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Found THE Boots & 50% Off Shoes.....

New Look Grey Cross Over Double Ankle Strap Heels ~ In August, I almost bought these instead of the other pair I showed here. I wore each style on each foot ( I saying this correctly? Sorry, I can't think when in a rush!), and I asked 3 student girls which looked better, they unanimously said these. I went another day, and bought the other ones, of course. These were full price then. Now I got them for about 50% off  (56% to be precise) *grins*  Price ~ £22.99  £10.00 | Rs.1022.
New Look Black Buckle Wedge High Rise Boots ~ FINALLY! Got the wedge boots I've been saying I wanted for over a year. You know, the only comfy black boots I lived in last winter are all scuffed up from the front revealing the white cushion underneath and....and...the heels no longer has the rubbers, so you can see the silver metal. So much noise they made when I walked (on wooden floors, especially), it's embarrassing! Yup, they'll go in the...gawd, I can't even say it. Okay, bin. Price: £34.99 | Rs.3575 (Sadly, can't wait for sale with these, coz I need them NOW...hehe)
3 reasons these are ideal: Wedge heels, buckles are gunmetal (not gold or silver), there's a slit on the side so they won't feel so tight when I tuck in something thicker.


My Review In Cosmopolitan Magazine ~ Lakmé CC Cream

As I've mentioned here, I'm part of Cosmo Beauty Panel, a group of 17 people who'll be reviewing the newest products that hit shelves for Cosmopolitan India. One of my first set of reviews was featured in last month's (October) issue, and it's of India's first CC Cream - Lakmé CC Cream.
About  Lakmé CC Cream: A complexion care cream with SPF 20 that protects, moisturizes, brightens, evens tone, conceals & freshens.

Available in 2 shades- Beige & Bronze. I've been using Beige.
I said: "It evened out my skin tone, which has underlying hyperpigmentation (melasma), but wasn't thick enough to conceal spots. While it lasts all day, it requires a bit of powder in top so skin doesn't look oily."
Below are some swatches to complete my review.......


TOPSHOP Velvet Lips Swatches ~ Velveteen Ribbon, Plush

Have you ever wondered if there'll ever be a matte lipstick that would stay on your lips like wall paint? A lipstick that won't smear your coffee cup? A lipstick your long hair cannot stick to? A lipstick that won't land on your fingertips when you do flying kisses? {The last one when you pretend you won an Oscar, and the kisses are flying to James Cameron. Of course you won Best Actress in Titanic!}
Well, that lipstick is what I expected Topshop Velvet Lips to be....
 "Part of The Damned collection: a highly pigmented lip cream with a powdery soft, ultimate matte finish. Wear alone or with lip liner for a truly opaque, high colour finish." ~ Topshop.
These could be Lime Crime Velvetines, but not sure coz I have not tried those. 

Topshop Velvet Lips are available in 3 shades - the third being a black shades called Raven. Had I seen it when I first saw these, I probably would have picked it over the red.
Velveteen Ribbon ~ A true blue-based red. When layered, it looks darker on the edges and more vampy.
Plush ~ Purple with teeny tiny purpley shimmer mixed in. I failed to notice them the first few times I wore it, and when I did, I liked it a little bit more.


Photo Diary With Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes ~ Day 10-06

Hello, Color Show! These were launched not so long ago in India, and everybody is going ga-ga over them, because:
  • Their price tag is as rare as a celebrity without botox. At Rs.75 | $1 | £0.73 a bottle, I think they are flying off the shelves.
  • They're available in 40 shades. I saw some ladies buying ALL 40 shades at once! I'm guessing they thought: 'When in doubt, buy both all.'
  • Price & variety aside, we can agree it all comes down to quality. For me personally, these feel no different from the ones that cost more. They are creamy & glossy, and can look opaque with just 1 thick coat. All swatches here are 2 coats. Drying time is minimal too. I'm sure of this because I a-l-w-a-y-s see small scratches on my nail polish (usually from my long hair, I don't know how), but I did not see any on these, surprisingly. 
  • They don't chip for 5-6 days on my left hand nails. Right hand nails, well, the same with every other nail polish, maybe 3 days tops. I think the main culprit is the steam from cooking.

