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Makeup For Shoe & Bow Addicts


Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Bronzer

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Glossy Stain

Physicians Formula's new products all look very tempting. Fabulous designs & packaging! This is surely one drugstore brand to look out for.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


LOTD/OOTD: I Haven't Gone Shopping For 34 Days (and counting)

My shopping ban started last month when I decided to save for MAC Archies Girls Collection. I thought it would launch around Valentine's Day, but no. It did launch only online exclusively at Selfridges, but I want the thrill of buying them in stores. Touch all the products... swatch them.... die a little inside when something nice is too pricey.
Hence, shopping ban stretched further than expected.

Yes, I've bought hair & skin care products, but they don't count coz they're everyday necessities, and I got them at a supermarket with groceries.
I also bought shoes from Ebay. Those don't count either, because....because they don't count!
23rd Feb, Saturday: I planned to go only to Primark & Superdrug - I'll feed the hungry beast some small snacks before the meal, like a pair of earrings & 1 lipstick, I thought. BUT it snowed heavily. Plan cancelled.
24th Feb, Sunday: Fever & tonsils attack. I could hardly move from the couch. That's a message from the angrier beast.
So.... shopping plan moved to 1st March...... until.....
I called MAC store to ask about Archies Girls launch date, and they said 7th March
Now I have to wait till the 7th.
So altogether: No shopping for 42 DAYS! Beast, please! Try to understand!
Feeling Blue? Wear Yellow!
Sweater: Primark  |  Skirt: Nichii (Malaysian brand). It's the same skirt I wore in my birthday outfit post in 2011. I love it so much and have worn it so many times.  |  Inner Collared Black Shirt: Penny Lane  |  Tights: Primark Super Cosy Tights with fleece inside...LOVE! |  Earrings: Aldo Husselbee. Shown here  |  Bow Sunglasses: Ebay. Shown here.  


Favorite Makeup & Hair Oscars 2013

I have not watched the Oscars yet, and I won't coz I don't watch TV anymore (I mean cable), but seeing the hair & makeup always excite me- the good ones only.

This year, only 2 looks held my attention.....

Best Hairstyle ~ Maria Menounos. I just love love love this hairstyle. If I didn't have such a large forehead, I'd style mine like that all the time! How cute is the hairband with only a section of hair?! I never knew this person until now.

Best Makeup ~ Adele. She always looks gorgeous! Lipstick she's wearing looks very similar to Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick My Mahogany

Which Oscar '13 look was your favorite?

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Trailer Of My New Makeup Video

I know, right? So dramatic I am. "Trailer" and all....haha! Nah.... actually, this is video editing practice and for me to see what mistakes (many many, I'm sure) I might have made in this one before I edit the final video. You know I've found video editing such a challenge before.
But ya, all my videos will always have trailers from now onwards. One thing I absolutely LOVE to do on Saturday evenings is watching trailers. I could watch them for 30-60 minutes straight when I'm looking for a good movie (read: horror/thriller) for the night. So, I thought... why not make my own trailers too?! Indulge my inner storyteller & director (Gosh, I hope you know I'm kidding.)

Hope you liked my amateurish Trailer & you're excited to watch the whole blockbuster! =D
Videos will be more regular this year. It has been one of my new year's resolutions for over a year! To tell you the truth, regular blogging was boring me a little bit....I don't know.... I guess I just needed a change...something new. You know, Gemini (and a little bit of Taurus) mentality.
Thanks to everyone who still subscribed to my channel even though there was only one video.

Cheers to new beginnings.....

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Testing ~ New Skin & Hair Care Products

  • Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner ~ With Nutri-Oils & Argan Oil. Great for dry and damaged hair.
  • Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner, £1.59/ Rs.132 ~ This is a stronger version of the conditioner. The conditioner is a mixture of gold & white stripe.
  • Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream, £6/Rs.500 ~ "Reduces spot size & redness in just 4 hours" is a lie.
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, £11.05/Rs.918 ~ So very excited to try this one. I've got more pimples =[
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar  Astringent Lotion Micro-Exfoliant, £9.35/Rs.776 ~ Hope this will complement Effaclar Duo.
  • L'Oreal Triple Active Re-Nourish Velvety Toner for Dry & Sensitive Skin ~ Not sure if this causes my combination skin to break out. I'm not willing to give up on it yet. It's pink!
  • VO5 Plump It Up Volumising Spritz, £3.49/Rs.290 ~ Okay-ish plumpy.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo in Lace, £2.99/Rs.250 ~ Fab packaging & smells like a girly perfume.

