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How To Reduce Hair Loss In 1 MONTH

S-I-L: "Your hair looks thicker now. What did you do?"

Me: "REALLY?!"

She saw me in January '19 last, and said the above words in Feb '19. That's why I wrote "In 1 Month" in the title, it's not clickbait! 😄


1. I CHANGED MY SHAMPOO & oiled my hair. I was always using L'Oreal Vitamino Shampoo. I mix 2 shampoos together - an Aloe Vera & Bringha shampoos. I even left the Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil overnight.


2. I ask for Olaplex when I get my hair colored. They strengthen the hair bonds during chemical treatments. I've been meaning to the Olaplex No.3 to use at home.


3. I stopped using Dry Shampoo so much. I read that over-drying of the scalp & oil-absorbing build-up irritates the hair follicles, which ultimately leads to hair shedding. Makes sense to me, especially when I'm losing hair mostly on my crown/top areas. If I have to use one, I now use the Innisfree Don't Worry No Sebum Dry Shampoo, which leaves no white residue & doesn't feel heavy.


4. This is IMPORTANT if you live somewhere where there's hard water. I installed a water softener in the shower. I've realized for the longest time that it's the water in Gurgaon that's a major cause of my excessive hair loss, because after every hair wash, I see an unnatural amount of hair in the drain. After only 1 week of installing this...umm... invention, I could literally feel the weight of my hair again. It's made to reduces chlorine, limescale & other impurities in water. Now we have this installed on the tap, as well.
Got it from Amazon India HERE
*If you're getting this, please read the instructions properly. Apparently, you have to flip the filter inside every 45 days, which I missed reading.


5. Lastly, I stopped drinking WHITE WINE. After a bit of research, I found out white wine causes hair loss in several cases. I've stopped drinking alcohol altogether, but if I'm in the mood once in a while, I stick with beer or red wine.

Many of you have been telling me to post this for a while, so I apologize for the delay.
Hope it was helpful, if only to an extent.

I'm trying some new hair products, like a Hibiscus Shampoo, etc. More natural/organic stuff, without SLS & Parabens.

Will post an update in June.

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Can Your BELLY BUTTON Really Improve Your Skin, Etc?

Mistake: *Alcohol & Brandy soaked in cotton* >.<

I came across a few articles about the Belly Button recently, and I had to share with you all.

I'd only known about Mustard Oil for chapped lips before, and I feel like I'd been living under a rock that I hadn't heard about the rest of them:

Chapped Lips: Put a few drops of Mustard Oil before going to bed. (This works!)

Glowing Skin: Put a few drops of Almond Oil.

Pigmentation: Apply Lemon Oil.

Acne: Put a dew drops of Neem Oil.

Cold, Flu & Running Nose: Dip a piece cotton in Alcohol, and place it on your belly button.

Improve Fertility: Put drops of Coconut or Olive Oil. 

Menstrual Cramps: Dip a piece of cotton in Brandy, and place it on your belly button.

Remember I'm only sharing. It's totally up to you whether you believe it or not.

Me, I'm buying Lemon Oil & Almond Oil, and I'll definitely try the alcohol for flu one when necessary.

P.S: In one of the comments or post, one lady asked:
"What oil can I use to remove my husband?"


The 'Secret' I Add In Foundations

"The best things are discovered by accident."
~ Anonymous.


When that quote becomes popular, I'm gonna say "I'm Anonymous! I'M ANONYMOUS!!!" (I my head, I'm running after people who are not listening to me....and then I stumble & fall on my face.)

BUT I probably won't, because it's's's so! Let's just leave it at that.


Red Lipstick Hides Dark Under Eye Circles?!

