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I Wanted Everything & I Wanted To Cry

Matte finish white furniture. Almost Vintage/Victorian-looking.

I wanted to cry, because I'd already bought new furniture last year. Glossy finish. These weren't there at that time when I was desperate. I like my dresser, but I would've definitely picked this one over it.

In case you haven't seen my dressing table, you can go HERE

I missed seeing that tray table when I clicked these pics. Totally want it!

Can I have 2 vanities, pretty please? ;p

Sigh, I want that TV unit as well! And....

Okay, I want everything except the bed.

Pics clicked at Lifestyle Home Centre.

 Price range ~ Rs.40K +

Thank You for reading & I see you again soon! =)


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My Vanity Table

Hi Everyone! I spent most of last weekend sorting through my makeup, and somewhat organizing them. Thing is, they are not all in one place right now, coz some are still in some box. But I thought I'd show you the first stage of my vanity now, and do an update post later.