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The Royal Wedding Photos

Some pictures of the much hyped, much awaited, Royal Wedding - taken from my tv screen :) 
Hope you'll enjoy them!

The groom arrives


The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen To A Makeup Addict

Two and a half weeks ago, Mcdonald's sent 3 burgers when we ordered only 2, and didn't charge for the extra one. So I tweeted (on Twitter), "....Imagine a makeup co. making that mistake =D" (See here)

Sleek Makeup did. I ordered the Sleek Avoir la PĂȘche Collection last week and yesterday I received 2 packages. I thought they packed the items separately but...

Oh my bows! Look! There's two of everything!!! I was confused, excited, nervous- maybe they charged double. They didn't. Yes, they didn't- checked again.

I opened just one set. The other is still brand new (I just checked the eyeshadow palette, which is not sealed like the blush and Pout Polish, to see if anything broke. Nope. Goody.)
The packaging is so cute! My first Sleek products and I'm over the moon! It's one hell of a first chapter, don't you think? ;)


Revlon India Launches PhotoReady Range

Revlon’s new PhotoReady collection is a revolutionary product line that uses photochromatic pigments to blend, reflect and diffuse light to provide full, yet undetectable coverage. It is designed to perform under harsh lighting and high definition conditions.

Indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between, the PhotoReady line of makeup, powder compact makeup and concealer provides poreless, airbrushed skin in any light.  The professionally designed formula and shades are tested under the harshest lights and high-definition camera lens, resulting in the appearance of flawless skin whether under indoor fluorescent lighting or full outdoor sunlight.

It contains photochromatic pigments that blend and reflect light to help erase every flaw. The light-diffusing formula gives complete yet virtually undetectable coverage, while also preventing further sun damage with SPF 20 for makeup, compact makeup & concealer and SPF 14 for Powder.


Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadows ~ More Swatches

I bought 2 more Inglot Pure Pigments Eye Shadows, my new found loves, last week. My craving for more is gone for now.

Here are the swatches:

22 ~ Purple with gold flecks. This caught my attention from the very first time I checked out the Inglot Pigments, but when I saw that it's #22 I had to get it ;) (my birthday hehe)

I'm wearing 22 HERE


Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review & Swatches

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint ~ Light, non-sticky, moisturising formula with vitamin E. Paraben free.

This is my first lip gloss from Inglot. I'm not so crazy about lip glosses and recently I don't even look at them in stores. I don't even remember the last time I bought one. Even with this, I bought it mainly for  the unusual test tube packaging. Isn't it so cute?!


Simple Fantasy Look

To be honest, this is an unplanned look. I wanted to try my new Inglot Pure Pigment #22 (purple with gold), and decided to complete the look, put on a butterfly necklace on my head, and call it a Fantasy Look ;). I know I look more bohemian, but I chose to ignore that lol. Potato potahto.

Actually I did want to do a look inspired by the Lakme Fantasy Collection, so I guess this comes close to the look I had in mind.

Fake Olay? Reader Query

The following is an email from a reader:

"I've been using Olay Total Effects since a while now, have finished about 3 bottles. And recently bought the fourth one. When I opened it i felt something odd. Let me list down all those things :

1. The bottle seems a little heavy. Obviously because its full. But even then , none of my previous Olay bottles felt this heavy when they were full.
2. The writing on the packaging seems a little odd. Since all the other 3 bottles came with a free face wash, there packaging was the extended one to include the face wash, and this one had simply the Olay bottle. BUT even then, the packaging on the bottle is different. The older one's had the ingredient list and this one has Directions and manufactured. etc
3. The size is different. The previous ones were slightly longer and less rounder. That is say a minute difference of 0.5 cm or maybe 1 cm difference.
4. OMG the smell. the smell of this one totally put me off. Its so weird. Nothing like the pleasant smell of the other ones. I just couldn't take it.
5. Its too thick. I only pump the bottle once and use that amount. I did exactly that this time, but when I applied it on my face it felt heavy, thick and made my nose oily. Then I started sweating on my upper lips. Something which has never happened with me when I used to use Olay before. It felt as if I had just put the ponds white cream on my face.
6. The color looks pinkish/ peachish in a very weird way. I know Olay was never white, but this just seems so weird. I thought I was dizzy or something because it looked a different color.
7. Tingly feeling on the cheeks. Now I'm really not sure if it because of this stupid ( fake ? ) Olay or something else . Or maybe I'm imaging things. But I've been itching on my cheeks, I've already scratched it a couple of time, anymore and i'll develop red marks.
8. Bad English ! The bottle and the cover both say " Keep out of reach FOR children" Why would P&G let that get printed on their product. Its wrong English. Bad grammar. OMG. I don't expect P&G to have mad that mistake.

