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Charles & Keith Heels ~ Total Steal!

Happy Sunday, all! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday. Me, I went out shopping with my boys for a few hours.

I just realized this is CZloves' very first blog post of 2015. I don't know where January went!

I got these Charles & Keith Tri-Colour Ankle Strap Heels on SALE in November or December last year, and thought I'd share, because I see they're still available online for those interested.

I just LOVE the design - very out-of-the-box!


Now Reading (Without Jimmy Choo).....

The book that inspired my Lipstick Ban (no more lipstick shopping all year) I talked about on my beauty blog HERE. Need I say more about it's efficacy? ;)
Shoo, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More.

By: Catey Hill
Money Editor of and Recovering Shoe Addict.


His & Hers Lace Up Shoes

Just some fun clicking time with our new shoes. Did I tell you I like shopping for men's shoes too? =D

His: Skechers.

Hers: New Look. Will wear them in an outfit post someday.

New furniture in pics - coffee table & tv station. Can't wait for decor posts! Nope, we haven't got the apartment yet, but we're getting close =)

Thank You for reading & I will talk to you again soon!


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Now Reading.....

Bared To You by Sylvia Day

What a coincidence that it has high heels on the cover! ;)

So far, I'm liking the writing way better than Fifty Shades

What Are YOU reading? 


Happy Weekend! =)


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Over The Knee Boots

Hi everyone, welcome to my first shoe post on my new blog!
I've always been a fan of over-the-knee socks (Since 2009, Britney Spears, hit me baby one more time!), so I couldn't help falling for Over The Knee or Thigh High Boots when I saw they've made a comeback. These were Limited Edition, and the last pair in my size.
Long story short: I saw and tried a pair, they looked a lil' dusty (you know how exposed suede gets), I decided to order online, only big sizes sold online, I went back to store, couldn't see my size, asked SA, she said they're sold out, I thought about the dusty pair fondly, I went back to the where the boots were hung to put back the big size I was holding, I decided to check one last time, I sat on my ankles & lifted up one boot at a time, then there they were between 6 and 7! The same dusty ones, but this time, they didn't look so dusty anymore. =)
My favorite kind of thigh high boots (and knee-high boots, for that matter) are the ones that cling to legs almost like socks. My preferred material is suede, but I wouldn't be opposed to soft plushy leather either. I would probably stay away from patent leather.... I didn't really admire them in Pretty Woman either, although I LOVE the movie & Julia Roberts' in it.
Super windy day, so my hair literally attacked my face from all angles! Bye bye curls.