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Beauty Haul ~ New, Old & Favorites


Priest: "Repeat after me, 'I, Ross.'"
Ross: "I, Ross."
Priest: "Take thee, Emily."
Ross: "Take thee, Rachel."

Now that's an old & my most favorite TV show twist ever! I realize it's so random, but I watched it again recently, and I think it's absolutely genius! =D

Now on to my 1st Beauty Haul of 2015.....
......and I like all the products already.....


Most Popular Beauty Products Right Now

These are only some of the most popular products right now. By that, I mean they're the most raved about products, and they're on every, say, 10 beauty blogger's & vlogger's  'Favorites' or 'Holygrail' list.

I wanted to add more in this collage, but I just couldn't remember any other products. It's like my mind wanted to hide them from me. No, I don't believe in all that 'ignorance is bliss' nonsense.

  • Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder (Price- Rs.400+) ~ It became an instant internet sensation when every makeup enthusiast saw Kim K's makeup artist used it to set her concealer under her eyes. He highlighted & contoured her face (not an out of the ordinary technique if you're familiar with Kevyn Aucoin's work). Now everybody on Youtube is using this powder, and contouring & highlighting like Kim K & pretend it's their original idea *sigh*.  I'm drawn to the yellow-ish shade because I used to love using a yellow Kryolan Loose Powder (do try that one if other powders make you look ashy). Btw, Inglot also have similar yellow-ish/peachy loose powders. 

  • Seche Vite Top Coat (Price- Rs.500+) ~ Is it the world's finest top coat? Many beauty & nail polish junkies seem to think so. I think I want this the least out of all these products..... but I want to try it.

  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (Rs.950-1000 in India) ~ Since last year, I'd been looking for it & still have not got it. I've been seeing it everywhere! It's very popular in the UK. When I moved here, I started reading a few UK beauty blogs, and almost all of them are raving about this. They say it really does help clear out pimples & blemishes. I NEED IT! Always 'Out Of Stock' in Boots, btw. I have to get it online.

  • Bioderma Crealine H2O (Around Rs.900 for a 500ml bottle) ~ Gentle cleanser/makeup remover. This baby has put this French brand on the map! Is it oil? Is it water? Is it oily water? I gotz to know!

  • MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (Price- Rs.990) ~ This bright neon pink matte lippie was a limited edition item which came out with the Quite Cute Collection in 2011. By popular demand, it is now part of the permanent line. Woohoo! I'm happy even though I got it in 2011, and have done a look with it here & swatched it here

  • Beauty Blender Sponge (Price- around Rs.980) ~ Dampen it.... bounce it.....roll it....dab it....that's how you use it to blend face products with it for a flawless finish. It has a suede texture and its unique curves fit the contours of your face. So darn pricey for a sponge BUT everybody loves it, wants it. I want to squeeze - no, pinch - it.

  • Moroccan Oil (Price- Rs.2000+) ~ This is old news, but I have not mentioned it before, so I will now. It is Moroccan Argan Oil for hair. It not only claims to make your hair healthier, it claims to reduce drying time as well. I hadn't even heard of argan oil until this came along, and now all hair care brands have copied it. BUT original is original &  first is first, okay? Nobody will care if you & I are the next people to climb Mount Everest. But good God, look at that price!


Yes, I MUST have ALL of them! Follow the herd to greener prettier pastures.
You joining, or are you already there?

 ♥ Cynthia Z *.*