Some pointers ,
This was manufactured on 18th November 2010. So no its not expired. It keeps for 3 years .
I know there is one for sensitive skin and one for normal. I have used both. And know how both feel. This one feels nothing like the previous ones.
I bought it from a decent shop. I've bought other stuff from that shop too.

Now I'm very confused. I paid 699 for this thing and think its a rip off . Olay Total , Totally fake ? What do you think ? What should I do ? Should I write to P&G ? Should I take it back to the shopkeeper ? I'm very confused :( "


The Olay I have is definitely not a fake and looks like this...

  • As you can see, it does have that grammatical error too "Keep out of reach for children" (LOL..I never noticed that before)
  • I bought it in 2009 and it is old and I don't use it anymore, but it still smells good.
  • The price of mine is Rs.650. Did they increase the price??! Wow.
  • *Edit: Manufacturing date is written at the bottom. 081216 (YY/MM/DD)
    I think in manufacturing, it's almost impossible to make the product exactly the same. I once bought The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter and it was SO bitter! Omg it was the worst thing ever. It made my hands obnoxiously bitter, and the bitterness was hard to wash off as well, yuck! Another time at a TBS store I told my s-i-l not to get it & to taste it first lol, but it wasn't bitter at all.

    The same goes for the packaging, and maybe it's a different maker.

    But the smell is what worries me with yours. They are stupid to change it if they did. I liked it a lot.

    I don't think it's a fake, but if you're still worried then you can write to them and give them the product number of any other number on the bottle.

    Please feel free to offer your suggestions everyone.

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


    Urban Decay Primer Potion Vs Too Faced Shadow Insurance ~ Battle Of The Eyeshadow Primers


    You know I like to compare similar products for you all, so it'll help you buy only the best. This time it's the turn of two of the most popular eyeshadow primers- Urban Decay Primer Potion & Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 

    Short form: UDPP & TFSI

    For those who don't know what eyeshadow primers do, they are supposed to enhance the color of eyeshadows, make them last longer & prevent creasing.

    So, let the battle begin!


    Update On My Name Necklace

    Just a quick one to show you how my My Name Necklace looks now (after about 2 months.) Previous post HERE

    I was going to wear it last weekend, but was extremely disappointed to see that it's TARNISHED! 

    I haven't even worn it much. Maybe two whole days. I also didn't spritz perfume on the necklace or stored it with other jewelries either. I hung it on my table mirror.

    =\ WASTE. OF. MONEY. I have cheaper silver jewelry that haven't yet tarnished even though I store them carelessly.

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

    Inglot Oil Blotting Sheets: Overpriced?

    I wanted oil blotting sheets, since summer is here and my face gets very oily. So I was in The Body Shop and saw the Tea Tree Oil Blotting Facial Tissues and thought Rs.395 (or 345?) is a rip-off, especially since I don't like the smell of tea tree oil very much.

    Then I bought the Inglot Oil Blotting Sheets for Rs.560 :O. I know, I know, don't judge me. I regret it already. Let's have a look at the whole package anyways.

    You push at the back so the sheet will stick to the glue part....


