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Matrix Biolage & Schwarzkopft Haul From

Just a quick post before I finish writing my other post for today.
I got my hair permanently straightened in my hometown. Yes! I will tell you all about it & show you in a few days. So, I needed a good shampoo & conditioner. I decided on Matrix Biolage, since I always liked how they smelled when I get my hair washed in salons. As I was browsing for online stores, I found out they're cheapest at
My haul:
  • Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo 200 ml, Rs.171 ~ This claims to control frizz even in 97% humidity, which is exactly what I need in the current Delhi climate. Paraben-Free.
  • Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Conditioner 98g, Rs.139 ~ Paraben-Free too.
  • Schwarzkopft Osis+ Mess Up Matt Gum, Rs.549 ~ I got this for Mr.CZ. I like to style his hair, but I liked the read tuna tin packaging more.... hehe....


Girl Talk Boys Can Eavesdrop: What's The Worst Gift A BF/Yr Husband Has Ever Given You?

Okay, this is non-makeup slash beauty related post. Somehow, the inner moron in me wants to indulge in a little bit of humor today. Monday humor to beat the blues. Yes, I'm in no mood (right now) to write about pretty things. 

What is the worst gift your man (or might I say ex) has ever given you?

I still remember the day I got my worst gift, from a guy I had just started going out with. It was my birthday and it was the first gift he'd ever given me. He presented me with this little box wrapped in....I don't know....some kind of wrapping paper.

My guesses were, well! Earrings, a heart-shaped pendant, bracelet, a girly key chain.....something shiny! 'I WANNA SEE IT NOW!!!'

But I had to wait till later.

Later came. It was just me, my cousin and a friend.
I ripped the wrapper in seconds. I didn't even bother to look at the box, I just reached inside it to pull out the jewelry...I mean whatever was inside.
What's inside the box looked something like this.........

Aaaaaaahhhhh......!!! ^Q^

A swordfish showpiece? A swordfish???!!! 
Okay, it didn't have an opened mouth like that, but mine was when I first laid eyes on it.

Personally, I think that if your man knows you at all, he would never (EVER!) gift you something that repulsive. 

How about flowers, huh?! (Defined as 'poor people's jewelry' by Karen Walker in Will & Grace =D)  Or, maybe just a single red/pink/pick a damn color! ROSE
Cheap and thoughtful, and will not make us lose their phone numbers (on purpose!)

So, what's your story?
  • What's the worst gift a man has ever given you?
  • And, would you break-up over a bad gift?


♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Garnier Mineral Deodorants ~ For Men & Women Review

Garnier Mineral Deodorant is a 48hr anti-perspirant with Mineralite, a naturally absorbent mineral of volcanic origin. It lets skin breathe and is quick-dry and soft to the touch.

Enriched with Perlite which has 5x the absorbing power of talc.
0% Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) and dermatologically tested.

I got the Extreme Cool for Men & Extra Care for Women

Extreme Cool Intense Cooling For Men Review:

First things first, it smells good. The fragrance is very similar to some Fa deos, very oceanic or as it says in the bottle ~ Aqua Fresh.
It is cooling, but you feel the coolness only briefly when you've just sprayed it on.


Men Central ~ Fiama Di Wills Aqua Pulse Shower Gel With A Free Swiss Army Knife

Image Source

Starting today, I thought I'd write about products for men which I think are worth a mention.
There'll be a separate section in this blog called "Men/Male Vanity Central" (or something like that =D haven't given it much thought.)

The first one is the new Fiama Di Wills Aqua Pulse Shower Gel For Men. I was very impressed with this one. It costs only Rs.120 and the free Swiss Army Knife looks almost as good as a Victorinox

Sea Minerals & Blue Lotus
The shower gel is quite nice. Smells very fresh, almost like hair gel.