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I could be referring to a number of things:
  • No more Blog Sale drama around here. It must have confused you spectators too =)
  • No more Desperate Housewives *sobs*
  • No more Grey-Steele drama, coz I finished reading the "50 Shades Of Grey" trilogy.
  • No more Indian Beauty Bloggers' drama. At one time, it was like an Indian tv serial. You didn't know? Well, I won't b***h and tell, coz it's all in the past now ;)
But I'm referring to none of those things. Really. I'm only talking about Essence Color & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish in #27 No More Drama.


Blog Sale Part-2

  • Online NEFT Transfer 
  • Cash Deposit ~ Rs.100 extra will be charged, due to bank charges for cash deposits.

*I will email you my bank details, once you've confirmed your purchase. To be made within 48 hours after confirmation. I cannot hold any items for more than 2 days.

  • First come first served basis, no reservations.
  • Please be sure you want to purchase the items, and won't back out later.
  • You just have to comment & tell me what you want to purchase. That item will be marked 'SOLD' asap.
  • All sales are final. NO RETURNS.
  • The photos posted show you the present condition of the products.
  • I will pack them with TLC (tender loving care) in bubble wrap and all, so I will not be held responsible for any damage during transit.
  • All prices are in INR, and are inclusive of packing, handling & shipping costs.
  • I will ship the items within 5 working days, by Speed Post or Courier. I want to ship ALL together in 1 day, as I will be travelling soon.
  • Sale available to INDIA ONLY.

(L) INGLOT 5 Eyeshadow Palette 491, 474, 372, 495, 477 (swatched here) - Rs.1200 SOLD
(R) Stage Floral Flirtation Eyeshadow Palette - Rs.400


(L) Too Faced Naked Eye Palette - Rs.1200 SOLD
(R) Brand New Too Faced Brow Envy Kit. Comes with 2 brow powders, 1 brow wax, 1 highlighter, tweezers, 1 angled brush, 1 spoolie, 1 brown pencil. without stencils - Rs.1600 SOLD


Blog Sale Part-2 DELAYED: Now 5:00 PM & Things To Note

Hey Everyone,

Blog Sale Part-2 moved to 5:00 PM now, for various reasons.

Hope it still suits everybody.

Yesterday's sale went great, but there was some confusion. So in today's sale, if the person who comments first decides not to take something, I will give it to the next commenter. Passing around of stuff will not be entertained.

Hope there won't be any angry customers today =)

See you again soon!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


MAC Pink Popcorn Lipstick ~ From Reel Sexy Collection

How CUTE is that name?! 'Pink Popcorn'. Enunciate it - PINK. POPCORNIt'll sound almost provocative. Like an innuendo, but it's not. Is it? I don't know. We'll ask Snoop Doggy Dogg next time, I can imagine him & Nicki Minaj making an explicit hit out of the words ~ "Yo sweet like a pink popcorn, baby..... Why won't you lemme taste ya no mo.....?"
Okay, I'll stop. 
You know I'm not supposed to be buying anymore make-up & lipsticks, right? So, the other day I dropped by the MAC store, you know, "just to see what's new & not buy anything" and I saw this lipstick among the Reel Sexy Collection. It had me at 'Pink Popcorn'. It's a Limited Edition, I justified my impulsion.

MAC Pink Popcorn Lipstick:
Finish- Lustre
Color - Lavender Pink
Scent: Mild Vanilla  
I find this sheerer than most MAC Lustre lipsticks, and it looks almost milky on my lips. But the color can be built up to look less alien on my lips. I do have to wear more on my eyes (smoky) for this type of shade to look nice on me.

Blog Sale Part 1

READY? Please quickly read the following, coz I've added some important points, which I overlooked before.

  • Online NEFT Transfer 
  • Cash Deposit ~ Rs.100 extra will be charged, due to bank charges for cash deposits.
*I will email you my bank details, once you've confirmed your purchase. To be made within 48 hours after confirmation. I cannot hold any items for more than 2 days.

  • First come first served basis, no reservations.
  • Please be sure you want to purchase the items, and won't back out later.
  • You just have to comment & tell me what you want to purchase. That item will be marked 'SOLD' asap.
  • All sales are final. NO RETURNS.
  • The photos posted show you the present condition of the products.
  • I will pack them with TLC (tender loving care) in bubble wrap and all, so I will not be held responsible for any damage during transit.
  • All prices are in INR, and are inclusive of packing, handling & shipping costs.
  • I will ship the items within 5 working days, by Speed Post or Courier. I want to ship ALL together in 1 day, as I will be travelling soon.
  • Sale available to INDIA ONLY.

