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Lingerie Model Inspired Makeup

The look I did for the Make Up for Ever Contest was actually a Lingerie Model inspired makeup I did to post here, but then I saw the MUFE contest and decided to put up the look there instead =D 

Life is unpredictable!

La Senza models wear bows on their heads, I wore the bow on my finger lol

I almost submitted the photo up there (in black & white of course) for the MUFE contest, but then decided to go with this one, which I'm sure most of you have seen.........


NOTW~ Maybelline Colorama Cremoso Intenso "Sexy"

Maybelline "Sexy" is a true fuchsia pink shade

A single coat of Sexy and Maybelline Express Finish top coat

Have a great week all......


How Much Makeup For the Doctor/Hospital?

I've been visiting my ENT doctor (at a hospital) every week lately, and it got me thinking, how much makeup is "appropriate" when going to a hospital?

I had been wearing the same amount/style of make-up which I would wear when I'm going shopping - Not too loud (says me), not too boring either. By boring, I mean not even a smidgen of eyeshadow =[

Okay, for the record, this look was meant to be a FOTD for Friday, but I had to visit the doc too that evening, so I just blotted my lipgloss and applied a matte lippie instead, coz, you know, I'd be opening my mouth and all. And yes, I would've gone sans the gold glitter too but it's not easy to remove in a jiffy without ruining the whole thing, so I had to leave it the way it was. But it was subtle, so the glitter wasn't that obvious.

Nyx Haul ~ Cup Cake Gloss, Blushes,10 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Cup Cake Gloss

In 4 delicious flavors ~ Cherry, Syrawberry, Orange & Chocolate

These are tiny! I thought they would be a tad bigger :)


New! Revlon & Maybelline Lipstains

Another reason not to get the MAC Art Supplies Lipstain Marker!
Our favorite drugstore brands are catching up by coming up with their very own versions of Lipstains. 


Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm by Colorstay
Lipstain and balm in one convenient dual-ended package, Kiss-proof,  contains Vitamin C for anti-oxidant protection, Color does not smudge or streak Creamy, lightweight balm perfectly melts on lips for smooth, glide-on application

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain

These contains water with berry nectar to provide a weightless wash of color for a healthy flush. Available in 10 shades

The Revlon ones sound like my kind of lipstains! And unlike Maybelline (even the Color Sensational Lipsticks aren't here yet!), Revlon does launch new products in India pretty soon, and I'm guessing in 2-3 months we'll see the Lipstain + Balm in India 

 What about you? Liking these?


Micromax Q55 Bling ~ The Girly Girl's Phone

What is the sweetest thing a husband could do to make his wife feel better (and happy, and stop nagging)?

Simply surprise her with what she desperately wants, that's what! =)

In my case, it's the Micromax Q55 Bling Mobile Phone. 

It was love at first sight when I first saw this phone in an ad during the Fifa. 

The box is like a jewelry box. Has a cute tiara on the cover

Micromax Q55 Bling is a Dual Sim mobile phone with Swarovski studded keys


Summer Must-Have ~ Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant Roll-on

I was sent some information about the launch of Sure Anti-Perspirants in India a couple of weeks back, but I had never heard about Sure before, so I didn't think much about the brand.

I bought one recently, and OMG my underarms are always dry now! Before I would powder myself  constantly every few hours coz it's so so so HOT in Delhi, but it never helps. Even raising my arms up in the air (♪ ♫ and wave them like I just don't care ♪ ♫ ) gets tiring.

Just last night, the light went off about 10 times in a few hours. I was sweating everywhere, but my underarms were completely dry! I was amazed.

Reader's Request ~ Skincare Kit For Oily/Combination & Acne Prone Skin

This was requested by a very sweet reader Priyanka J, who has Oily/Combination & Acne-prone skin.

I believe a skincare routine should be simple, when it comes to problem skin. If you have acne, it's better not to confuse your skin more by switching from product to product and "irritate" it
When I get a big pimple sometimes, I feel it has a mind of its own. Like it's saying to me "Don't you let those things gang bang me, or else....=[" =D

Here are the products I'd pick (and I do use most myself) for Oily/combination & Acne Prone skin.

~ Cleansers ~
First and foremost, you have to get a cleanser that is very well suited for your skin type. A childhood friend of mine have been suffering from acne for most of her life - face and body! And the last time I saw her, there wasn't a pimple on her face and she was glowing! So, I asked her what she used. She told me that she read in a magazine that "when you have acne, it's better to use a Foam Cleanser rather than a gel-based one" (hehe...I hope she read this =D)
She then started using Pond's Flawless White Facial Foam, and it made all the difference.
Other cleansers you can use......