Sorry, I have forgotten some of the prices.
For UK readers, La Roche-Posay products I purchased online from Escentual, where they're cheapest. Delivered in 2 days.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


MAC Modesty Lipstick Review, Swatches & Dupe

Last year, I went into MAC to get a backup for Patisserie, but I got Modesty instead, because they looked similar. I'm so glad I did, coz I got to try another awesome nude lippie. I'm so into nude lipsticks at the moment.... I just want them all!
MAC Modesty is a Cremesheen lipstick that is described as a Muted Neutral Pink. It's opaque, creamy and never dries out my lips. I've always been a fan of Cremesheen finish, coz it's so low maintenance and doesn't leave your lips easily- even after eating & drinking. Many people say they smell nice, but I don't smell anything...only a faint beeswax-kind-of smell.
Price ~ Rs.990
My Rating ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5/5


Sleek Oh So Special Palette Review & Swatches

For a long time after I got Sleek Oh So Special, I tried to put a finger on something that's not right about it. I stared at it....and pondered... but I couldn't figure it out. I put my photo alongside another photo from Google, then I saw it! The eyeshadows do not have the waffle design. Sheesh! I used to like that. I guess it's only done on limited edition palettes?
I'll let the pictures & swatches do most of the talking here. I'll just say that I love almost everything about this palette. I highly recommend it! There are festive shimmery shades, and there are everyday matte shades. If I had to pick one inexpensive/drugstore eyeshadow palette to gift to a friend, this is it. Cute shade names like Bow, Ribbon, Gift Basket & Celebrate make it all the more gift-worthy.


Black Platform Mary Janes ~ Ebay Shoe Shopping Experience

Shoe shopping is a wild goose chase for me- most of the time. I was so frustrated that one night I decided to go hunting for size 2 shoes on Ebay. I found these and ordered them within minutes. I planned to wear them with my Valentine's Night Outfit, but they didn't reach on time.
There's nothing quite like the thrill of going into a store and trying on shoes. For me, extra the thrill when the shoes actually fit. But if you've been to all the stores, and you can't find anything.... China is the answer. So risky, but worth a try.

February Empties ~ 16 Beauty Products I've Used Up!

Hola! This is my first Empties blog post. I gathered up all the products I've used up and a few that will be empty within a week. Some- because I love them so much. The rest- because they're not bad.

  • Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo ~ LOVED! Basically, you just spray the white powdery thing on your roots, and your unwashed hair will go from greasy to bouncy & voluminous! I can't tell you how many times this saved my hair from looking like Marilyn Manson's (Tell me, how does this scary-looking man snag all the hot chicks???) I'm getting Lace and Blush next.
  • VO5 Give Me Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner ~ It took trying out a few other shampoos & conditioners for me realize these were awesome. They made my hair really silky, especially the conditioner. Definitely using them again.
  • Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner ~ This was a free sample with a magazine, but I really liked how the pink + white stuff smelled. Will probably buy a full size version someday.


Date Night Outfit & Cute Surprises

After Valentine's Day, all the muscles in my body ached. No, no, it's not that! I was just so exhausted from doing so many things that day, and it's just been a stressful week. I almost didn't click these pics coz I don't like indoor night time photos (esp when not clicked by myself), but I asked an equally tired Mr.CZ to quickly click a few. I must have forgotten to turn on the flash. We are a very stressed out couple, that's why date nights once in a while are much- needed. 
We had a good time that night. Italian food & wine at Prima, then we went club hopping.... danced a lot.....reached home after 3 am. I couldn't walk in those shoes anymore!


Valentine's Day.....

Happy Valentine's Day, Everybody!
In this pic are mostly the makeup products I'll be wearing today:
Eyes: Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette, Eylure Naturalites Lashes #101
Cheeks:  Lakmé Absolute Chromatic Baked Blush in Day Blushes. Review here
Lips: MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. Review here
Nails: Colorbar Bloody Mary.Swatch here 
Perfume: Marc Jacobs DOT. Review here 

As for the outfit, I'll wear the River Island black lace dress with Primark faux fur coat or Forever New peach trench. I don't know, let's see later.
I'm not ashamed to say I am obsessed with a Justin Bieber song..... 


If you reached this point, there's nothing like you =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Which Dress For Valentine's Day?

It began snowing again here, so anything sexy we wear on love day will be smothered with a boring coat we've worn a hundred times before =\

Still, we have to pick a nice dress and hope it'll be warm enough at the rendezvous venue so we can show it off. Below are my dress options:

River Island Wrap Back Lace Dress With Belt

Lipsy Ripple Bodycon Dress


L'Oreal Excellence Creme Goes PINK!

I've used L'Oreal Excellence Creme many many times, but this is the first time I'm seeing pink. So loverly.
I got it a couple weeks back, and have not had a chance use it yet. It's gonna be done before V-Day.
Shade: Natural Ash Blonde 8.1 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*

How I Conceal Pimples ~ Pictorial

I hate pimples. I hate them. I never had them during my teens, but now it's every frickin' month! Adult acne, or just the side effects of being a beauty blogger who tries out almost everything? I believe it's the latter.
Possible Culprits:
  • My new toner ~ L'Oreal Re-nourish Velvety Toner
  • Wearing Garnier BB Cream & Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation together.
  • Another reason I will share with you in another post.


NEW! Bourjois Fan-Tastic Volume Mascara ~ WOW!

They've done pink, now they're doing lavender. They've done curvy, now it's time for angular. That's Bourjois' mascara packaging for you. Doesn't that brush look like a hair brush? We're hoping it really will give us FAN-TASTIC lashes.