I've got 10 shades with me, but to avoid crowding one blog post & skimping on photos, I thought it's better to split the post up into 2 parts. I'm putting up Photo Diary Day 10-06 now, and will be posting Day 05-01 shortly.
From front to back (R-L): Lavender Lies, Blackcurrant Pop, Coral Craze, Bold Gold Fantasea Green, Shocking Seas, Pink Voltage. They will also appear in the same order below.
Day 10:  Lavender Lies #217 & Blackcurrant Pop #402
These are like sisters, so I had to wear them together. Lavender Lies is a lavender color (duh!), while Blackcurrant Pop is lighter and looks like a faded version of Lavender Lies. Two shades that could create a perfect ombre effect when sponged over one another. Don't you love the name Lavender Lies? {"Lavender lies! Not white, lavender lies!", Lily yelled at Rose angrily.}


The Countdown: My Last 1.5 Months In UK | Backup Favorites Shopping List

Ahoy! Can you believe we've reached this point? This blog post? Tickets back to India are already booked for early January. There's that bittersweet feeling again. I'm very happy to go back home, but I'll surely miss this place. Oh, boy! Now comes the saddest part about leaving dear UK. The shopping. No more Boots, Superdrug, New Look, H&M, PRIMARK! more easy access to all the new launches. So I'm stocking up on my favorite things, and I made a list. I don't know if I'll be able to take ALL of them, but here's hoping.....

Let's start from the back left corner:
  • False Eyelashes ~ It's damn hard to get quality falsies in India, so I'm getting LOTS. Mostly from Eylure, I think.
  • Blonde Hair Colors ~ Day before yesterday, I re-colored my hair with this Clairol Nice & Easy in 106 Natural Medium Ash Blonde, and I really like it. I'm getting a backup and maybe another one from L'Oreal too. *Light shades are hard to find in at-home hair colors in India.
  • Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ~ I've gone through a couple of these. They are always 2 for 1 pound in Superdrug, and I always end up picking them up on my way to the till. I rarely use them on my face, coz I prefer to wash it properly, but they come in really handy when I'm swatching makeup on my arms. But they are nice for the face too, the few times I've used it- removes waterproof mascara and everything, and moisturizes face at the same time. But they are heavy, so I may be able to take only one.
  • Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palettes ~ I love Sleek eyeshadows, so I want to pick at least 2 more palettes. Don't know which ones, though. Decisions, decisions!
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo ~ I have finished another tube, and I NEED more! I know it's available in India, but there's a good offer at Escentual right now, so I think I should pick a couple before I leave.
  • Rimmel Foundations/Concealer ~ I think I will get a Stay Matte Foundation for the hot Delhi summer; another shade of Wake Me Up Foundation; a backup of Wake Me Up Concealer (LOVE!)
  • Bourjois Color Boost Peach On The Beach ~ This is probably available in India, but I might get one with 3 for 2 offer at Boots. I really adore this shade. Swatched here
  • L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash ~ I hope these launch in India. I will get 2 more shades I really like, in case they don't!  Swatched here.
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer ~ Most long-lasting concealer! When it sets, it sets. But I just hate that the concealer oozes out and makes it messy every time I finish using it! My shade is Medium 03. I'm getting 5 backups!
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks ~ 1-2 shades more. I've swatched 06 & 107 here
  • Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara ~ This is a thicker version of The Falsies, which works better on my lashes than the original version (review here)
  • Topshop Cream Blush & maybe some other products ~  That is Head Over Heels....umm...and I carved a bow on it. No, I won't show you =D
  • Bio Oil ~ NEED this! My skin is stretching a lot these days, and sometimes itch like crazy! At first I thought my skin was heating up too much because of the radiators, but then I realized it's because I'm expanding...haha! I'm liking the fullness (meat), but we gots to keep the stretch marks away.


I'm A Pretty Pink Nail Polish. What's My Name?