Sleek Avoir La Peche Collection - Rs.1000 SOLD

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush, comes with a brush, used approx. 4-5 times (swatched here) - Rs.950 SOLD


NARS Orgasm Blush - Rs.800 SOLD

  • (L) Kryolan Blush Palette (Review here) - Rs.550
  • (R) Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer. Used 2-3 times, comes with a brush & mirror (Review here) - Rs.350  SOLD


NEW Product Launches ~ Lakmé, Pond's, Maybelline New York, L'Oreal Paris

Don't we all just love it when new beauty products enter our Indian market? That's because it's so.....rare.

Below are some recently launched products by 4 of my favorite affordable brands. 2 skincare products, 2 make-up products. Only 3 really appeal to me.

Lakmé Absolute™ Bi-phased Make-up Remover ~ It is enriched with the goodness of various antioxidants. The product is designed to break down and rinse off the chemicals in make-up that ordinary soaps and face-washes can't. Hello, it comes with a pump! Me likes it already! Price - Rs.210 for 60 ml.

Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGENFacial Foam ~ Pond's announces the extension of its range with the new Pond’s age miracle™ Cell ReGEN™ Facial Foam, that’ll counter dullness and enhance your skin’s radiance! The new Pond’s age miracle™ Cell ReGEN™ Facial Foam is a unique combination of Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex™, a system of vital Bio-Actives:  CLA, Retinol, Two Retinol Boosters, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Glycerin with gentle micro beads that come together to deeply cleanse skin and help remove the dead cells and impurities to reveal visibly youthful skin! With the success of of that Regenerist range by that other brand, I'm glad to see a cheaper ReGEN face wash! Price - Rs.215 for 100 ml

BLOG SALE Dates & Timings

Hey Make-up Lovers, 
[In that pic above, are photos I recently took of the Blog Sale Items]
I have received a lot of emails regarding the blog sale, and I'd like to thank all of you for showing interest. Sorry I couldn't reply to all of you, I just didn't know what to tell you! All of you wanted to book some products, almost the same ones, so it wouldn't be fair for me to reserve stuff for anybody. I've had requests about timing, days, and dates, too, so I did my best to keep those in mind, while also thinking about MY preferred timings =D

Dates & Timings:
27th, Friday (1st Batch) - 14:00 PM
28th, Saturday (2nd batch) - 17:00 PM 


My Lipstick Collection

This is for all you LIPSTICK ADDICTS! My Lipstick Collection revealed!
It was requested many times, and I've actually been meaning to do it for a long time now, but I always thought next week....procrastinate ++++.  Now, I can't delay it anymore, since I'm leaving my home & country (reason here)
*Please Note: This is what we Beauty Bloggers do, and we NEVER call it "showing-off", okay? =)
That's never the intention. I personally enjoy seeing other people's makeup-collections & how they store them. I mean, we buy & review them, so we also need to see how they live too, no? 
Since I put all my lip products in this stack of drawers, you'll see my other lip products too- lipglosses, lip balms, etc.
These are Nayasa drawers I've shown you before. On top there is the Vanity Organizer from Home Stop

3 drawers. Top- Lipsticks, Middle- Assorted/Messy, Bottom: Lakmé


[I've Got Bittersweet NEWS], OOTD & Blog Sale Preview

SO MUCH to say today! I'll start with the OOTD. It wasn't meant to be a full-on OOTD. I just wanted to click some photos of the dress. The sun washed out the color a lot,  and you know the issues I have with my dear dear occasional photographer =D
*And ya, please excuse the all-same-type poses. I needed only one photo out of these. 


Mint Eyeshadow Tutorial

I have not done a tutorial for you guys since the Black Smokey Eyes I did! No wonder I was beginning to feel uneasy.

I wanted to do something bright, and decided on MINT- the hottest color of the season. Really, I can't get enough of the color! I keep dreaming about a mint tea set....and mint handbag.....and mint cotton candy (just to look at, not eat).....and I'm looking for a mint t-shirt for Mr.CZ. I know, I'm going mintal.


Aldo Jewelry & Bangles Haul ~ Products Of The Week

This is the jewelry haul I mentioned. I look at them every night before sleeping.... let out a sigh of contentment..... show the rings to Mr.CZ- "Look! Sho cute!", for the 10th time!..... put them away in the Aldo bag..... place it beside my nightstand.... and finally.... finally..... put my head on my pillow. Then it's Mr.CZ's turn to sigh aloud =D
Enjoy the pics! 
Stacked Gold Bangles ~  From Shimla. I combined 2 types of bangles there. The thick/designed ones were for Rs.150 for 4 pieces, and the thin beaded ones were for Rs.50 for a dozen. I like that they don't look too traditional, and you can still wear them with western outfits. Something like these would probably cost so much more from Accessorize & Aldo.

