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Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask Review

What it is:
This highly moisturizing heating mask provides deep cleansing to skin with the thermal effect of roasted salt and granulated sugar. Black sesame seed nutrients leave skin soft and smooth.

To Use:
After washing, apply to wet face, avoiding eye areas. 
Massage in circular motion, focusing on dry areas, wait 3-5 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. 
Use in environment with moderate temperature; if used in a hot environment such as a bathroom or sauna, mask can overheat.


Skinfood Haul

When I saw Skin Food doing the rounds on the net, I didn't see what the big deal was, but now I know why it's being 'ooh-ed' so much. Everything just looks so fresh and delicious, I could buy everything! If only they were cheaper and not to mention available in my country!*sigh*

These are the yummy products I'm using these days. Believe me, they are good enough to eat, literally.

Honey Pot Lip Balm
This is like strawberry jam..mmm

Coffee Milk Nail Balm
Smells like the name and just what my brittle nails and cuticles need

Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek- Apricot
Looks fab on the cheeks and nice pale lip color that complements smokey eyes. And  it does smell like apricot.

Mushroom BB Cream- #2

This smells like guava, imo. Has SPF 20 PA+, anti-ageing and brightening properties, blends well with my skin tone...what's not to love?

Yeah, that's me alright..I had to crop my legs coz  they're so far apart, I look like a duck... lol  =D

This 'Addict' is addicted to Skin Food :)
What about you?

Cynthia Z  ^.^