"I pink your nails pretty,
Without making your purse hungry.
Oh, and look! I match CZ's favorite teacup!
If you can GUESS MY NAME,
I will ask a Pink Fairy to grant one of your wishes this Christmas....
Pinky Promise!"

C'mon, let's play! =)

I will reveal it's real name in a few days.

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How to Expand Bottom Lashes | Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream Shadow Swatches, EOTD


Have you ever seen my bottom lashes that thick and multiplied? NO. Most of the time, they just look drunk anorexic spider's legs. You can go check out the Makeup Tutorials Tab if you want to see them in all my eye pics.
I'll tell you how I made them look like that in a minute. First, let's talk about the new Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream To Powder Eyeshadow. The color I got is #04 Kaki Cheri, a khaki green shade with gold shimmer.
It is different from Maybelline Color Tattoo & MAC Paintpot. At the top of my head, it has a more spongy texture. I like it A LOT. It has a silky texture, is super easy to blend & never creases. It turns into a powder finish and lasts all day.


Too Many Cuties.....

TOO MANY! E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e I turn there's something cute....and pretty....and dreamy....and unaffordable.

Bourjois Glamour Perfumes ~ Good Gawd! I wouldn't know which one to choose! Chic, Lovely, Excessive, Fantasy....probably, Fantasy....maybe Excessive...Chic too....ahhhh.... leave me alone!
Benefit Lolli Tint ~ A lollipop pink lip & cheek tint, like the Benetint.


Balmi Raspberry Lip Balm


Let me try to explain the best thing about this lip balm shape:
Take a block of cheese, and shape it into a cone just like that. Place the tip of it between your top & bottom lip and drag it from center.... to left.... to right. You'll feel the cone touching every part of your lips all at once. That's what this Balmi Lip Balm did when it was still pointy. I loved it! Added feature is that key ring that you can use to attach your keys or charms, and maybe hang it on your handbag.
About: Balmi Lip Balm provides SPF 15 and UVA protection The Balmi Lip Balm has the perfect blend of ingredients to give your lips long lasting daily care and protection. Perfect for even sensitive skin. Our special blend of natural goodness contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to help leave your lips moisturised, soft and super smooth.


New In ~ Skincare, Haircare, Makeup

Last night, we heard a weird siren sound. We thought it's some annoying car alarm (but less annoying than the one in HIMYM - when Lily & Robin were waiting outside the bridal store.) Then we saw red/blue lights flickering through the curtains. I looked out, and saw more than 15 people gathering outside, some men in yellow helmets, and 2 noisy fire trucks right outside the building attached to our building.......


Outfit, LOTD ~ When I Was Minnie Mouse.....

  1. Do you adore polka dots?
  2. Do you like wearing cute hairbands & hats?
  3. Do you like long and fluttery eyelashes?
  4. Do you enjoy daydreaming?
  5. Do you like to cuddle?
  6. Do you sometimes giggle for no reason at all?
  7. Do you LOVE Bows?  

If you answered YES to 4 or more of those questions, you have an inner Minnie Mouse! Walt Disney would approve my personality quiz, yes.
I did answer YES to more than 4 *cough*, so when I had to think of an easy costume for Halloween, I decided to bring her out in the open. I managed to take some pics quickly while I was waiting for my cab =)


Haul: Makeup, Primark 'The Wonder Wrap'

