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LOTD With Chanel Sunnies With Bows DUPES

I couldn't resist putting up that first pic ~ It's so Retro & might I add unedited? Except I had to increase the brightness a bit.

On to the Chanel sunglasses......

Oh my, the cuteness! I saw these for the first time in Shop n Chomp's blog (lucky girl!) and I couldn't stop thinking about and night....and the following days and nights. I love bows! And I want them everywhere! 

I was going CRAZY!

Then I was at Miss Jo (an accessories store) buying those cute bottle umbrellas and I just hopelessly told the salesgirl "I want sunglasses with bows on the sides"  thinking to myself "Okay, now you're just being silly....AND desperate! Like Miss Jo would have Cha....."

She brought me these..........

Imagine my reaction =D

The only difference is that these don't have the Chanel logo on the bows. Which is a good thing coz I don't like fake logos >.<

The Make-up:
Face ~ Laura Mercier Primer Oil-free, MUFE Hd Foundation, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
Cheeks ~ Mac Golden Bronzing powder, Benefit Coralista, To The Beach Marine Life Highlighter
Eyes ~ Used only one color eyeshadow- Toasted from the UD Show Pony palette, UD 24/7 eye pencil in Zero on my upper lash line & waterline, Bourjois Smokey eyes in smoked brown smudged on my lower lash line, Bourjois Elastic Mascara
Lips ~ My favorite lip combo atm - Maybelline Color Sensational Warm me Up & Mac Cremesheen Lipglass in Partial To Pink

*P.S: I do fill in my brows (Maybelline Brow Definist)  but somehow they always look undone in pics =S

*See how Mac Marine Life Highlighter on my cheeks Glows!

Oh, and the price you ask? Rs.899. Available in other colors too: Purple, Brown & White.

Not Chanel, but definitely a keeper. And yes, I sleep better too ;P

What do you think?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Photos, Swatches & Review (& Giveaway?)

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks are said to have high concentrations of pigments to ensure high coverage in one single stroke. Made with a mixture of natural waxes like Candellia, Rice and Beeswax for a long-lasting hold. Derived ceramide combined with Sterol & Nylon powder to prevent the lips from dehydration.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Paraben Free
  • Violet Bouquet Scent.

Available in 50 shades and 3 finishes ~ Satin, Matte & Pearly

Lakme Fruit Blast Berry Lush Face Wash

Who likes berries?

They're cute and delicious. How about a daily dose of them?

Lakme brought my 2 of my favorite berries together in this new face wash ~ Strawberries & Raspberries.


Feel juicy fruit extracts of strawberry and raspberry re-energize your face with every wash. While the strawberry exfoliator seeds gently brush away impurities, raspberry & passion fruit extracts re-hydrate skin leaving it tingling fresh with the aroma of natural berries.

I didn't like the Lakme Strawberry Face Wash at all coz it dried out my skin like nobody's business. 
But this one is different. It leaves my skin feeling clean-clean without the dryness and yes it tingles. It smells so yummy. Like mixed fruit jam! 

To see ingredients, click to enlarge

I'm loving it!

Price ~ Rs.125

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Maybelline Color Sensational Raspberry Sorbet & Blushing Brunette Swatches

I thought I'd try the Color Sensational Lipgloss too coz I'm so loving the lipsticks a lot-a lot. 
Of course I couldn't resist buying another lipstick :P

Lipgloss in Raspberry Sorbet & Lipstick in Blushing Brunette

Raspberry Sorbet

Blushing Brunette

Lipgloss ~ Rs.250
Lipstick ~ Rs 299

**For more swatches of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks click HERE

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Quick Tip: How To Store Your Kabuki Brushes (The Cheap Way)

Most kabuki brushes come packaged in those transparent sharp-edged boxes, which in time look old and get discolored. I live in a dusty area, so it makes me cringe every time I even think about leaving my brushes out in the open.

So, one day I was dusting and arranging my vanity and I just dropped my kabukis into this empty Johnson's Buds container without thinking....

I thought it was one of the smartest things I ever did LOL ;D

I took them like this while travelling too.

Of course it would look much flaunt-worthy in a cute & girly (pink?) container. Yes, I have to get me some of those.
For now, this will do ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss Review, Swatch & Color Transformation Photos

Bourjois Rose Exclusif is a transparent lipgloss that adapts to the pH of your lips, and transforms into your very own unique personalised pink.

The lipgloss is enriched with pH reactive pigments, which will self-adjust into a bespoke pink to suit your skin tone.

According to Bourjois, it is good for your lips because it has Anti-oxidant Vitamin E and C, and 8 hr moisture.

Brush Applicator

Here are photos right after application, after 15 mins & over 1 hour later.......

Right after application

After 15 mins

Over 1 hour later

As you can see, it does live up to its claims. However, I would not urge anybody to run to the stores to grab it. Unless, of course, you're dying to find out what "your pink" looks like ;)
The shade didn't get any deeper than a light fuchsia pink on my lips.

I think it's a pretty good lipgloss because:
  • Non-tacky 
  • Long lasting 
  • Very moisturizing and lips don't feel dry afterwards
  • Glossy & makes lips look plumper
  • Easy-to-use brush applicator
  • Non-gritty coz there's no shimmer
  • Unnoticeable fragrance
I honestly can't find fault with it. It's gimmicky, it turns into my favorite color, and it's Bourjois! =)

*Available in all Bourjois counters across Delhi/NCR. I got this from Kunchal's for Rs.525.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Bourjois Nouveau Products Haul + *FABULOUS* Free Gift!

As you all know I've been waiting for the launch of all of these new Bourjois products in India.
I had to wait a while after they were launched to go get them coz I wasn't in Delhi. But I tell you, I'm glad I had to wait coz maybe I wouldn't have gotten the free gift then =P

Here are the stuff I got......

