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OOTD & Baby CZ Sonogram Pics

QUICK! Think of a number from 10 to 19.

Don't scroll down until you've thought of the number first!

We'll call it "Intuition Test"

Number in mind? Okay, now you can continue reading....

I had not seen this Mango dress for a long time, coz I'd left it in India when we moved to UK. You must have seen it on IVC (here). So I felt like wearing it for the 2nd time. I know, we need pastel yellow shoes too =D

And here are some sonogram pics of Baby CZ.....

First pic ~ Very first sonogram, when it looked like a diamond ring. Posted here
Second & Third pic ~ From Down's Syndrome Test. Everything was fine. That's it's hand, not a snorkel.
Last pic ~ Baby CZ waving. I know it's a graphic photo, but it was cute when it happened =)

It may look big, but it's only about 7cm.

Okay, hope you have a number in mind.

The due date is......

13th October!

After the first ultrasound, they put 8th October as the due date, but of course they said it'll be confirmed only after the 2nd ultrasound.

So, tell me, what number did you think of??? =)

Thank You for reading & will see you again soon!

Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow.


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Haul: Budget- Rs.2600 ($49)

You have Rs.2600 ($49) in your wallet, what do you buy? I decided to not buy make-up, for a change (especially not another Benefit blush or perfume). I found a dress & a necklace. Both lovely, and they get along with each other.
Mango Baby Pink Lady Cocktail Dress, Rs.1990 ~ The first thing I thought when I first saw this dress was, 'It's so cheap!' Now please don't misunderstand me, I'm not a rich woman, and I do value money. It's just that, some other blah dresses at Mango costed more, and I know a dress like this in Forever New would cost no less than 6 grand. That's why I felt like I hit the jackpot. It's a conservative dress that reaches below my knees. The yellow belt is a nice touch of color block, though it's not the best quality.