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Late Baby CZ

That's right, still no Baby CZ!

It's about 6 days late (8th Oct was the EDD), so it has to be induced today, especially since it's estimated weight has crossed 3.5 kg. Doctor said can't wait, coz then it'll be difficult if it gets bigger.

They've done a membrane sweep this morning, and I'll be checking into the hospital in the afternoon for further induction. So birth will probably happen tomorrow, the 14th October.

Thank You to all who've sent me emails & messages wanting an update. It means a lot to me <3

 Will post on my Instagram & Facebook Page once Baby CZ arrives. 

We will finally know - BOY or GIRL...phew! =D

Talk again soon!


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Friendship & Macarons

Hey, Everyone! Just wanted to wish you all a very happy Friendship Day! Hope you are having a fun-filled day  =)

Vanilla, Raspberry, Lemon, Rose, Pistachio

Macarons are from L'OPÉRA, Select City Walk, New Delhi. 

Love this Parisian style patisserie. So glad the macarons taste really good too!

Thank You for reading. Talk again soon! <3


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Date Night

Firstly, this post was supposed to be up a week ago! Days seem to fly by so fast, I can't even.

Secondly, please excuse the blurry night time pics.

We'd gone out for dinner after over a month! I had a hard time picking what to wear, since everything's too tight now that I'm on my 3rd trimester. So I just went with this hi-lo dress, which came with a belt that's too small now =D

Dress ~ Jane Norman
Bag ~ Voir (Malaysian brand)
Shoes ~ Stelatoes. Shown here

Had dinner at Punjab Grill

Lemonade ~ If you're familiar with Kala Khatta or Chuski, a street ice popsicle that's popular in India, it tastes a little bit like it. I really enjoyed it, coz I'd been craving that Chuski!

Punjab Grill makes the best lamb chops! Also had Mutton Saag (mutton in spinach gravy), which was also nice.

Good Night/Day All! <3

Will be posting regularly here this week, coz I'll be leaving for a mini vacation soon! =)

Thank You for reading & hope life's good.


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Birthday Pics & Haul

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday! I don't usually blog on Sundays, but this post was supposed to be up on Friday! I don't know what happened. Thursday the 22nd was my birthday, and this is the outfit I did not wear....haha....only because it was a lil' too formal for shopping. In addition to that, it felt too tight around the waist part! You may not see the baby bump here, but boy I couldn't breathe! I wasn't feeling that great to be clicking a OOTD, but I wanted to click some pics with Mr.CZ, so I decided to quickly click a few singles.

Dress:Forever New
Belt: Jane Norman
Shoes: ZARA (shown properly here)
Bag: Floozie
Watch: Fossil
Nails: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nails PK109 (shown here)

I didn't have time to click pics of my final outfit, but below is an Instagram pic in the car....

Skirt: Topshop (worn here) I wore it with a Lipsy top. After dinner, they also felt too tight! I had to unzip my skirt while sitting in the car =D
Bag: Warehouse
Shoes: Vincci slip-ons with kitten heels (shown in video below)

My birthday cake. I was dying to have pineapple cake. People say you're not supposed to have pineapple when you're pregnant, but my Doc said it's fine to eat after the 1st Trimester.

Yes, I made a special wish ;)

I got some pink carnations & coral roses (I asked for 6 roses, but seller mistakenly packed 5). They dried up in 2 days, because of this hot weather (or maybe I didn't cut the stems right?), and now I don't feel like buying fresh flowers anymore! =\

Had dinner at Nandos in Cyber Hub. I had 1/4 Chicken (Extra Hot) with Spicy Rice, Portuguese Salad & Tea (yup, no wonder I had to unzip my skirt!) Mr.CZ had a burger.

After that, we went to Hard Rock Cafe. Loved the music there & I had one big glass of Virgin Bloody Mary. Here's an Instagram video I posted that day....



Forever New Kyla Ponte & Lace Yoke Dress
Zara Dress With Slit Shoulders Yellow
Forever New Joselyn Lace Yoke Applique Shirt
Zara Draped Skirt
Forever New Corrine Chain Jewelled Belt
Forever New Pure Bow Hair Clip

So...ya, my clothes are too tight, and high heels aren't comfortable for long anymore.
It is going to be a magical time! =D

Thank You for reading all, talk again soon!


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Now Reading (Without Jimmy Choo).....

The book that inspired my Lipstick Ban (no more lipstick shopping all year) I talked about on my beauty blog HERE. Need I say more about it's efficacy? ;)
Shoo, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More.

By: Catey Hill
Money Editor of and Recovering Shoe Addict.


Unboxing Mail....

Like A Boss.

Have you met my Nici Lion? Mr.CZ gifted him to me years ago, and now he lives in my room. He looks so relaxed & lazy with his wobbly legs when I lay him on the rug, that he reminds me of myself these days =D

Today, I sat with him & we unboxed some goodies that came in the mail.

The Body Shop Strawberry Range ~ Body Butter, Shower Gel & Body Mist.

Maybelline Colossal Box ~ A cute 3-tier box with some Colossal products.

Blonde Wig & Weaving Cap from Ebay ~ Waited weeks for this!

Have A Good Day, Everyone! =)

Thank You for reading & talk again soon.


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OOTD & Baby CZ Sonogram Pics

QUICK! Think of a number from 10 to 19.

Don't scroll down until you've thought of the number first!

We'll call it "Intuition Test"

Number in mind? Okay, now you can continue reading....