First off, I want to say this is not my idea. Credit goes to a Youtuber - Deepica Mutyala - a girl who's probably made all pricey "Dark Circle Correctors" obsolete. Her makeup tip of using RED LIPSTICK to mask dark undereye circles (and prevent them from showing through concealers) had everybody talking - because it sounds ridiculous! That is, until you see her demonstration. I'll attach her video below.
So, after I watched her video, I really wanted to try it on myself. I straight away tried the trick with a coral lipstick, because I knew red would not work on my skin tone. But just to put the original tip to the test, I also tried a red lipstick, and it did ended up looking too pink & didn't brighten up my under eye areas like the coral one. I guess red lipstick works best on deeper skin tones.
This is the 2nd time I did this. The 1st time, I was blown away by the difference it made. Something about the lipstick that made the result look almost airbrushed (especially from afar, and not so up-close like you'll see mine below... hehe!)
 I did a step-by-step to show you how I did it:
Step 1: I applied the coral lipstick straight from the tube. Just a swipe. I'm still not sure how much I need really =D
Step 2: I dotted concealer on top of the coral lipstick. That is a lil' too much, and I had to blend the extra downwards around my cheeks too.
Step 3: Blended them together with a blending brush. I find fingers or a sponge blend them better than a brush like this.
Step 4 (not shown): Set with loose powder. In the AFTER pic, I hadn't used powder yet.

I'll agree I didn't have serious dark under eye circles to begin with, but see how it concealed those little sun spots/freckles. Next, I'm gonna try different red/coral lipsticks (probably matte ones) on other spots and blemishes, and see how much they'll be concealed.
***I forgot to mention the staying power when I published this post: The concealer holds on really well to the lipstick, and they both set well on to the skin. I guess it's the wax in the lipstick. Once blended seamlessly, they don't crease & settle into fine lines. Especially after powder, the coverage is budge-proof!

Coral Lipstick ~ Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick #20 1,2,3 Soleil ~ Swatched here

Concealer ~ Maybelline Fit Me Concealer #20

Powder ~ The Body Shop Loose Powder #01

Brushes ~ Sigma E25 to blend concealer & Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply powder.

Deepica's video:

Lovely girl! I think this beauty hack has changed many people's lives. Not to mention saved us some money too!

What do you all think? Have you tried this trick & found it helpful? 

Do share which lipsticks you have used with all of us! =)

Have a great week all....

Until next time......


Confessions Of A 1st Time Mommy-To-Be | Q&A

Me: Are you a Girl?
Baby CZ: KICK!
Me: Really?!
Baby CZ: KICK!
Me: Are you a Boy?
Baby CZ: *Silence*
Me: Are you a Boy???
Baby CZ: *Silence*
Me: Okay....Uhm....Is Justin Bieber your father?
Baby CZ: KICK!



My Makeup Transformations & 10 Things I Learnt

Hello, from all of us! =)
I thought I'd post something different today. Transformations & a few things that I learnt from all the times I spent applying makeup. Those are some of the looks that I'd done. Some old, some recent. I've never seen them all together before, so it's quite weird to see myself looking like that...and that...and that, and I realized I don't ever want to leave this la-la land of constant change.

10 Things I Learnt:
10. Never ignore the eyebrows. Shape, define, brush.

9. Bad hair ruins a look, just like bad shoes ruin an outfit.

8. Always Q-tip the tear ducts after doing eye makeup. Gunk is always unsightly.

7. The darker the eye makeup, the more you need undereye concealer.

6. Contouring powder or matte bronzer really does make a difference. Large forehead,  big nose, hooded lids, double can fix them all. Believe my giant forehead & pointy nose.

5. BB Creams will never supersede Foundations. However, they have superseded my  foundation primers.

4. I could live with just 2 Makeup Brushes: A synthetic flat/angled kabuki foundation brush (think Sigma Flat Top Kabuki, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) & an eyeshadow blending brush (MAC 217, Sigma E25)

3. Always remind self to stop frowning. Those deep lines are hard to hide (refer to 4th pic with red lipstick)

2. When it comes to powdering oily skin, 3 time's the charm. Once after base, once  after everything else, once more on just the T-zone.
1. Makeup mistakes are inevitable. Sometimes They.Just.Happen.

All looks with links to original posts can be found HERE,  and if I haven't updated the page and you can't find all of them there, browse HERE. If you can't find, ask in comments, and I'll put the links! =) 

Hope you liked this little impromptu post, everyone.

Enjoy your Friday, I'll talk to you again tomorrow! =)


How To Apply False Lashes ~ Step-by-Step Tutorial

I've had quite a few requests for this tutorial, so I wanted to to get it in before this year ends. It's the right time too, I guess, with all the parties coming up. Maybe those of you have never ever worn false lashes can practice now, and be ready to glam up your eyes even more on New Year's Eve!

