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Revenge Wears Prada....And I Wear Multi-Colored Toenails

 If I were Miranda Priestly's assistant, you know what she'd say to me right now?
"Cyn-thi-ah, how many times do I have to scream your name?" *Notices my toes & rolls her eyes* "Did you fall down and smack your little head on the pavement? Are those why my coffee isn't on my table yet? Is that your way of saying you 'understand' fashion?"
Me: "Err...I was just....err..." (She'd probably fire me if I said I was thinking about jelly beans, not 'fashion'.)
Miranda Priestly: "That's all. Now go fetch that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning." *Shoos me with her perfect red manicured hands*
My new thing is multi-colored toenails. They make me happy! =)
What do you think? Yay or Nay? 
I reversed the colors on the other foot. I have to ask, are your little toenails as deformed as mine? They just refuse to look normal! 
 I used: Bourjois So Laque Rose Imaginaire 62, Maybelline Colorama Absinto, Maybelline My Varnish 349, Maybelline Equilibrista, Bourjois So Laque Magenta Show 43, Bourjois Fixant Brillant Topcoat.
*I don't have any yellows & peaches with me right now, otherwise I would've used them instead of 3 pinks.
I just started reading Revenge Wears Prada, the sequel of The Devil Wears Prada. I'm quite excited, coz I've missed Miranda Priestly. Here are 6 pages from the 1st Chapter.......

I'm also reading Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number.....

Now read the next pic ONLY if you're not going to read the book, coz I don't want to ruin the tension that leads up to it if you're going to read it.....
Look at the screen, or close your eyes for 14 seconds while scrolling.....

I laughed so hard I shook the bed and I had to stifle myself with the duvet so I don't wake up the man next to me. This is why I keep reading Kinsella - her sense of humor.

Okies, that's all the reading for today. You all enjoy your weekend. I left my The Devil Wears Prada dvd in India, so I've downloaded it, and will watch it again tonight- for the devil alone.
P.S. Since I couldn't do anything tutorial this week, 'Tutorial Month' shall continue till 22nd July.


How To Follow This Blog When GFC Dies.....

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that Google Reader & Google Friend Connect will no longer exist from 1st July '13. I've been meaning to post this for a long long time, but of course I had to leave it till the last minute, like everything else.

I feel so sad, because it's been there from the time I started blogging. This Google has made so many changes lately, it's so annoying! Oh, and today I saw changes on my Facebook Page as well. I find both of them  so.....what's the word?..... Egocentric. If they were lovers, I would've dumped them long back. 

*Reminder: Never fix what's not broken.

How To Stay Updated: 
  • Follow By Email. Just fill in your email address on the right sidebar there >>


  • I have a new personal Facebook Page CZloves (here), that I created for something I'm working on. [But it won't keep you updated with this blog.]   

Okay, now the boring-but-important stuff's out of the way. Now I can finish writing my next post for today. Stay tuned!


The Shopping List ~ TheBalm, Topshop, Accessorize, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Etc.

I did some window shopping recently,so some of of these pics I clicked in stores. These are just some of the things on my Shopping List aka Wishlist.....

TheBalm Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush ~ I want ALL OF THEM! But I'll probably only get Argyle, Lace & Houndstooth.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss ~ New packaging, new shades. I like the 3rd one, Super Natural, which is my kind of nude shade
Accessorize Eyeshadow Palette ~ These palettes are so pretty! This 'Exposed' palette has all brown & neutral shades.
Topshop Makeup Brushes ~ Hot Pink! I really really want the 2nd flat angled foundation brush. Then the 3rd & 5th.
Topshop Lip Bullet ~ These are such a nice change from lip crayons. I like one shade called 'Covet'- extreme left.
Olay Glow Perfectors BB Cream Moisturising Cream +Plus Touch Of Foundation by Max Factor ~ I'm not sure I want this, but I thought I'd just put up the pic in case you're interested.
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watches ~ The one I had my eye on for ages isn't here, but I like a couple out of these.

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set ~ These were launched long back, so i don't know if they're still available. WANT! Oh, there's more....
Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set 24 Karat Edition ~ Those are bracelets!
Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP ~  The fragrance was inspired by a modern day version of the story of Romeo and Juliet, and the bottle decorated with a tulle bow and deep berry flowers. I'm lovestruck! I want it NOW.

What are you drooling over these days?