I had not seen this Mango dress for a long time, coz I'd left it in India when we moved to UK. You must have seen it on IVC (here). So I felt like wearing it for the 2nd time. I know, we need pastel yellow shoes too =D

And here are some sonogram pics of Baby CZ.....

First pic ~ Very first sonogram, when it looked like a diamond ring. Posted here
Second & Third pic ~ From Down's Syndrome Test. Everything was fine. That's it's hand, not a snorkel.
Last pic ~ Baby CZ waving. I know it's a graphic photo, but it was cute when it happened =)

It may look big, but it's only about 7cm.

Okay, hope you have a number in mind.

The due date is......

13th October!

After the first ultrasound, they put 8th October as the due date, but of course they said it'll be confirmed only after the 2nd ultrasound.

So, tell me, what number did you think of??? =)

Thank You for reading & will see you again soon!

Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow.


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Me Time

Slice is the only juice I like. Fox's are the only candies I like. I've never had a sweet tooth, but now my body (or Baby CZ) seems to be craving sugar. Any headache or dizziness I have doesn't go away until I've swallowed something sweet!

I am really liking these Orris Nail Polish Remover pads in Red Fruit flavor. They are also available in 2-3 other flavors (or fragrance? I don't know.) I picked it up from a local supermarket.

Nail polishes are Ciaté Paint Pot in Pocket Money & Maybelline Color Show Brocades in Knitted Gold.
Now reading The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith or J.K. Rowling. I've still got a long long way to go, coz I doze off as soon as my head hits the pillow these days.
Thanks to Lovlyn.V, who mentioned this book in this post . I checked it out after reading the comment and I couldn't wait to read it!

Thanks for reading & talk again very soon. 

Hopefully things around here will get more exciting from next week! =)


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The Diamond Ring That Is My Baby

Hi, everyone! Just a quick follow-up on my previous post (here), for those of you who haven't read the news (here) on my beauty blog yet.
It was Positive+ . Twice. But I still couldn't believe it, until I'd gone for my first scan, and I heard its heartbeat. Gosh, it's so weird that a thing that tiny has a heartbeat!

 Just imagine, we all looked just like that once upon a time =)

Okies, I will talk to you again soon. 

As for the apartment hunting, we are signing papers tomorrow. Hopefully, moving in day will be soon. I can't wait any longer! Have been living out of my suitcases for almost 2 months now. I gots to go!

Thank You for reading & have a good week.


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Apartment Hunting

What  we want:

  • It has to be brand new (more contemporary)
  • 3-4 bedrooms.
  • It has to be bright with floor-length windows. One occupant is always with camera =D
  • It has to have a cute kitchen. Preferably white.
  • It has to have a jacuzzi or tub in at least 1 of the bathrooms.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • Wooden flooring in bedrooms, at least.
  • Balconies have to be spacious.

Below are pics of what we've seen so far. The first 4 are brand new apartments. All have servant rooms with attached bathroom.

APARTMENTS 1: These are 2 similar apartments in the same vicinity only different blocks

1st Apartment
I didn't click many pics of this one, coz I wasn't sure if it was allowed at first, and there were too many people near me most of the time, including the owner. But you can get an idea from pics of other ditto apartment below
All bedroom have big doors like that. Balconies that big in ALL the rooms! Lots of cupboards.

Opposite the master bathroom: Huge closet with double sliding doors. They were fixing that wall, that's why it looks like a big wolf.

2nd Apartment
Now the next pics are of the other ditto apartment.....
 Entrance: On the right, near the front door, is a powder room &
a bedroom

Living & dining room: That's one of our property agents, white coat and all he's wearing =D

Kitchen: Similar to APARTMENT 2, but the layout is different
See in 1st pic, those long drawers are on the right side.
Basically, I LOVE white kitchens! I prefer them to dark wood types.


Another Bedroom

And for the USP of both the above apartments.....

HUGE balconies! This is one, there's another one just like it near the kitchen on the opposite side! Exactly what we wanted. Light all over the house. All the other balconies look like cages!

APARTMENT 2 "Penthouse"
Entrance: What's that supposed to be? Those panels.To place vases and plants? I have no idea.
Next to it is a powder room.

Why they call it a "Penthouse"? Because those stairs lead to a terrace....
Unless we're planning to maybe try growing some things up there, we're not interested =D

All windows are made like that, bedrooms & living room.

Kitchen is quite dark

Other CONS: Outside, lobby, lifts are in horrible condition! Poorly maintained.


Living room. First turn off: the size of the window/balcony. Second turn off: those lights that change from blue to purple to pink =\
Included: Double door Fridge, Oven, Washing Machine, Dishwasher. 

All bedrooms come with these white closets


This one looked lived-in. Look at the floor there, some water seepage, or something.

Bathrooms are in terrible condition

So are the balconies

That's it for now. We're liking the 1st of the APARTMENTS 1, so far. We were hoping for a higher floor, but there's nothing on the market right now, bummer. So we are basically set on that one. Also very tired of seeing more, and travelling in the car back and forth for 2 hours every time. #DelhiToGurgaon
We saw 2 apartments today, including one which is considered the most "Posh", but the apartment was very similar to APARTMENT 3, but just a little bigger. It also had the same white cupboards, only bigger. But again, the balconies are small and squarish like cages. It's our Option 2 at the moment, but I hope it won't come to that.

Okies, will post an update when things are finalized. How did you find my favorite with the white kitchen & huge balconies? I'm already googling White Fridge (with floral design maybe) MATCHING! =D


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