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
[You can click to enlarge pic]

Step 1: Apply black liquid or gel liner. I'm using Bourjois Liner Feutre Felt Tip Eyeliner.

Step 2: Curl your natural lashes, so they don't fall limp when you layer the false ones on top of them. I'm using Shu Uemura Gold Eyelash Curler.

Step 3: Most times, falsies can be to straight and stiff, so curve the lashes inwards so they mimic the shape of your lash line. This will prevent the ends from sticking out of your lash line. I can't remember which lashes these are exactly, but I think they are Eylure Katy Perry Oh,Honey! which came with the glue. Shown here

Step 4: Glue a dot on both ends of lashes. The ends are most likely to come off, so I like to make sure they're glued properly.

Step 5: Apply glue on the whole band or vein. Try not to smudge it too much on the lashes or they'll stick to your natural lashes. Wait about 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky.

Step 6: Hold them pointing the band downwards and try to place on the center of lash line first. Do it carefully, so the glued ends don't touch your lid.

Step 7: With tweezers or an eyelash applicator, stick the outer end. Do it carefully, so the glued band doesn't touch your lid. I'm using Tweezerman Tweezers.

Step 8: Check if inner end aligns with the starting point of your natural lashes. If it looks too long, pull from outer end. This is easily done when you do it quickly while glue hasn't dried completely.

Step 9: Stick the inner end. See the end point? It won't poke the tear duct.

Step 10: Use the end of your tweezers to press the band down. Make sure there are no gaps.

Step 11: With a finger, lift both your natural and false lashes, and press down to make sure the false lash is sitting close to your natural lash line. Also pinch them both together so the false lashes don't point up too much.

Step 12: The glue usually dries clear, but sometimes you still see white spots. Use black liner to darken the spots.

Step 13: Apply black mascara to blend the false and real lashes together. Coat the base of your natural lashes well. This will stiffen your natural lashes and help them hold up the false ones. I prefer to use an old-ish mascara that's dried up a bit for this.



Classic Chic Nails ~ Clipping & Shaping Tutorial

Hello! I wanted to post a different kind of tutorial today ~ Nails! Classic Chic Nails that are comfortable, go with everything, and are appropriate for everyday & every occasion. Hope you'll like! I'm sure many of you don't need a tutorial for nail shaping, but I've been asked how I do mine several times, so.....

1. Position the clipper horizontally& clip straight from one side, stopping at the center of the nail. And behold my explaining skills....
2. Move clipper to the other side and clip in the same way, straight in.
3. If the corners are too sharp and pointy, clip a bit diagonally.
4. Do the same on the other side. 
5. Start filing. Straight. Back & forth. Use little pressure, and file evenly, until you get the desired length & shape ~ square with rounded edges here.
6. Should look something like that. *Wash or wipe off powdery nail bits, before next step.
7. Apply a beige or nude nail polish. 
8. After 2 coats, it looks like that. *You could apply a top coat if you want.
9. Apply some Vaseline or cuticle oil on the cuticles. That is, if they look dry.

DONE! =)  

[I do the same on my toenails as well.] 

What I Used:
  • Nail Clipper: Small & light nail clippers. I prefer small ones, to the big chunky types.
  • Filer: Scholl. Very old, but nothing works better. Even with filers, I prefer the sleek and thin ones. 
  • Nail Polish ~ Maybelline Colorama Balé Clássico. My favorite neutral nail polish. More pics here
  • Cuticle Moisturizer ~ Vaseline Pink Bubbly Lip Balm. More pics here

Personally, I've always preferred square & squoval (squarish-oval) shapes, sometimes even rounded. Pointy claw-like nails are a big NO-NO. Please. Don't. Chaku hai, chaku!
(Chaku = knife)

What's your favorite nail shape? 


Quick Tip For Long & Strong Nails

I was just going to Instagram this, but I thought why not share it with everyone! Lately, my nails are growing unnaturally fast and are noticeably thick & strong. For months they've been breaking & peeling easily, that's why I noticed it more. Before I clip & file them to a comfortable length, I wanted to show you.
I think it's the Aloe Vera products I'm using:
  • Carex Aloe Vera Hand Wash ~ I just love how this smells!
  • Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Gel
*But I use the hand wash more on my hands.
I did some googling, and found out Aloe Vera has nail strengthening properties. I never knew that!
Ladies in India, try with Brihan's Aloe Vera Gel. It's my holy grail product that I keep in the fridge all the time.