    Favorite Red Lipsticks

    Red Lipsticks are confidence boosters. That I believe. But some go as far as to say that women who wear red lipsticks have better careers and success. Really?! I don't think so.
    I'm somebody who used to have a red wallet because according to Feng Shui, red wallets attract money. I was in college and always broke, so I thought it was the best piece of information I'd ever heard and I believed in it until...I couldn't afford a bread pakora from the college canteen. Of course I didn't have enough money to begin with and I always had expensive taste, but still.

    Anyways, here are my Favorite Red Lipsticks:

    • Colorbar Velvet Matte Hot Hot Hot ~ So HOT!
    • Revlon Colorburst True Red ~ Really a true red. Finish is awesome, but I don't like how wide the tip is. Not very easy to apply with.
    • Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge ~ The most pigmented of them all
    • MAC Heartless (Venomous Villains Evil Queen) ~ I'm so glad I got this. It's superfabulous! Swatch below.
    • Shu Uemura RD 165S ~ This has silver shimmer, and I heart it coz it makes my teeth look really white.
    • MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper ~ I realized this isn't really red, but it belongs in the family.
    • The Balm Read My Lips Wanted ~ Has a pink undertone 


    Benefit Posietint

    Benefit Posietint has been on my wishlist since it was launched. It looked so pweety and reminds me of a nursery rhyme- "Ring a ring of Roses, A pocket full of Posies", except I used to say 'poses' instead of 'posies' as a kid, if I remember correctly. Honestly I got the nursery rhymes mixed up here and almost wrote "Rosie Posie Pudding and Pie."  Okay, I'm confused again, so let's move on....

    Described as a poppy-pink, it can be used lip & cheek stain. The first thing I noticed is it's not drying at all. on my lips, although it dries to a matte finish, it doesn't make them feel parched.

    It's easy to blend on my cheeks and looks very natural. The color is buildable though- the more you dot on, the more intense the color.


    Lipstick Tag

    I was tagged by Anju to do this, and thought it's a really fun tag and I LOVE lipsticks so...

    1. When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
    Of course! :) And my aunts' too. I would sit in front of the mirror and do Annie Lennox's 'Why'.
    How many times do I have to try to tell you *apply lipstick*.... Why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut *pout*

    My unforgettable lipstick experience: In the 6th grade my blue (but colorless) lip balm stick was "confiscated" by the seniors. They always do these weekly checks to feel superior or something. You know, all girls school- 'no cute boys to look at during lunch time, so let's snoop around instead.' My mother had bought it for me and it was beautiful- light blue glossy tube & the stick was also light blue, it looked like a lipstick. It was practically brand new when they found it in my school bag and made a big deal about it. It's COLORLESS!!! We had a temporary class teacher (whom most people think is the most arrogant person ever, btw) and boy did she gave me a damn hard time about it! I didn't get it back. I think she kept it & used it herself! I didn't tell my mother about it. Funny thing is, the teacher is a colleague of my mother's now. They are good friends. I haven't met her again yet, but I know exactly how to deal with her when I do. I will make sure that it's one hell of a full circle.

    2. How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
    19, I think. It was a matte lipstick in a dusty rose shade. Forgot the brand, but it looked like the L'Oreal lipstick packaging- dull gold, square tube.

    3. Pink or red lipstick?
    Pink is for femininity, and red is for passion. Gotta have both.

    4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
    Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick- Rs.2200

    5. And the cheapest?
    A tiny lipstick I bought for my mother was Rs.5, that's the first time. For myself, it would have to be Lakme Enrich Satin- Rs.225.

    6. What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
    Apply it on a bf ;p. Whaat? He let me haha. Shh...I hope my hubby won't read this! :O

    7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
    I think most brands hardly go wrong with lipsticks and I love too many so I can't be biased here. Bourjois, Lakme, Colorbar, MAC, ZA, IN2IT, Maybelline, Make Up For Ever, Revlon, Etude House, Lancome, Anna Sui, Shu Uemura, etc.  I like collecting lipsticks, so I want at least one lipstick from every brand.

    I tag everyone in my bloglist on the right there and also the top commenters ;).
    Hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday.

