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Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige Review, Swatch & LOTD

I know, I know. I'm very very late with this review. It's one of the pending ones from India, and I've had these pics for 4 months! My dark roots are already about 3 inches, and I'm thinking about changing the color again. So, I want to quickly show you how Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige looked on me.
I love Liese hair colors mainly because the bubbly foam makes it very easy to color evenly without missing any spots at the back of the head.
Platinum Beige is an ash brown shade. 


Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger ~ #1 When We Feel Uninspired To Blog

Her fingers hover over the keyboard, a forlorn expression on her face. Substantial ideas seem to have evaded her. Either that, or she over-thinks more than she sleeps.

Something forms in her mind....but before she can grasp it, it disperses into a puff of nothingness. She utters a word that's thrown around like a vowel, it doesn't sound like a bad word anymore.

Frustrated, she decides to entertain you (hopefully) with the following randomness:

  • The LOTD/OOTD she never posted. Minted.
  • The Forever 21 Haul she never showed you. She'll just show you the earrings. (L-R): Filigree Teardrop Earrings- Rs.349, Mint Lace Earrings- Rs.199, Tiered Filigree Flower Earrings (made up name), Rs.249.


Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Medium Blonde Review & Comparison With Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I used Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Medium Blonde 175 in October last year and wanted to post the review ASAP, but then I got busy. I bought it in Singapore as it was on sale. 

I was extremely excited to use it! Look how gorgeous that color looks! Of course I knew it was going to be darker on me, duh....that's exactly what I was aiming for- a cool dark blonde (Daydreams: I'd curl my hair & look like a doll or like those pretty Korean girls....hmm....)

Wait for it.