Have any of you experienced this? 


Indian Women Reveal Their Make-up Habits & Secrets

This is an infographic that Revlon India sent over after they got the results from polls they conducted in their Facebook page in an attempt to understand Indian women’s habits on cosmetics. More than 70,000 women participated in these polls. All this was part of the launch of the revolutionary Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème

Let's see what my habits & secrets (if that) are:
I am BUGGED most by foundation that.... is too dry to blend effortlessly & end up looking cakey.
I normally apply foundation using..... brush. Sometimes with fingers. If you want to avoid the unnatural look, get a synthetic buffing brush like the Sigma F80
How often do you apply foundation? It's part of my daily makeup routine. It makes everything else look better.... look complete.  
How much time do you spend applying makeup? 15-30 mins. 
Which compliment would you feel happier to receive? "WOW! Your skin looks flawless! It's glowing! It doesn't look like you have makeup on!"  =D
How many times do you touch up your makeup in a day? Powder- once or twice, depending on the weather. Lipstick- more than 3 times for sure.
What's your skin type? Oily/Combination. Verging on Normal in winters.
[Err... what about "How much are you willing to spend on a foundation?" 
I'll answer it anyways: No more than ( Rs.1000 Rs.900 if it's a drugstore brand.] 
Good news:  Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème retails for Rs.800. I will be reviewing it soon-ish.
If you feel like it, do copy the questions and jot down your own answers in the comments below =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Superstitious Beauty ~ Using Your Index Finger Is Bad?

I grew up in a culture of many superstitions. We take sayings of old people so seriously that we  had to memorize them for exams in school. But this one about the index finger is not from the books we studied, it's just a superstition I grew up with.
What they say: Never apply medicine with your index finger, coz it'll make it worse/antagonize the problem. Use this (middle finger) instead. (Btw, this generation consider that finger very bad too, grannies!)
Do I believe in it? I have never used my index finger to apply anything, especially on pimples. I don't use it to apply scrub, eye cream, moisturizer, eyeshadow primer & all makeup. I use it along with other fingers, but not just the index finger alone. Even on other people I don't use it. So ya, I guess I believe in it =)
Pointing with your index finger is also considered a bad thing. "Don't point! Don't point like that!", I would be scolded when I was young.
Is there a scientific reason behind this?  I don't always believe in science, so I have no idea. You could google it, if you're curious.
Have you heard about this? Any superstitious sayings you believe in? I'd love to hear them! 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


SPF & PA Facts ~ Pick The Right Sunscreen For You!

Today, I want to share with you some information about SPF & PA stuff. We buy sunscreens, but are we buying the right one? I, for one, have learnt a lot from this, and I know exactly what type of sunscreen I should be buying henceforth.

Hope it will guide you too!

Information below provided by HUL India, and I'm in no way an expert on such things =)

What is SPF & PA?

What SPF is right for you?
Step 1- Choose Your Skin Type: Type III, Type IV, Type V, Type VI
I'd say I'm a Type III 
Step 2- Duration of time spent in the sun: Less than 2 hours, More than 2 hours 
For me it's less than 2 hours, on most days.
Step 3- Recommended SPF: According to the chart, I'd need SPF 30. If I spend more time in the sun, like at a beach (woohoo!), I'd have to use SPF 50.


Reader In DISTRESS! Make-up & Skincare For Hyperpigmentation/Melasma

Some days back, I got this email from a reader:
"CZ!!! i need your help please!!! Rote in to u soo many times but i just havent heard from you!!!! wats a gurl gotta do to get your attention huh????!!!! :P ;) Its summertime and that = lots of sweating and melted off makeup on the face!!! :@ I desperately need you to recommend a good waterproof long lasting liquid foundation for me!! Ive heard liquid foundations are good for heavy coverage ie cover pigmentation, melasma?? :S I suffer from pigmentation of the upperlip and i generally wear foundation on tat part and spread it out a bit to lighten the pigmentation but coz of the summers it melts all over!!! :\'( im desperately in need of help CZ & only U can help me!!! I dont trust salesladies at makeup counters to give a honest enough opinion!! I had written to you on your lakme mousse review page to but still no reply!!! Please please pleaseeee help!!!! Or ill stop recommending your name to my friends!!!! *muahahha* :P ;) ok maybe that was being a bit too dramatic but wats a gurl without some drama huh?? ;) PLEASE REPLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! :)
Ri!! :) "