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


    Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow (AMC) ~ My Newfound Love

    Oh-em-gee! Where was this all my life?! I just got this because I needed a good vibrant silver eyeshadow,  but little did I realize that I was going to be hooked, big time. I didn't even go buy it myself! I asked my hubby to pick it up for me after I saw it in the Inglot website. So risky, nah? But I'm happy that it's just like I imagined in my head. I must say, the swatches in the website are pretty much accurate.

    Now I keep swatching it on my hand, because I'm so fascinated with it.

    I got #23, a silver shade...

    Comes in a transparent plastic jar, like the Inglot Lip Paints


    Not Just About The Strappy Booties

    I'm day-dreaming about shoes these days, coz I haven't been to a shoe store since last year, I think. For those of you who just started reading my blog and thinking wth, I've got small feet and don't find shoes especially here in India, so I don't even bother entering the shops.

    My wishlist gets longer everyday. I want so many types, so many colors. Why, why isn't my husband a shoemaker???!!! And why, why isn't Jimmy Choo my father???!!!

    Since I'll be shoe shopping again soon-ish I thought I'd show you the pair I bought last time. 

    • Black Strappy Booties ~ Vincci. Rs.2500. I think. I've never worn these outside, but have modeled in them many times at home ;)
    • Necklace ~ Big Jo's. Forgot how much exactly, I think around Rs.900
    • Gold metal bag ~ Big Jo's, Rs.idontremember. Maybe 1200 or 2000, I don't know lol.
    Both necklace & bag I bought, almost impulsively & desperately, during a last minute shopping for a graduation party, many years ago. Literally a few hours before the party and yes, I didn't reach the party on time and also couldn't accept a certain 'award'. Sigh! They remind me every time I look at them.


    Color Block Makeup + MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

    Color Blocking is all the rage now, but somehow it scares me a little bit. Mixing and matching doesn't come easily to me. I'd rather be safe in my black shoes and off-white walls. If I'm wearing yellow, I'm more likely to pick a yellow or black handbag over a red one, any given day.

    It's a different story with make-up though. I didn't even think twice. I had a picture in my head and I started painting. I know I already did similar green eyes recently, but this is more green okay lol. I thought about doing blue but I don't know...too cool.

    I chose to pair emerald green, peach & pink for this look. How brave am I?! ;). In the pic above I didn't line my waterline, which I think looks better in this type of look. But then I felt naked in a few minutes, and decide to line it anyways.


    Accessorize Haul

    I hauled some Accesssorize during the weekend. Basically went to buy a cap my friend wanted, but shiny/pretty things kept looking at me. So, of course, had to go over and say 'hello'. One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, they were right next to my bed the next morning.

    Butterfly Rope Necklace, Rs.895

    I like that it's so long. I'd wear it as a bracelet, belt and hairband too. So worth it!


    MAC Painterly Paint Pot Review & Swatches

    What it is:
    A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.

    Mac Painterly Paint Pot


    Revlon For Luca Luca At New York Fashion Week ~ How To Get The Look

    Revlon's global Artist Director, Gucci Westman, creates a fresh modern look for Luca Luca Fall 2012 Collection at New York Fashion Week. He paired a contoured eye with a strong lip, bringing forth the designer's vision of a forest fairytale filled with lush orange and okra hues.

    "The look is about a fresh modern girl on an adventure." says Westman. "She's refined yet modern. I created an eye which is contoured but not overly done so the attention is focused on the bright, striking lip."

    Revlon Products Used:

    • Revlon Colorstay 12Hour Eyeshadow in Copper Spice, Rs.650
    • Revlon Eyeliner Pencil in Toast, Rs.265
    • Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black, Rs.550
    • Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara, Rs.470
    • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson, Rs.580
    • Revlon Matte Lipstick in Fabulous Fig, Rs.500

    Weisberger Shoebox

    Count on me to buy anything that comes in a shoe box. I almost bought a set of Sex and the City dvds coz they came in a cute black/pink shoebox, even though I already had all the dvds. Come to think of it, I will sell mine on Ebay and buy the shoebox. It will save storage space too, no? Ya, that's what I'll tell hubby.