Cetaphil when pimples are at their peak and hurt. You gotta have one with salicylic acid like Clean & Clear cleansers for acne.


Nivea Lip Care ~ Fruity Shine Dragonfruit & Pinkish Boost 3 in 1 Swatches & Review

My lips are loving these two Nivea lip products right now.

What it is:
Nivea Pinkish Boost 3 in 1 enhances natural pinkish tone of your lips. The innovative formula contains Pinkish Vitamin Complex and regenerative Ginseng which enhance the natural pinkish tone of your lips. SPF 15 helps to protect your lips from further darkening. Double moisturiser enriched formula provides 8 hour long moisturisation.
Price ~ Rs.175

Giveaway Winners~ 2nd & 3rd Category

Here are all the entries (short form for most names) for the giveaway ~


Revealing The Top Commenter & Winner of Giveaway Category 1 Only

Hey Ladies,

I decided to announce the winner of only the 1st Category today. I will announce winners of 2nd & 3rd categories tomorrow, because I felt this post would look too confusing and long.

Just a reminder, 1st category is only for those who regularly read and comment on my blog + Top Commenter x 2 =)

I picked  16 ladies from the entries to be in this category. 17 altogether including an extra entry for the Top Commenter.

I've decided to send a special 'Thank You' gift to the Top Commenter as well, coz it just feels right.

So, without further ado....

Eyeshadow Blending & Coloring Pencils

Image Source

The only thing that can make your eyeshadow look off is if you don't blend it the right way or don't blend at all! I still see a lot of people use the sponge tip applicator that comes with their eyeshadow palettes and instead of "applying" with a light hand, they "draw" the colors on their lids.

The school tools you need to keep in mind when doing your eye makeup are:

Color Pencils

Recent Small Haul

Hey guys, I will not be updating regularly for the next 2 weeks, as I'm not keeping well and I'm gonna have a tonsils operation one of these days. 

I went to watch SATC Movie 2 and had a few minutes to kill before the movie started, so I did some shopping at Shopper's Stop, which, I must say, SUCKS! 

Lifestyle is BETTER. Because It has more cosmetics brands, and it's a more lively store, imo.

Maybelline Nail Paints
  • Colorama Cremoso intenso ~ Sexy (Rs.79)
  • Express Finish Base & Top Coat (Rs.175)


Skipping MAC Art Supplies Collection

MAC Cosmetics Art Supplies Makeup Collection

The MAC Art Supplies Collection will be launched in India in 10 days or so, but I'm not excited at all. I think this is the first time that I'm not 'enthu' about a MAC Collection.
Here's why:

Greasepaint Stick

"Greasepaint" doesn't sound too appealing, when you're living in a hot city like Delhi. I was very disappointed with the Shadesticks, and most of MAC's retractable pencils, coz they break from the base very easily. I think if you mix some kajal and a eyeshadow color of your choice, you've got your very own customized Greasepaint :)


MAC Pink Swoon Sheertone Blush Swatch & Review

Described as "Clearly Pink" by MAC. If that means "True bubblegum/barbie Pink", then yes, this blush is clearly pink. Loved by many make-up artists everywhere, I found out that this is worth all the love. It is said to suit all skin tones, although I doubt that

I love how versatile it is. You can apply it sheer or layer it for a pop of pink on your cheeks. Like all Sheertones, the texture is smooth and very easy to blend.

Video ~ Missing Audio from the Night Out Makeup Video + Some Outtakes

Hey guys,

I put the missing audio from my previous  'Night Out Make-up'  video in this short video, and I also added some outtakes featuring a crazy & hyper lady I don't know ;)

You might not be able to hear it properly coz the sound quality is quite poor. Earphones help though.
It gets very loud at 0:45 coz I hit the comp, sorry about that.

Yup..... =D

Thanks for watching it anyways.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Lady Gaga Inspired Look With Mac Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick

I thought I wouldn't bore you with just swatches of the Mac Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick you've seen, like, a thousand times before. So I did a Lady Gaga inspired look......