Firstly, I'd like to say to all those whose distressful queries/comments I have not replied to, most times I simply forget! Sometimes I go back to an old blog post, see a comment I think I should have replied to but completely FORGOT, and I feel very bad. Very bad. Same with emails. So, my sincere aplologies if I missed replying to your queries. I advise you to resend sometimes so it pokes me "Reply....reply, woman!" Believe me, I forget to reply to emails from people who want to give me free stuff & money, too. This head, I tell you. 

Secondly, hahaha....!!! I read this email one morning & it totally woke me up =D


Basic Eyeshadow Blending Tutorial & Tips

I have been meaning to do this post for a long long time! I did do one last year in September (!!!), but I did not like the photos & the lighting & my brows looked so untidy....let's just say I wasted a few hours & a pictorial.
When I say "What is blending?" I can't help saying it like Channel [V] VJ ~ Lola Kutty:
"Whaaht ees theese blanding?", with a hand gesture to go with it.
The reason I'm doing this tut is because I feel silly writing in my tutorials: "Blend well/ blend the edges" I always imagine someone reading my blog thinking- "Yes woman, blend, but howww???" I would be thinking the same if I didn't already know. Like in cooking, you can't just say "Cut the tomatoes julienne" without explaining how to do it. I don't really know what 'julienne' means, I learned the word from Monica Gellar. You remember her job interview with the creepy perv? "Are they, uh,  firm?..... I like it dirty" - about tomatoes & lettuce.
The main aim of eye shadow blending: To blur out the prominent edges so you don't really know where the color begins and ends. In most cases, the goal is to make it look like a gradient. Blended eyeshadows look more natural, especially when bold colors are used- a vibrant blue eyeshadow looks less trampy when blended well. With good blending, you can make 10 colors look like 3-4 colors.
I use only 2 blending techniques: 
Blending Technique 1: Windshield Wiper Motion- Place your blending brush on the line, and starting from outer corner of your lid, move the blending brush in a windshield wiper motion. Left-right-left-right......moving with the curve of your eyeshadow. This won't be hard to do if you have a deep defined crease. Most times, this technique is not enough, so you do the next technique in-between or after, whichever way you are comfortable with.....
Blending Technique 2: Swirling Circular Motion- In this, you make little circular swirls quickly. Start from outer corner and work your way inwards. This blending technique works well especially if you're applying one color on inner half of lid & another on the outer half, and you want to blur the prominent line in the middle where the two colors meet.


Why My Lashes Grew Longer

My eyelashes grew a tad longer! That much. Okay, I know it may not look like a big deal to some, but for me it's something. I want to say a tad thicker too, but I don't want you to loff.

I started noticing it last month. I'd apply a mascara and think, "It never made them this long before, how come?"

It was kind of easy for me to narrow down the products that may have caused it coz I was stuck in a rut when it came to everyday makeup, I'd use the same stuff every single day.


Bride's Emergency/Handy Kit


In a perfect world, a bride can survive on a tube of lipstick (and she'd also be marrying John Abraham or Prince Henry or that other celeb she adores/stalks) As an ex-bride, I wish I had read this post before my wedding day because I only had makeup, tissues & chewing gum in my tiny handbag. So, I hope future brides won't forget they'll possibly need these other important things:

  • Safety Pins ~ Why do we always need them when we DON'T have any?! Especially if you'll be wearing a two-piece, these things will surely come in handy.
  • Eye Drops ~ Smoke (and tears) can strain your eyes. You want to be bright-eyed for photos. Buy: Clearine Eye Drops.
  • Ear Ointment Cream- My gold bridal earrings were so thick that my piercing had to be 3 times the size to insert them without pain, so I had to live with watery/itchy ears for days after the wedding. It's better to apply a cream before wearing your heavy earrings to prevent infection. Buy: Flutibact.
  • Eyelash Glue ~  For your false eyelashes (they tend to come off at the inner corners) & also, maang tika- so it stays in place on your forehead. At Ambika Pillai studio, they once used Dendrite for my maang tika, and I ended up with a grape-sized bump on my forehead the next day. Gosh, I can't help thinking- What if they had used superglue???!!! Idiots. Buy: Duo Adhesive.