P.S. I got sick, so posting will be random like this for a few days. But ya, I'll find a way to shop, and come back with a haul ;)


NEW! Lakmé Clean Up Clear Pores With Green Tea Extracts

Lakmé CLEAN UP Clear Pores range is enriched with goodness of Green Tea Extracts that soothe and calm your skin and Salicylic Acid that helps prevent break-outs fight blemishes and reduce irritation.
Lakmé CLEAN UP Clear Pores is an easy-to-use professional clean-up range comes with three unique new formulations:  a face wash to cleanse all visible dirt, a scrub to remove dead cells and a mask to reduce pores and tighten skin.
  • Face Wash ~ Rs.90 for 50gm  | Rs.160 for 100gm.
  • Scrub ~ Rs.110 for 50gm  | Rs.225 for 100gm.
  • Mask ~ Rs.110 for 50gm  | Rs.225 for 100gm.

*I so want to try these! You know my love for green tea! =) 


My Current/Overseas Eyeshadow Palette Collection

I decided to start wearing eyeshadows that I never wear, because I realized I was stuck on 5-10 neutrals. I took out all my palettes from their drawer to pick them out...... and that led to this post. 
These are all the eyeshadow palettes I have with me here. 6 of them I took from India, the rest I got from UK.
  1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette ~ Swatches here.  (Cheaper DUPE:  MUA Undress Me Too Palette.)
  2. Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette ~ Swatches here . (Cheaper DUPE: MUA Undressed Palette.)
  3. Stila In The Garden Palette ~ Brand New. Never Used. 
  4. MAC Fabulousness 5 Neutral Eyes from Holiday Collection '12 ~ Swatches here
  5. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette ~ Swatches here.
  6. Inglot 4 Square Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette ~ Swatches here.
  7. Inglot Candy Inspired Palette ~ Swatches here.
  8. MUA Poptastic Palette ~ I have swatched this palette last year, but never posted pics.
  9. Sleek Makeup Oh So Special i-Divine Palette~ Swatches here.
  10. Sleek Makeup Candy i-Divine Palette ~ Swatches here
  11. Inglot 10 Square Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette ~ Don't hate me for placing it upside down. It's also still brand new & unused. Photos coming soon, promise. I'm dying to use it!

Uh-oh, odd number! Must must even it asap. 
Many readers have emailed me asking about eyeshadow palettes - inexpensive ones. I'd suggest MUA ones or these big palettes I've written about a long time ago.....
Swatches here

If you want colorful, the 120 palette is the best....
I find these palettes very useful. Sometimes I wish I had them with me, especially when I need a specific color that's not in any of my palettes, and I don't want to buy singles. You'll find them on Ebay, KK Center HK, BH Cosmetics. Back when I got them, they used to cost under Rs.1000.


If you like makeup collection posts, I've done my Lipstick Collection here

How many eyeshadow palettes do you own? 

Online Haul ~ Kawaii Makeup & La Roche-Posay Skin Care Products

For those who don't know, Kawaii means cute/pretty/adorable. The term is popular in Japanese culture. I love everything kawaii. It's the only reason I want to go to South Korea someday. If I ever create a beauty brand, it will be kawaii-ish. If! I said if.

I did a little online haul recently, and the packages just reached me. You know, our postman sometimes leaves our parcels under the doormat outside our front door. Very thoughtful of him.

  • Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Stick ~ Lipstick in a black cat. Super cute! I will post pics & swatches. I want a lipstick in a bunny too now!
  •  Etude House Portable Ribbon Brush ~ Oh my bows! How cute?! But do you notice that it's lopsided? I'm talking to the seller about it, and I'm hoping for a replacement.

All those are from Ebay. I won't mention seller until I'm happy with my lil' pink bow brush =D
On to the La Roche-Posay skin care products. Yes, I'm so into this brand at the moment =) 
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo ~ My 2nd tube. I didn't use it for a week or so (because my first tube finished before I purchased another), and I immediately got 3-4 pimples. Also, I noticed a big difference in my skin texture when I used this & when I didn't. You can read my previous post about it  here. Price: £9 | Rs.840.
  • La Roche-Posay Biomedic  Pigment Control Concentrated Conditioning Serum ~ Very excited to try this out. It's got Kojic Acid (a safer alternative to Hydroquinone), Glycolic AcidAHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). All ingredients to target dark spots & pigmentation. No Parabens. Price: £20.67 | Rs.1930.
  • La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin ~ Soothes & softens sensitive skin. I just got this mainly because I wanted the bill to reach the amount that equals free shipping, but I hope it'll hydrate my skin and act as a setting spray when I'm using the other two. Price: £2.33 | Rs.218.

These are all from Escentual, which is currently offering up to 1/3 off on all French Pharmacy brands - La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, Vichy, Avène, etc.
I saw that they also ship to India for a shipping fee of about Rs.275, if you're interested.