French Manicure Kit (Rs.630): Rose Naturel on the tips, So Laque all over the nail & finish with Clear Top Coat

Elastic Mascara ~ Black (Rs.550)

Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick in Rose Tendre (Rs.660)

Levres Contour Lip Liner in Enjoleuse (Rs.225)

Rose Exclusif Lipgloss (Rs.525)
This is a clear lipgloss that self-adjusts into a unique personalised pink when applied to the lips

Over a bill of Rs.2500, I got this Black/Hot pink Bourjois Paris umbrella as a gift! 
I love it coz of the City of Paris design with the little cute Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge...♥

Isn't it FABULOUS?!

Don't we all love FREE gifts? Especially when they're not those questionable left-over products (Hello, Inglot!)

*Do let me know which products you'd like me to review & swatch first in case you're thinking about buying any of these.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Product Of The Week ~ Nivea Glamorous Gloss in Pink Sugar

Right now I can't get enough of this new lipgloss by Nivea

Glamorous? Umm...I guess. 
Smells yummy? YES! It smells like those little round candies...what are they called?....what are they called? You know the ones that come in many colors? Ya, those. It also smells somewhat like those sugar-coated jelly-like sweets. 

Description: Do you want to discover irresistible, glamorous lips? Would you like to have a gorgeous shiny finish and nourishing softness?
The innovative formula of Nivea Glamorous Gloss with Ultra Shine Pigments and an exotic scent brings dazzling shine on your lips and provides long lasting moisturisation and care for irresistible, glamorous lips.
  • Transparent ultra shine pigments provides lips with dazzling brilliance (YES!)
  • Exotic fruity scent delights your senses (Delicious!)
  • Provides long lasting care without sticky feeling (TRUE)
  • Contains SPF15, protecting against UVA and UVB rays
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

This is how it looks on my lips.......

Transparent with just a hint of milky pink. I guess what Pink Sugar must look like ;)

The gloss makes my lips feel very soft and unchapped. My favorite part of this is the petite applicator, which makes it so easy to apply and get the corners without smudging the gloss outside my lip line.  

Love it!

Price ~ Rs. 139

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Happiness ~ Coming Home To Prizes, Gifts & Hauls! =)

Hey guys, I'm back in the city! It's nice to come back to the cool weather (keep raining please!), my love, broadband, the big wide roads, and all the new makeup that was waiting for me! =D (Imagine my impatience & anxiety when I couldn't see them asap!)

First up are the Prizes:

I received 10 Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks from Make Up For Ever (2nd prize for the 'Rouge Is Art' Contest)

**Will write the shade numbers and names when I swatch them

Next is the prize I won in Shivani's (Adorable On Your Vanity) Giveaway:
My first ever Urban Decay product ~ Show Pony Palette

Urban Decay Show Pony comes with a mini Primer Potion and 24/7 Glide on Eye pencil in Zero

She even agreed to sell me her Make Up For Ever HD Blush coz she knew how much I wanted it. Thanks Shivani! 

MUFE HD Blush in Quickie #6

Of course I didn't miss out on the MAC To The Beach Collection which was launched when I wasn't in the city ;))

MAC To The Beach Bronze Body Oil, Bronzing Powder in Golden, Marine Highlight Powder, and Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20 (from the Pret-a-Papier Collection)

By the way, MAC launched 3 new collections today : In the Groove, Opulash & Superglass. 
I've yet to check them out, but I sure want to see what the deal is with the famous Stereo Rose.

Last but not the least, are some gifts from the lovely people at . They were kind enough to let me pick what I want =). So I went for 2 Laura Mercier products I've always wanted to try:

Laura Mercier Undercover Pot #2, Foundation Primer Oil Free

Strawberrynet is currently teaming up with an Indian website, where they are offering 70% discount only to Indian customers. To know more please click HERE . It's only for a few days, so check it out NOW!

Reviews and swatches coming soon!

That's all for now. Hope you're having a great day....

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


It's Our Birthday! Make A Wish.....

Today, the 13th of August, is this blog's birthday. One year ago, I published my first review on Delhi's Beauty Addict ~ Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion =D

I was gonna put up a video, but it would take forever to upload it on YT coz of my slow connection :[

So, just 2 photos for now. That is a golf course in my hometown, Shillong.

Now on to a photo that has a whole lot of meaning.......

That's a wishing well, from which all the money collected goes to charity.
In that particular wish right there, I wished that: 

"The wishes of all those who read this post today (13th August), will come true."

So go ahead..... Ask for that one thing you want so desperately.
I truly hope that it comes true :)

Thanks all! Blogging has been a joyride, mostly because of you.

Enjoy your weekend & stay fabulous!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Perfect Radiance By Lakme

Lakme has come up with its very own fairness range. I tried the Perfect Radiance Foundation at a store a month ago, and almost bought it but refrained coz I wanted to check it out on the net first. Why is it that nowadays it seems blasphemous to buy a product without checking it out on the internet first?

I am already drawn to the packaging of these with all the pink! :)

About Perfect Radiance:

Known for their protective, whitening and soothing powers, it is enriched with lush extracts of White Lily and Sacred Lotus. These extracts lend a sense of purity and balance to Perfect Radiance Fairness range, helping restore your skin’s true complexion. 

Designed to give you truly fair, radiant skin, Lakmé Perfect Radiance fairness cream acts on all 6 signs of skin darkening by:

1.         Fading away dark spots and blemishes due to pigmentation

2.        Lightening Skin Colour

3.        Helping even out Skin Tone

4.       Reducing Oiliness

5.        Fading away Dullness

6.       Keeping Tanning under control

Here are all the products from this range that promises us an even and blemish-free complexion:

So, which of these are you definitely trying out?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^