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Neutrogena Fine Fairness Serum ~ Does It Work?

This  light-weight, easy-to-absorb intensive treatment can visibly lighten skin tone as it refines skin texture.
Contains Neutrogena HealthyWhite Complex that helps inhibit melanin production and high purity retinol to enhance cell regeneration, stimulate collagen and refine skin. Anti-oxidants to help neutralize effects of free radical damage and help prevent melanin production. Clinically proven to improve skin tone and clarity, see visible results in just 4 weeks. 

How to use:
Use 1-2 times a day after cleansing. Lightly massage in to boost penetration.

It is light-weight and easy-to-absorb. It disappears into my skin very quickly. It smells really nice- almost floral, almost citrusy. Hard to describe.

I think this serum is the reason why my pimples couldn't leave dark scars behind. I noticed that my dark spots are a tad lighter. A tad.

My skin stings mildly right after I apply it on my face, which means it is doing something. I guess it's because of Retinol, which is known to sting & irritate the skin. But the stinging doesn't last long. It also makes my face feel very dry and tight (without any flakiness), so I do need another moisturizer on top

I use it mostly as a spot treatment-only on my dark spots and patches, and not all over my face, mainly because the bottle is so small that I feel I should use the serum just where I need it, but also because I don't want Retinol on my whole face all the time. When I do apply it all over my face, it doesn't brighten my complexion or even make it look remotely hydrated. In fact, my skin looks like it has nothing at all.

I like that the serum is yellowish in color which, for me, means it really is meant for dark spots, like a yellow-based concealer.

This stuff works people, but not overnight. That bottle is already finished, and I'm still expecting more results from it, so I'm gonna have to get a new one.

Caution ~ Retinol might irritate sensitive skin. It also increases sun sensitivity, so if you don't protect your skin from the sun, you might end up with more sun damage. Make sure you apply a good sunblock of at least SPF 30  before you step out of the house when you use this.

Price ~ I bought this 30g bottle in Malaysian Ringgit. I think it came to around Rs.700.

Availability ~ Neutrogena Fine Fairness Essence is available in India, and I don't know if it's exactly the same as this serum, but I read that it also has Retinol & Vitamin C. I'll go test it out sometime and let you know.

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. ohh..wud wait to know if d essence is d same..dis sounds nice..

  2. hey nice review. the serum n essence are one and the same.
    howz the ponds gold serum and lotus serum working for you............
    you have reviewed more than one serum...i wonder how you use them? like do you mix and match?
    i use thinking of buying gold serum from ponds...but then there are so many serums coming up that i am confused....
    please suggest?
    basically i am looking for some glow and lighten few marks...............
    my skin is oily,acne prone!

  3. Sounds like a nice product to try for spot treatments xoxo

  4. i just thought I'd say I'm so glad you love MAC Painterly Paint pot. My favorite <3

  5. sounds nice. wish the bottle had a was a little bigger!

  6. aoyv- it's pretty nice

    HOF- ya me too

    flamante- actually this was over before I started using the Lotus serum. Gold serum I use only at night. Basically, I alternate between products every week. Pond's Gold serum is pretty good, so u can give it a try. Review of Lotus serum coming shortly, and I will explain some points there


  7. thanks cynthia ..i will surely try that out and waiting for your review on louts serum!!!
    take care!


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