    This is Weiberger Shoe : Box Set from Flipkart, which I ordered a few days back. It reached me in 4 days. Very well-packed (although annoying when unwrapping it, I must admit) I LOVE Flipkart. The books always look so new, unlike those from bookstores :\

    I didn't really want to read the books. Reading The Devil Wears Prada after I'd already seen the movie seems like a waste of time, and on top of that the others are so-so I heard? Whatever, back to the shoe box. How cute! *squeal* I had to have it! I thought it was going to be big enough to fit a pair of my own shoes, but's too small- 51/2 X 8 inches. Kids' shoes maybe.


    Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Kiss Of A Rose

    Two shades of Cheek Artist were launched with the Lakme Fantasy Collection ~ Peach Blush & Kiss Of A Rose. I wanted both of them from the start. They are a set. They belong together. On my dresser too.

    Kiss Of A Rose is a dusty rose shade which, on me, is a MCBB blush. Arre, baba, My Cheeks But Better. So natural it looks, just like after jogging effect. I toh thought it would look so dark on me, but it doesn't, thanks God.
    Sorry, I guess Butterfly is rubbing off on me. I am currently reading The Diary of A Social Butterfly by Moni Mohsin. Have you read it? She's freakin' hilarious!

    Okay, seriously now, I like this blush a lot. It looks really natural and goes with everything. It is matte and has no shimmer (which Peach Blush has.) Blends like a dream, and stays put for hours. It would suit most skin tones as well.


    Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Pink Please

    Maybelline Pink Please, please come to me.

    That was me a year ago. This popular shade was not launched here in India, and not even in Malaysia last I checked. I guess it's sold only in the US. 

    So, Amynaree sent this to me.Thank you girly! :)

    The MAC Lipstick Goes To.....

    Here are the finalists of  Solve A Riddle & Win A MAC Lipstick Contest:
    1. Adaa
    2. MadOverMakeup
    3. Preethi Nair
    4. Adorable on your vanity
    5. Calicoaster
    6. Poohkie
    7. Peachesandblush
    8. Jan
    9. Witoxicity
    10. Riti

      and the winner is....


      Congrats! :)

      Sorry to the others :(. Thank you for taking part in the contest, and for wracking your brains & getting it right. Better luck next time.

      ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


      Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer - Look & Review

      I did a look with the Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer from the Fantasy Collection. I used only that on my cheeks and no blush. 

      *Please note that I applied more so that the shade would show on camera.

      How to apply: Because it's shimmery, I didn't want to use a dense brush, so I use a small stippling brush/ Duo fibre (Sigma F55). I swirled the brush all over the bronzer and applied it on my cheekbones, nose, chin, jawline,temples and collarbone.


      Elle 18 Color Bombs Review & Swatches

      Elle 18 Color Bombs caused quite a stir when they were launched. It's like people went crazy or something. The press release post about the products is the most popular post in this blog and till now it still gets a lot of of hits every single day. I got comments & emails with questions and more questions from people asking:  where to buy them?, how's the quality? Some even thought I'm a manufacturer and asked: "May I know wholesale price of all the products?" and "Can you send them to France?" =D

      Now I have the some of the products, and will be doing mini reviews on all of them. I hope they'll answer some of your questions.

      About Elle 18 Color Bombs 
      This exciting and funky range of color cosmetics has been designed for young trendy girls. The range designed in cool shapes has explosively vibrant colors for lips, nails and eyes. The products are packed with the goodness of Cocoa butter, Jojoba Oil, Rose Water and Almonds.


      Riddle Answer!

      "Rubies & pearls adorn me,
      Oh, how I love my reflection,
      There's me, there's me....there's me!
      Clickety I go,
      Hope you're ready for the show."

      Did you solve the riddle? No more suspense. Find out now!

      This is the most fun contest ever! It made me laugh till I cried. Some named products that I have never heard of haha...but I really appreciate that you all gave it a shot (Click here to see all the answers)

      57 answers and only 10 solved the riddle. Wow, 10! I was worried nobody will get it and I would have to chuck my riddle.