxy acid. BHA is used in acne and anti-aging products. According to one research, regular intake of Aspirin reduces sun spots which are precursors to skin cancer. So maybe it can do the same from the outside too?
I used Disprin Soluble Analgesic (above) with aloe vera juice (Guardian)
Let me tell you, I was amazed by how much it reduced or more like "flattened" my zits and my face felt really smooth. Will definitely use it again.
It is best to use this mask in the evening or night time because it can sensitize the skin  making it more susceptible to sun damage unless you're staying in during the day. Always use sunscreen after you use this mask. While using this, it felt almost like when I was using the L'oreal microdermbrasion a while back.

How to:
  • Put 3 Disprin tablets in a small bowl.
  • Pour about a teaspoon of aloe vera juice on top of the tablets. You can also use honey, green tea or  just plain water.
  • Wait for the tablets to soften. Fill this time by washing your face using your usual cleanser and dry your face.
  • The tablets would have soften by this time. Press them with your fingers and mix well.
  • Apply  using your fingers on whole face leaving eye area, the 2 corners on the sides of your nostrils (this is a sensitive area) and your mouth.
  • After applying, leave for no more than 15 minute. 
  • Wet your whole face with fingers to ease any tightness (be careful not to get it in your eyes.) Then massage very gently like you do when using a scrub but don't overdo it.    
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Apply a moisturizer with SPF and use sunscreen in the days to come.
Personally, I would use this mask only occasionally. For those with acne no more than twice a week.

DBA ^_^