Products Used:
  • Eyes ~ Shimmery white eyeshadow all over lids. Mac Satin Taupe in the crease. Then black eyeshadow on the outer and inner corners blended inwards so they meet in the center of the lids. Lined eyes with Loreal Carbon Gloss eyeliner then I drew lashes on the bottom lash line with the liner as well. Used Maybelline Unstoppable liner on the waterline. I dabbed a bit of shimmery pink eyeshadow on the outer corners inside the black eyeshadow. Used Revlon Beyond Natural False Eyelashes (91170 Dramatic 3X Volume) and applied mascara
  • Face ~ Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural and Mac Prep+Prime Tansparent Finishing Powder
  • Blush ~ Mac Pink Swoon
  • Highlight & Contour ~ Mac Dsquared Sculpt and Shape Powder in Bone Beige/Emphasize
  • Lips ~ Mac Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick of course :)

This look is just about the eyes really. Quite easy, except I had to struggle with the falsies, which kept flaring out at the inner corners. It always happens with thicker ones.

P.S. Please excuse the weird looking I had to wear it for a lil' bit of "blonde" ;)
My hubby got scared when he saw me...with the eyes and the wig =D

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Jiaoli ~ Miraculous Cream for Dark Spots & Melasma?

Before you read any further, please be warned that this brand has stirred quite a lot of controversy and also banned in some Asian countries! I am not advising anybody to try it out. I just want to share what I know and read about it.


Lakme Summer Collection 2010 ~ Night Fever By Suneet Verma


Lakme Summer 2010 Collection Night Fever aims to provide an enchanting experience for women who enjoy dressing up at night, regardless of the occasion! The colors are deep and dynamic, and the textures are silky and light for that glamorous look.

Enrich Satin Lip Color (Rs.225)
Richly pigmented lip color that feels like a coat of luxurious satin, sunscreen, vitamins and olive extracts leave you with the softest, smoothest lips ever! In indulgent shades of wine, chocolate, burgundy and fuschia.

Reader's Request ~ Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

This is especially for you, Rajni!

Originally created to keep the complexion of the actors looking flawless in the 6x magnification of high definition compared to regular cameras. The products innovative formulas with ultra fine granulometry meet the highest standards of both professionals and the everyday woman in daylight. HD Foundation harmonizes the complexion and does not accentuate wrinkles, leaving natural-looking skin.
Invisible Cover Foundation that is oil-free and Dermatologist-tested

Available in 25 shades. So, I think there's a shade for everyone.

My shade is #120 Soft Sand (for medium light skin with yellow undertones)


Giveaway CLOSED!

So, my Giveaway is closed now. I will announce the winners shortly.
Thank you so much to those who participated! You all made this giveaway FUN for me :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


My First YT Video ~ Night Out Make-up

Hi all,

I finally finished editing my first YT video. IT'S NOT SO GOOD btw. There's no sound during the first few seconds when I'm blabbering, coz I was having trouble combining own audio and without own audio (which had a lot of noisy background sound) Thanks to Rihanna's Te Amo! At least now I know that I shouldn't play music when filming! I'm sorry about that. I'm still learning...
You can just fast forward to the make-up part. I will put up another one with the audio in a few days.

I wanted to put up the video anyways coz I didn't sleep at all last night editing this, so I didn't want it to be a waste :)

Sound will start at 0:56

Products Used:
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
  • Mac Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (Review here )
  • YSL Touche Eclat
  • Eyeshadow Primer ~ I mixed Mac Studio Finish Concealer with Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapie (the pink one) and then dusted Mac Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder on top. You can mix them all together, but that's a different story :) (Review of the Pond's eye cream here )
  • Mac Dsquared Sculp & Shape Duo in Bone Beige/Emphasize
  • Eyeshadows ~ BF 120 palette (Details here ) 
  • Eyeliner ~Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner (applied with Vega angled brush)
  • Eyelash Curler ~ Shu Uemura
  • Brows ~ Mac Brow Set in Beguile
  • Lashes ~ Revlon Beyond Natural False Lashes (Review here )
  • Mascara ~ Bourjois Maxi Frange (Waterproof)
  • Bronzer ~ Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder (Review here )
  • Blush ~ Mac Give Me Liberty Of London Summer Rose
  • Lips ~ Bourjois So Delicat Lip Cream in #51 Rose Poudre & Bourjois Eau De Gloss in #13 Rose a l'eau
  • Makeup brushes ~ Sigma & Vega

To see outfit click~ here

Thanks all for watching.
Have a good weekend!

♥ Cynthia Z.