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Launched!

THEY ARE HERE! The Baby Lips! =)
Maybelline New York launches new Baby Lips
A lip Balm that is set to give you the lips you were born with!
Mumbai July ’12: Maybelline New York, world’s No.1 cosmetic brand has launched a revolutionary lip balm to pamper your lips. Baby Lips, which has proved to be a huge success and has achieved a cult following worldwide, is now available in India. The lip balm is a result of Maybelline New York’s fresh and innovative approach that constantly tries to empower women to look their best.
Baby soft lips can finally be yours: forget about dryness or that chapped feeling, as this lip balm not only hydrates your lips but also, protects it from harmful UV rays with SPF20. Its advanced formula infused with exclusive Botanical Cell Repair Concentrate promises to give you renewed, softer lips in just 4 weeks.
Maybelline New York Baby Lips contains all the goodness your lips will need this season. It contains a perfectly balanced blend of superior ingredients such as aloe, honey, a high percentage of shea-butter and a combination of essential vitamins. This innovative lip balm requires only one application to give you instant moisture and protection for up to 8 hours. The lip balm comes in Care and Color range with 7 different bright colours to lighten up your mood.
Baby Lips provides the care you were meant to receive! Adult care for baby soft lips in the most fragrant flavors yet!

Mango Pie

Available:  All MNY counters across the country

Care Range- 2 shades- Rs 125/-
Color Range- 5 shades- Rs 150/-

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Weekend Getaway Snapshots ~ Shimla

Weather ~ Pleasantly chilly. Saw big chunky rains after a long long time.

Shopping ~ Quite okay. Since it's sale time, I got a lot of tops. Thanks to Shimla, now I know I can shop at Benetton Kids heehee....I bought a tank top with cherries print. Liked a pair of bow ballet shoes, but my size (33) wasn't available.

Momos (dim sums) ~ HORRIBLE. Worse than the ones I make myself. Seriously.

Jewelry Haul Preview

View from Mall Road

LOVING these muffins my sis-in-law made. the same s-i-l who made my Shoe & Make-up Birthday Cake


Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Totally Toffee Review & Swatches

I told you I was hunting for a lipstick exactly like Maybelline Touch Of Toffee Color Sensational Lipgloss in my Most Used Beauty Products post. Then reader Aparna (Hello! Thank You!) told me to try Maybelline Totally Toffee Color Sensational Lipstick. I had seen swatches of it before, but somehow I thought it wasn't launched in India (like Born With It). I decided to pick it up 2 weeks back, with Colorbar Passionate Crème Touch Lipstick (and another lipstick, which has another story with an unhappy ending), and......
.....Oh My Bows! Look-at-that! How have I lived without it?! I mean, it's so my type of nude lippie! I think it's a more pigmented sister of Touch Of Toffee. It's perfect for my lips, coz the undertone is neither too pink nor too peach & neither too warm nor too cool. It's a neutral nude lippie. If, God forbid, my favorite nude lippie MAC Patisserie were ever discontinued, Totally Toffee could easily replace it. Not that they're the same, Patisserie is much lighter and glossier.
I prefer it to My Mahogany, simply because I think it suits my skin tone better.


Looking For A Mint Nail Polish In India?

Yes, there are tons of mint nail polishes out there, but if you live in India like me, you ain't got many choices. So, I thought I'd show you a good one I found.....

I chanced upon Deborah Milano Sense Tech 100% Mat in #04 many weeks back at New U. It's a true mint shade with a creamy matte finish & I must say, I loved it.


3rd Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway ~ Win Urban Decay Naked Palette & MORE! 3 WINNERS! (Open Worldwide)

Hey everyone, my baby is about to turn 3 years old - on 13th August, and I wanted to celebrate it with a Giveaway, of course. It's a little early, but I had to start it NOW, as I'll be busy travelling & whatnot in August.
I'll be picking 3 WINNERS! There are exciting prizes to win - ALL BRAND NEW IN BOX, and as promised, I got the coveted Urban Decay NAKED Palette from Sephora US. I hope you like the other prizes too! =)
1st PRIZE: Urban Decay NAKED Palette (Review & Swatches here)

2nd PRIZE: NYX Trio Eyeshadow in Pink Purple Prune | Maybelline-HyperCurl Mascara, Black Crayon Liner, Dream Mousse Blush in Soft Plum. In a black INGLOT Mesh Make-up Pouch (I added the bow myself ;))

3rd PRIZE: Benefit Dandelion Wishes (pics here), Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Peach Blossom, Mini Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin, Sigma Travel Size E25 Brush, Urban Decay  Eyeshadow & Primer Potion samples

This is a giveaway for readers of this blog, so if you'd like to participate, you have to be a follower or subscriber. Please fill in the Rafflecopter form below for your entry to be considered valid:

-  Giveaway Open worldwide
-  Ends on 20th August, 2012 at 12:01 am EST.
-  Winners will be picked randomly using, and will be announced shortly after end date.

