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WANTED! Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume

Dear Marc Jacobs,
I just want to say good job on these whimsical perfume bottles. First ladybug, now bee. You must really like flying insects, huh?
Also, what are you doing to me?!!! 


J'Adore.... Oh, Lola! New Perfume & Parisian Cushion

Bonjour! J'Adore ze Oh,Lola! Oui, ze Marc Jacobs. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir.
That's how I French it up when I'm alone. Oui! I look at myself in the mirror, and feel like a pro.
Anyways, 2 pretty things I'm j'adoring right now in one post..... 
Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Sunsheer EDP(Limited Edition) ~ I went to check out Vera Wang Lovestruck, but ended up falling in love with this instead. The hard plastic deep berry flowers on Lovestruck put me off it. I don't know, they just looked tacky and un-Vera Wang-like. Oh,Lola! Sunsheer smells like raspberries, pears & vanilla- LOVE! Both bottle & scent are totally my type.  Price: £37.60 | Rs.3450 for 50ml from Escentual
Primark J'Adore Cushion ~  How pretty is this cushion?! I had to get it! Bed sheets & duvet covers are also available in that print, and I will go get them even though I have no idea how I'll pack them when I leave Scotland! But I must have them. Yes, mine!  Price: £4 | Rs.367. 

Have a good week!


Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume Photos & Review

If you follow my Facebook Page, you'd know this is the last product I got from New Delhi. From Terminal 3 IGI Airport. Before that, I felt sick & dizzy in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I don't know if it was the overly milky latte or the moving-away feelings. A few minutes later, I captured this ladybug and felt robust again. They don't call it 'Retail Therapy' for nothing, I tell ya.
Ok, DOT. Oh my bows! It's so cute! No, cute is an understatement. I want to cry every time I look at it. Seriously. A line from a song I love- 'Click Click Click'  by *clears throat* New Kids On The Block goes: "Damn you look so good it hurts me." Now I totally understand what that means. 
See if you understand what I mean....
[*If you spot my reflection anywhere in these pics, I had my hair tied back & a face mask on. Good thing nobody saw me.]
Notes: The exuberant top captivates with a delectable blend of red berries, succulent dragonfruit, and sweet honeysuckle. The lush floral heart of the fragrance blooms with the addictive beautiful jasmine, mingled with energizing notes of coconut water and orange blossom. The scent rounds out with a feminine dry down of creamy vanilla, driftwood, and sensual musks.


Temptation Of The Month!

I died for a minute when I first saw this. That means my heart skipped more than a beat. It was as if it was clutched by this cute ... giant ... ladybug. That giant ladybug is Marc Jacobs' new perfume Dot. Oh-my-bows! Never in my life have I wanted something so badly! I thought to myself- "Given the chance, I'd kidnap Marc Jacobs and hold him hostage just so he'd give/sell it to me RIGHT NOW." Oh yes I would.
And then I wondered "Why didn't he name it Ladybug, instead of Dot?" But maybe the bug is already taken.
Launching this July, the new scent will be called Dot,  a "sister" to his insanely popular Daisy and Lola scents. 

It features notes of red berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom, vanilla, driftwood, and musk. "There’s a juicy, lush quality to it because it felt like the right spirit for this bottle", Marc Jacobs said. 

Breaking from the floral motif of his other scents, Dot's bottle is meant to be reminiscent of a ladybug with butterflies landing on it. "A dot is timeless and a pattern I always love, and round shapes are always beautiful. I liked the idea of these hybrid butterfly-ladybugs, which suggest a sort of free spirit and femininity and playfulness. And, of course, ladybugs mean good luck," he said.

Oh July, come faster. Pretty please.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*