ƸӜƷ Butterflies On My Nails ƸӜƷ

Don't we all love butterflies? They are so cute! Well, as long as you don't think about where they came from...ugh! *shivers*
But let's not think about that. They are cute and colorful and happy, that's that :)

Last week I just did a very simple nail art (to match my purple dress) using butterfly nail stickers that I got last year. Yes, I forgot I had them =D

Please excuse the discolored nails underneath. That's what happens when you don't bother with Base Coat!


My First "Love Package" Ever! (From The Netherlands) =D

Who likes presents? Raise your hands if you do !o!  =D

Today, I received my very first "Love Package" from Witoxicity
Actually, we both don't really like the name "Love Package" but we can't think of any other name for it. So, if you come up with any ideas please share them with us hehe...
I am so touched by this sweet & thoughtful gesture of hers. Please check out her blog. You will surely love it! I honestly think that she writes the best reviews and you'll be blown away by her creatively AMAZING photographs, trust me on that. Her nail designs are oh-so-beautiful and presented very uniquely.

Here are the cute fabulous stuff she sent me :)

Star Shine Lip and Eye Cream
I can't wait to use these. The 1st two are for lips, 3rd is a top coat (for lips I'm guessing) & last two are cream eyeshadows


Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes Review + How To Apply & Remove False Lashes + False Lash Applicator

Revlon Beyond Natural False Eyelashes are professional eyelashes that are ultra lightweight, come with a Precision Lash Adhesive, and are re-usable with proper care. Every box come with its very own reference tip sheet for helpful guides on how to apply and remove these false eyelashes. 


For Fun ~ I Entered a Make Up For Ever Contest =)

I recently submitted a photo for a MUFE  "Win a collection of 50 shades of lipsticks & one of the fabulous picture exhibition" (although I actually don't know what the fabulous picture exhibition is about)

We have to submit a black & white photo with only the lips in color. If you want to see the photo, please click HERE
At first, the closing date for the contest was 3rd June, which was when I posted my entry, but then they extended the closing date to 18th  June.
I'll put up more photos in this site later.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this with you guys. Yes, winning it will definitely make me jump up and down, but I won't be sad if I don't win either, because I had a lot of fun doing the look and I'm happy that at least some people loved it :)

P.S. : I just want to let you know beforehand that my Facebook is only for family and close friends, so please don't add me coz I'll feel bad about not accepting any friend requests from some of you lovely readers. It's just a privacy thing. I hope you can understand :)

Would love to know what you think =)

Thanks for visiting and reading all, I really appreciate it!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Fashion Friday : Night Out Look

Hi all, I did a make-up video on this look, but I haven't finished editing it yet :S . 
I guess it'll be up by next guess...for sure it will be up next week :)
Oh my gosh! Editing is a real pain!!! And I mean that literally. My lower back is hurting because of it.


Mac India ~ Viva Glam Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper Lipsticks Launch Date

Three months I waited for these. 3 frickin' months! Calling the Mac stores every week since the lippies launched everywhere else =D. I called....and I called....and I called.....Then I got a definite (I hope that it's 100% though) answer.

Mac India will be launching the lipsticks on the 11th of June people. I hope at this time next Friday, I will have be clicking pictures of them. Yes, I'm getting both. Maybe two of each if nobody stops me ;p

Oh, 11th June come sooner!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing & Highlighting Powders Swatch & Review

The Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing & Highlighting Powders come packed in a very cute magnetic notebook-like packaging. Look like chocolates, which makes them simply irresistible!

Bronzing Powder ~ Filled with glints of sunshine. The shade #51 (Peaux claires/medianes) is a medium shade suitable for light to medium skin tones. It looks quite similar to Benefit Hoola in my opinion.

Highlighting Powder ~ Coated with a soft pearly layer for an instant burst of radiance. This is shade #53 which is a mixture of vanilla, pink, purple and gold in it. Can be used on the face and decolletage.

Buy A Satin Pillowcase Before Anti-aging Creams & Hair Treatments

For the last 1 year or so, I always make sure that I sleep on a satin pillowcase every night when I'm home. I don't care if the rest of the bed materials are of a different design and color, because the benefits are worth the daily mismatch.

I am telling you, it does wonders! My hair looks healthier and shinier than ever! And I really do mean 'ever' (say, 5-6 years ever.) And I don't see loose hair stuck on my pillowcase when I wake up anymore! If you have very frizzy, unruly hair, a satin pillowcase will calm it down.