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After Valentine's Day | LOTD

"What did you wish for?", she asked him.

He looked down, and kicked an imaginary pebble on the ground.

"Never mind. I shouldn't be asking.", she said with a smile. He wasn't looking at her.

Still not looking at her, he answered,  "It used to be something unattainable. Like a private jet, a lifetime supply of everything Nintendo, waking up next to Sunny Leone, to be Batman once a month ..... but now.... it's something right in front of me, yet just as unattainable, and probably something I kinda already know I'll never have.....", then his eyes met hers before she could look away ".....that heart of yours."

Like a punctuation to his words, a single tear rolled down her left eye. Like it's the only rational thing to do, she hugged him. As she listened to his heart beat faster, and felt his hand in her hair, she shut her eyes as tightly as she possibly could, in an attempt to shoo a single thought she wished she could forget forever. No, please, go awa..... *I wished it was him instead of you.*

Shooting stars didn't grant wishes after all. 


Red Dress: GUESS
Red Heart Sunglasses: Aldo
Red Lipstick: Chambor Extreme Wear Transfer Proof 431 Firey Red.
Red Nail Polish: L'Oreal Color Riche 408 Exquisite Scarlet
Watch: Michael Kors
White Heart Earrings: H&M
Rose Gold Rings: H&M
Travel Cup: Cath Kidston (you can probably GUESS why ;))


LOTD/OOTD: I Haven't Gone Shopping For 34 Days (and counting)

My shopping ban started last month when I decided to save for MAC Archies Girls Collection. I thought it would launch around Valentine's Day, but no. It did launch only online exclusively at Selfridges, but I want the thrill of buying them in stores. Touch all the products... swatch them.... die a little inside when something nice is too pricey.
Hence, shopping ban stretched further than expected.

Yes, I've bought hair & skin care products, but they don't count coz they're everyday necessities, and I got them at a supermarket with groceries.
I also bought shoes from Ebay. Those don't count either, because....because they don't count!
23rd Feb, Saturday: I planned to go only to Primark & Superdrug - I'll feed the hungry beast some small snacks before the meal, like a pair of earrings & 1 lipstick, I thought. BUT it snowed heavily. Plan cancelled.
24th Feb, Sunday: Fever & tonsils attack. I could hardly move from the couch. That's a message from the angrier beast.
So.... shopping plan moved to 1st March...... until.....
I called MAC store to ask about Archies Girls launch date, and they said 7th March
Now I have to wait till the 7th.
So altogether: No shopping for 42 DAYS! Beast, please! Try to understand!
Feeling Blue? Wear Yellow!
Sweater: Primark  |  Skirt: Nichii (Malaysian brand). It's the same skirt I wore in my birthday outfit post in 2011. I love it so much and have worn it so many times.  |  Inner Collared Black Shirt: Penny Lane  |  Tights: Primark Super Cosy Tights with fleece inside...LOVE! |  Earrings: Aldo Husselbee. Shown here  |  Bow Sunglasses: Ebay. Shown here.  


Mint Sunglasses, Gold Hoops & A Cheap Heart

Hi! If you're wondering where I disappeared to, I'm in my hometown! So obviously posting is gonna be a bit irregular. I've got that MTS thingy for internet, which is very slow! =[  
Anyways, let me tell you about the story when I almost missed my flight for a simple Accessorize heart pendant. Mr.CZ, whose call I ignored at the time, doesn't know this story, and I will get an earful when he reads this,, I get an earful from him all the time, anyways ;p
So, after security check, 20 minutes before boarding, I saw 70% OFF stickers at Accessorize, and immediately went in. I got lost there ('Should I buy this? Should I buy that? Is this cheap enough?' situation.) 
" So-and-So flight number xxxx to Guwahati is now boarding at Gate number xxB" 
Yeah, yeah. I tried a long gold necklace with 8 keys hanging in the center. 300 bucks. Hmm, must buy it. Oh, letters I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U at the end of each key. Uff, like I don't wear my heart on my sleeve enough, now I gotta wear it on my neck? No!
In the end, I bought only the gold heart necklace. I left the store and ran towards the boarding gate, which was f-a-r, coz it's the big international airport. Then....then....I remembered what was missing- my laptop bag! I had put it on the floor next to the counter in Accessorize! Oh-my-godzilla! I ran back to the store - in heels - and it was still there. Hauled it, and ran again.....boy, the gate was so far! I remembered one of my niece's/nephew's small scooter thingie- you know the low type without pedals or anything- you just sit, twist the handle & it starts rolling? Ya, that would have come in real handy that day. But it's okay, I reached my plane- last passenger, but reached.


Aldo Jewelry & Bangles Haul ~ Products Of The Week

This is the jewelry haul I mentioned. I look at them every night before sleeping.... let out a sigh of contentment..... show the rings to Mr.CZ- "Look! Sho cute!", for the 10th time!..... put them away in the Aldo bag..... place it beside my nightstand.... and finally.... finally..... put my head on my pillow. Then it's Mr.CZ's turn to sigh aloud =D
Enjoy the pics! 
Stacked Gold Bangles ~  From Shimla. I combined 2 types of bangles there. The thick/designed ones were for Rs.150 for 4 pieces, and the thin beaded ones were for Rs.50 for a dozen. I like that they don't look too traditional, and you can still wear them with western outfits. Something like these would probably cost so much more from Accessorize & Aldo.


March Haul ~ MAC Posh Paradise & Iris Apfel, Colorbar, Aldo, ZARA

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was "legendary-wait for it-dary!" Okay, that was only me copying Randy from HIMYM's funniest episode & my favorite till date. I don't know why it's on my mind at this moment. My weekend was good, but I wouldn't call it Barney Stinson's catch phrase. 
So on Saturday, I went shopping for 2 things- a ZARA jacket & a MAC Paint Pot, but I ended up buying....well, a few more good shhtuff. 
  • Genuine Treasure Paint Pot from Posh Paradise Collection, Rs.1350 ~ Paint Pot with shimmer...yum! The moment I saw it, I knew it'd be sinful not to own it. I'm so excited to try it out! Will review it in a few days. In case you missed, reviews of other Mac Paint Pots- Constructivist here & Painterly here
  • Party Parrot Lipstick (Matte) from Iris Apfel Collection, Rs.990 ~ I don't have any lipstick like that, the color is so unique. It might be similar to Malaika's lipstick in Cosmopolitan here.
Aldo: I had no intention of buying anything when I went in, but....
  • Melso Necklace, Rs.600 ~ Impulse buy, but I sort of needed a plain gold chunky necklace.
  • Butterfly Drop Earrings, Rs.500 ~ How cute are those fluttery wings?! Yes, I do realize that I buy a lot of butterfly jewelry =D
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks in Thrilling Pink & Obsessed Orange, Rs.225 each. I was gonna get only Obsessed Orange to show you guys another orange lippie, after the Happy Orange Products post, but Thrilling Pink looked so pretty I couldn't resist, plus it looks like a dupe for Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Please