How I Deep Clean Makeup Brushes ~ Step-by-Step Photos

On Saturday, I deep cleaned some of my makeup brushes that I use often, and decided to clickety-click the whole process. It's a basic thing, but I hope you pick up some tips at least.

What is deep clean? It is basically washing your brushes thoroughly with soap & water, not a brush cleanser.

  • Things needed ~ A shallow soap dish, water & a baby shampoo. I use Garnier Fructis Strawberry Kids Shampoo right now. I also use Johnson's Baby Shampoo.


How To Use Scrubs ~ Reader Query

Christine L asked:  Please educate me on how to use a scrub! I've never bought one because I just don't know how to use one lol. See I always use a loofah anyway with body wash, so am I supposed to put some of the scrub on the loofah and use it before the body wash or after?? Also am I supposed to leave it on for a bit?? Helpp!!

I think many people still don't know how to use a scrub. An ex-roommate of mine actually used it as a face/hand wash! :)

How To Use ~ Wet face/body first and then take appropriate amount of scrub. Spread it all over face/body, gently massage for about 2 mins- I prefer using my hands -  and then rinse. For body, I usually shower first, with a body wash using a loofah, rinse, and then use the scrub as mentioned.
*** When you're going to shave: Use scrub before shaving, not after. Skin is too sensitive after shaving. The razor actually glides on more easily after scrubbing. Sometimes when I run out of shaving foam, I use a scrub instead of soap. I read somewhere that soap isn't good for shaving- something about the lather clogging the hair follicles...ya, something like that.

How much to use?
  • Face: 1-2 pea-sized amount. 
  • Body: Depends on how much meat you have going on =D. I use about 2 tablespoons of The Body Shop Body Scrubs.

Whether to leave scrub for a while before rinsing:
Body scrubs- Not so much, coz most times my wet fingers start pruning (which is like nails on blackboard for me...ahhh! Sorry!) and all I wanna do is get dry right away! But I like to leave face scrubs for a minute or two (like a face mask) before rinsing - if I have time, otherwise rinsing immediately is just fine + you can run your hands on your soft, smooth, satiny skin ASAP! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Favorite Makeup Tips

Here are 5 of my favorite makeup tips, old and new, which I picked up from various sources- magazines, makeup artists & my own experience:
  • If you don't want length on your bottom lashes, apply gel liner on them instead of mascara. 
  • Apply some loose powder with a fan brush or a puff on your under eye area when using dark eyeshadows or shimmery eyeshadows, so your base won't be ruined if there's fallout. You can just dust it all off with a powder brush when you're done.
  • Tearing up while applying mascara or liner but don't want the tears to roll down and spoil your makeup? Just press a Q-tip (ear bud) right on your tear ducts. The tears will be absorbed immediately. Do this when you use eye drops too.
  • My new favorite way of applying mascara to extend my short lashes & curl them at the same time: Place the brush at the roots of your lashes, and start rolling the wand (inwards towards cheek), keep rolling till it reaches the tips of your lashes. Repeat until you have evenly coated all your lashes.
  • What's your natural blush shade? Squeeze your fingertip (a little above the line), the increase in blood flow will make the tips look pinker. That's the color that will look most natural on your cheeks.
I will keep posting makeup & beauty tips every now and then, so they can go in the 'Beauty Tips' tab up there. Hope you'll enjoy reading, and find them useful.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Top 6 Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Colors For Indian Skin Tones

(There'sonly 5 up there coz I forgot about the 6th one when I clicked that pic, but don;t worry it's down there)

Here my Top 6 Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Colors that I think would suit Indian skin tones- light, medium, dark. Most of them were part of the Gypsy Collection that came out last fall-winter, except for one shade, which was launched with the first batch.
*I didn't bash up the poor lippies. They were squished/dented like that when they reached me.

(L-R) 663, 266, 129, 424, 423

Read on for lip swatches...