Heart-Shaped Makeup Brushes, Anyone?

Hope you all had a good weekend. I watched a romantic movie 'Like Crazy' & a thriller psycho movie 'No One Lives', cooked black bean sauce, did some online shopping, etc etc....  and I stumbled upon these heart-shaped brushes. Oh-my-heart, I'm smitten and can't stop looking at them!
The one up there is from Ebay. Just search 'heart shaped blush brush' 


I think I want to get some. Or maybe I could DIY? Let's see, which brush do I hate? Nah, shape will only look good on pink bristles, so I have to get pink brushes first. Oh no, not the one on the header!

Want to see heart-shaped lipstick & blush? Please go here 


NUDES ~ Lippies & Shoes

Before you think 'This crazy woman buying the same type-a-shoes!', give me a chance to justify it.
I saw these online. Weeks later, I saw them in Primark, and thought, 'I'll take them only if they're the last pair in Size 3.' That means I don't want to regret it later when I think I really want them, and there's no more size 3 left. 
I asked a very nice male SA to go check for another pair in size 3, and I showed him the minor marks on the displayed pair. He came back 6-7 minutes later with this same pair, and an apologetic smile. "Sworry, they're the last uns.", he said in some kind of accent that's not Scottish. 
"Oww...really? Okay. Thank you so much.", I pretended to look sad. Then I took the shoes downstairs to the ground the cashier....and home. Mine!
Now let's talk makeup, in case you're tired of seeing type-a-shoes. These a my current go-to nude lippies......

  • Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss Beige Tapis Rouge 07 ~ This one has a teeth whitening gel on one end, that somehow works. The color is quite similar to Maybelline Touch Of Toffee, but the gloss is more runny.
  • Rimmel Apocalips 600 Nude Eclipse ~ This is the nudest of all, it's light beige. I prefer to wear it on top of another deeper nude & only on the center of my lips.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Gloss Touch Of Toffee ~ My most favorite lipgloss, ever.

  •  MAC Viva Glam V ~ This is a neutral pink with pearl. I love how wearable this is. I pick it if I don't want to go too nude or too pink.
  • MAC Sheen Supreme Bare Again ~ Pinky Neutral Beige. This is quite similar to MAC Patisserie, but it's lighter - leaning more towards beige - whereas Patisserie is a lil' pinker.
  • Deborah Milano Rosetto MilanoRed #2 ~ Peachy beige. I wore it here
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Totally Toffee ~ I've swatched it on my lips here
  • MAC Patisserie ~ My holygrail nude lipstick. 
Swatches ~ (Top): MAC Viva Glam V, MAC Sheen Supreme Bare Again, Deborah Milano Rosetto MilanoRed 2, Maybelline Color Sensational Totally Toffee, Maybelline Superstay Beige For Good 610, MAC Patisserie
(Bottom): Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss Beige Tapis Rouge 07, Rimmel Apocalips 600 Nude Eclipse, Maybelline Touch Of Toffee.

If you want to see my previous post on nude lippies, please go here
These shoes are also available in black with silver studs. Same style as these & these.  I'm dying to get my hand on Black & White ones too, but they're probably all gone.

What are your go-to nude lippies?


Pretty Little Lipstick ~ LOTD

I'm not the type of girl who wears cutesy side ponytails, but I was having a bad (unwashed) hair day, so I sprayed some Batiste Lace Dry Shampoo & hastily tied it up like that. So please ignore anything that doesn't look right. By the way, I haven't had a haircut for 9 months! My hair has reached my waist, and it needs a trim, badly. I'm looking for a good salon in Dundee that doesn't charge 2000-4000 INR for a cut. I'm telling you, never leave the India, okay? =D
I wore this makeup 3 days in a row, because it doesn't take much time, and I pair it with Product Of The Week ~ Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon in Peach On The Beach. I am in love with this buttery lip crayon.
"Frozen" =D
Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation #54 Beige
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer #3 Medium
The Body Shop Loose Powder #01.
Maybelline Dream Sun Triple Bronzing Powder Blonde (Also on forehead, chin, nose)
MeMeMe Coral Blush . Swatches here 
Step-By-Step Tutorial posted here
Too Faced Brow Envy Kit + Bourjois Intense Eyeshadow #10 (Black) << I use black on my brows only when I'm doing close ups, like in tutorials.
Ciaté Pocket Money. Swatches here
Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon Peach On The Beach
Bourjois Color Boost Peach On The Beach

You know what's pumping in my ears as I write this?.....

Happy Friday!