For now, we just know the mascara formula has silk extracts & the unique brush design will help fan out lashes. 
That's enough info, coz we're already sold!!!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*

Something 'Cheeky' For Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! Even when I was younger & single and didn't have someone to celebrate it with, I didn't hate it. In fact, I'd still plan an outfit for the day, and if I weren't so broke, I would have bought myself a lot of gifts too. For me, and I'm sure for many other people, it means so much more than just a mushy mushy day for lovers. I like that I get to see & indulge in a whole lot of cuteness....PINKS....HEARTS.....STUFFED TOYS.....
I got myself these Primark Love To Lounge Cheeky fleece Pyjamas that are so warm & cosy

Yes, this is a random post about a pair of pyjamas (and socks!), but don't miss my point.
You don't need a lover to spoil & love you on Valentine's Day. Do it yourself! Buy or make yourself something cute & lovable. Get yourself flowers, bake pink cupcakes, go shoe something nice for yourself.
If I were single:
First I'd go shopping....then I'd go for drinks with friends.....then I'd come home.... wear this set of pyjamas.... watch The Devil Wears Prada while eating a heart-shaped pastry that I got while shopping.... and smile at a single pink rose that I got for myself the day before.
Happy Valentine's Week! =) 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Veronica Lodge Inspired Makeup Look

I'm sure you've known me forever, but I'll  introduce myself anyway. My name is Veronica Lodge. Daddy named me after Veronica Lake. Now MAC Cosmetics has named a makeup collection, Archies Girls, after me & my best friend Betty.
I love to shop. I love shoes. Ah, shoes! You can never have too many shoes! 


MAC Impassioned ~ Lipstick Of The Month!

When you're browsing the MAC website, is there a particular swatch from the wall of lipstick swatches that you always end up clicking?
For me, it has a-l-w-a-y-s been Impassioned. I think I've clicked on it, like, 30 times. So in September last year, before leaving New Delhi, I decided to get it & try out the attractive thing. But I didn't start using it until December! Now I'm wearing it at least twice a week. Mostly because all the warm clothes I have to wear in this weather are black, and I just want to brighten up something. 


EOTD: A Touch Of Rose Gold

I used Product Of The Week: Sleek Oh So Special Palette. 
  • Celebrate on outer half of lid & outer half of lower lash line
  • Ribbon & Organza on inner half of lid
  • The Mail in the crease & to blend edges
  • Gateau on inner tear duct area
  • Gift Basket on inner half of lower lash line
  • Noir to line lash line & outer half of lower lash line
  • Bow on brow bone.
  • Boxed to fill in eyebrows
  • Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal to tightline & on waterline.
  • Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara on top & lower lashes 

Tip: If you don't have a rose gold eyeshadow, just mix a peachy-pink eyeshadow or blush with a gold eyeshadow.
Try Mixing: Lakmé  Chromatic Baked Blush in Day Blushes (photos here) & Maybelline Color Tattoo On And On Bronze (photos here) & a lil' bit of gold eyeshadow. You could also add a gold-ivory like Inglot Eyeshadow #30 shine (photos here).

Have a good week!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


LOTD ~ Big Hair With Babyliss Volume Waves Tong

Do you have a dream hairstyle? One that you have always imagined yourself with, but have never been able to achieve it? Sometimes you're sooo close to it, then *BAM!* the stupid hairstylist trimmed it too much or burned part of it during rebonding; OR you ruined it yourself by doing something equally stupid- like, streaking with Fem Bleach or spontaneously giving yourself a "razor cut" with some puraana blunt scissors and you ended up with high-low hair (one side shorter than the other). And then it's only just a dream, again.
My dream hairstyle is a longer (on the sides), pouffier (at the roots), shinier, evenly colored (dark roots make them look flatter) version of what I have here. Dreamy, romantic, cascading cashmere between his fingertips.....yeah yeah.
But a dream hairstyle is like everything else in life. If you want it, you have to make an effort and get it yourself!
So.... I got myself a curling iron. I've always wanted one! I had a hard time trying to decide between Babyliss Volume Waves Tong & TRESemme Salon Professional Volume Curls Tong . In the end, I went with my gut. By that, I mean I went with the more established hair styling tools brand.
Barrel Size- 38mm (1 and 1/2 half inch)
Plates- Nano Titanium Ceramic 
Heat Settings- 155°, 170°,185°, 200° C.
This was just a trial, and my 1st time using it. I will come back let you know if it makes me happy, how to use it, products etc, another time. But first impression was quite good, considering I didn't really make an effort. The curls started to flatten at night, but the waves & volume were still there the next day.


CUTEST Hand Creams!

An Ebay seller I got the Etude House Princess Etoinette products from sent me a card of her online store, and first things I saw were these hand creams that are so.... oh my bows, I can't even..... dizziness by cuteness!
Etude House Missing U 'Bee Happy' Hand Creams ~ How painfully cute are these?!!! They come in 4 types:
  • Pink - Queen Bee
  • Yellow-  Honey Bee
  • Green -  Baby Bee [that honey baby bottle is just too funny!]
  • Red - Ladybug