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Black Magic Makeup Look {Halloween}

Halloween is in 3 weeks, so I thought I'd do a few dark & crazy looks. This one is inspired by that black sequined fan. I saw it among the Accessorize Halloween Collection one day, held it just like in the pic above, stared at myself in the store floor-length mirror, became indecisive, went home without it.....and life felt incomplete. I went back for it about a week later.
If a girl needs a black sparkly fan, she needs a black sparkly fan


Eylure Katy Perry Lashes Photos

I like Katy Perry. I like false lashes. I like pretty packaging. I like romance-inspired names on cosmetics (I would name a lipstick "Unfaithful" someday....someday.) 
So ya, I did fall hard for the Eylure Katy Perry Lashes ever since they were launched. 
All Eylure Katy Perry lashes are handmade, 100% natural and each style is reusable. Adhesive included in all.