You may be surprised with the photos today. I clicked them at night with flash. It starts getting dark at 4 pm here these days, I think I may have to do it often. So....I dropped in Boots & Primark today, and got a few things....
  • Maybelline Color Show Brocades Collection in Knitted Gold ~ So gorgeous I couldn't resist! It's like sequins with pink and gold bits. Price: £3.99 | Rs.402
  • Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather Collection in Turquoise Temptation ~ This is a matte-like leather finish nail polish. Price: £2.99 | Rs.300
  • Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush Balm in Give Me A Cuddle ~ Another lip crayon to try. I love that name! Price: £5.99 | Rs.603.
  • Bourjois Color Edition 24hr Eyeshadow in Kaki Cheri #04 ~ This is a cream to powder eyeshadow, somewhat like the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo, but it definitely feels different. I picked the most unique color- khaki green with gold shimmer. It's available in gold, plum/prune, silver, electric blue, pink champagne. See all here. Price: £6.99 | Rs.704.
*3 for 2 offer at Boots.
Primark The Wonder Wrap  ~ I saw this a week ago when I'd gone to get my ghost nightie, but I didn't buy it, although there was only one Size 6-8 left (because I wasn't really supposed to shop, okay.). I though, 'Eh, I'll come another day. I'm sure they'll restock the sizes.' WRONG! I kept going to check after that but only big sizes were there. Today, I decided to just pick up Size 10-12, which is about 2-3 inches bigger than the smaller size. Size 6-8 was available in other prints, but I wanted this pink lips one. It's basically a dress towel that you secure with velcro in the front. Price: £7 | Rs.706.
Moral: ALWAYS buy it if it's the last one left! You can be sensible another time.
Primark Hair Turban ~ Last time I thought, 'Okay, I'll buy that turban only if I get the Wonder Wrap. Matching!' This turban is available in a few other colors too, including hot pink, No, it's not the same pink as the lips on the wrap, so I picked white instead =D. Price: £1.50 | Rs.150
Uff, now I'm not liking this posing photo. Trying on the wrap. It has to be cinched/pulled a little more towards one side, but it's fine. See, it even has a heart pocket! ♥

Please excuse my hurrr. I was supposed to pick up some hair color too, but it was already closing time. It really needs to be refreshed. Trimmed too, but that's another frustrating story.
Next time, I will wear Wonder Wrap & turban....apply face mask and body scrub on arms and legs.... I'll  stand in balcony  front of the mirror....hold a hairbrush like a microphone....and sing....Tu Mile....Dil Khile....I came in like a wrecking ball.....

Happy Friday, everyone! Gonna watch 2 movies tonight- Hours & Paranoia.


IKEA To Open In India???

"Swedish furniture retailer Ikea, which is scouting for the right location for its India stores, is reportedly in talks with the Uttar Pradesh government to open its first store in Greater Noida." ~ FirstPost
"IKEA has decided to enter India in a single-brand retail venture. It plans to open 25 stores, investing about INR 10,500 crore (US$ 2 billion) over the next 15 to 20 years. IKEA’s first India store is expected to open in 2014-15." ~ Ikea Wikipedia.
You know, one of my favorite things to do is browse the Ikea website, although I have no home to furnish at the moment since we are staying in a furnished rented apartment.I want so many things for storage, but can't buy any right now, coz I will probably have to leave them behind when we leave. (Argh!)
Have I told you that most of the furniture & decor in our home here are from Ikea? I know this because I saw the stuff in the website during one of my visits to the website!
Ikea sells awesome stuff at such reasonable prices, it's easy to overlook the fact that everyone ends up buying the same things. I'll show you some of the stuff that we might want.......
Makeup Storage solved! Around Rs.9000 in UK
Rs.80,000 in UK


Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes ~ Affordable Products Of The Month!

Hiya! I feel like I haven't talked to you all for a really long time, although it's only been a couple days. I also couldn't wait to fill my homepage with other posts after my previous scary post...hehe...I didn't want people who land on my blog to freak out & never come back!
So today I wanted to show you these cute Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes. I'm just so impressed with their quality! They are pigmented, feel silky smooth and blend like any other good blush. The compact packaging is light and fits in your palm, so ideal for your handbag and traveling.


A DIWALI Wish ~ Lots Of Love.....

Happy Diwali, everyone! I thought about doing a special post for today, but didn't get enough time to do it. It's been crazy these last few days with Halloween and everything. There's not much going on here at the moment, but I hope to see some fireworks later tonight.
Here are some pics from my previous Diwalis.....
Both this rangoli & the one above were taken at Kuala Lumpur in 2009
Diwali time 2009, Kuala Lumpur
Diwali 2010, New Delhi. How different I look with very dark hair :)

Have Fun & Play Safe!

Lots Of Love