Good Luck, everyone!

Thank You for all the support & encouragement you given my blog - and nonsense - over the years =)
Lots of L♥VE to you all! 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream Review

If you see a new dark spot every 2-3 weeks, like I do, every whitening/lightening cream will call out to you.
"Try me! Yes, try me! I will change your fac..... life! C'mon now, why you walking away from me??? Hey!" That's the frickin' pricey one talking (the one in white packaging). You flee from it before you succumb to it's seduction, because you know it'll never measure up to your expectations, especially if you have to shell out more than the what you'd have to for 2 MAC lipsticks for it.
You usually settle for something that will still leave room for lipsticks, like my current hope-inducing lightening day cream- Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream. It is a brand new formula, and different from the one launched a few years back, which I did not like at all. This one claims to 'work with your skin'
A Little About It:
It works with your unique skin to inhibit the production of melanin, reducing dark spots and lightening skin from the source. The GenWhite formula is also unique because it is our first ever vanishing cream formula that is proven to be SPF20 PA++ sunscreen system. It provides protection from more than 93% of UVB rays that burn skin when directly exposed to the sun and UVA rays that your skin doesn’t feel oily and heavy with sunscreen. The GenWhite technology was formulated by selecting over 1000 whitening ingredients and contains special ingredients that are scientifically proven to work with your skin. 


Look With L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows

I'm so infatuated with L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in 'All Night Blue', and wanted to show you how it looks. The blue is so striking & glam, that it makes my eyes look brighter. I'd wear these eyes with a black dress, jeans/white shirt combo & royal blue Indian wear (not that I have one). If it's too loud for you, you can apply it only on your lower lash line, like a colored liner.
You know me by now, I just had to hang something on my head, and this time a giant earring =D
I used the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows from L'or Electric Collection (swatches here)-used All Night Blue all over my lid & Forever Pink on the inner corners.


SALE Madness At ZARA & My Haul

ZARA Store, Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi, 6th July '12, 17:30 PM (Friday):
The world went silent, except for my own heartbeat. I'd been waiting for this for weeks. Nervousness, fear, annoyance, confusion, and excitement, consumed me all at once as soon as I entered the store & I saw piles of tops on the tables, and some littered on the floor along with a few hangers. It was a battlefield of fabrics & sale-crazed women. Mr.CZ spoke of the long queue at the cash counter, and I pretended not to hear. I walked quicker to my favorite section- TRF, like I always do. It was a little calmer, but nonetheless messy. 
A while later, it was time to go to the main section. As I was confused where to go first (Tops? Coats? What's that mint-colored thing on that rack?), a girl in a black coat said something to me. I couldn't hear her at first (it looks like a dress....skirt?)
"You're Cynthia.", I think that's what she said.
"Yes?", I said, wondering if I went to college with her.
"I read your blog", she explained.
"Oh, hi.....!", I smiled for the first time since I entered the store. We chatted for less than a minute (Hello, Jasinder! :))
Then I was lost in the frenzy again. I was bumped into uncountable times, and I was chanting 'Excuse Me' almost every time I turned. I imagined holding a gun up and yelling "Get out! All of you! Get out!" 
Below are pic of only the TRF section. The main  section is 10 times busier.


Is This Sephora Delhi?

So I saw this at Select City Walk today, and Sephora immediately jumped to my mind. There was news that they're opening in Delhi this year. I reached home and googled 'Sephora models' then 'Sephora makeup models', but I couldn't find that model in the pic.
It's right next to the MAC store.

Does anybody know? Yes, please help me find out if that's a Sephora model..... hehe....

"Country's Most Awaited Store Coming Soon!"


I gots to know! 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Hair Makeover At Lakmé Salon ~ Hair Serenity Treatment

This couldn't have come at a better time. My hair was back to it's natural self, and was becoming very frizzy! I was thinking about going for rebonding again, but then something new & natural came along ~ Hair Serenity Service by Lakmé Salon. I was super excited to try it out, because it doesn't have harmful ingredients & chemicals.

Lakmé Salon's Hair Serenity is a hair relaxing treatment without Formaldehyde. It makes hair look smooth & blow-dried, but not poker straight. You might want to read about here
Is it for you? Let me take you through it all, and you can decide for yourself:
STEP 1: Washing. Just shampoo & conditioner.
STEP 2: Blow dry hair till it's only 70% dry.
STEP 3:  Cysteine Complex Curl Softening Cream was applied only on the hair lengths avoiding the roots. This is the main product.

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