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New Year's Eve Prep ~ Makeup & Outfit

I have no idea what to wear tonight. I have this H&M lace embroidered skirt, but I don't know what to wear with it. Damn this freezing weather! We are going to a masquerade party, so I feel like dressing up a little bit Moulin Rouge-ish. I'm planning to make a bustier out of a matching bra to wear with the skirt. But it could look really awful, and I'll end up wearing something else. I don't know.
H&M Skirt ~ That's the back, front is plain. I got this on sale for only £7 (Rs.624)

Rest In Peace Nirbhaya

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Our Christmas Presents Unwrapped!

Time to open our Christmas presents! Not literally, but it sounds more fun. Let's pretend I also don't know what they are. This is basically all the gifts Mr.CZ & I gifted each other. Well, except for the make-up products that I got before Christmas & all the jewelry, some of which I got on Boxing Day (26th Dec) sales.
The snowman (which lights up), candy canes & green sequin ornament were all the christmassy decorations we got this year.
 Some of you may have already guessed what's in the tin boxes


Maybelline Superstay 14HR Lipsticks ~ Stay With Me Coral & Infinitely Fuchsia

The Maybelline Superstay 14HR Lipsticks were some of the products I returned back to the shelves during the Revlon Sequins episode. Few days later, I came to know they've been launched in India. I wanted them even more! =)
I got 2 shades:
  • Stay With Me Coral #430
  • Infinitely Fuchsia #160 
The best thing about these is....they smell like cherries! I think I want a perfume like that.
Finish: They're matte, but always feel somewhat sticky. They're not velvety matte.
Top: Infinitely Fuchsia, Bottom: Stay With Me Coral


2 Holiday Makeup Looks ~ Red 'Vs' Coral

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
This was supposed to be up yesterday, but we were busy, and I was exhausted by evening. So I decided to just sit back and do nothing..... listen to  Last Christmas & All I Want For Christmas Is You....and wait for Christmas Eve!
I couldn't decide which lippie color I wanted to wear, so I wore 2. You know, I don't usually smile wide in my FOTD's because I always end up looking too enthu... like, too much teeth.... sometimes too goofy. But a Holiday/Christmas-themed look is an exception =D


Christmas/Holiday Eye Makeup Tutorial ~ Nancy Ajram Inspired

I've wanted to do a Nancy Ajram inspired makeup for a long long time- since last year, to be precise. This year, on 6th April, I seriously planned to do the look, but I guess I got sidetracked again. I know the exact date coz I'd written the post in a Notepad.
Who's Nancy Ajram? She's this Arabic singer. I'm obsessed with only one of her songs - Fi Hagat. Not the song exactly, but the music video. I have watched it a hundred times, I think. So this is kind of a tribute to the song ;) Pic of her makeup in the video......
We have very different eye shapes, so I had to do it to suit my eye shape. She had her eyeshadow right up to her brows, but that would look very weird on my hooded lids. If you have a deep pronounced crease, you could do it exactly like hers.
  1. Apply eyeshadow all over lids & Lower lash line I used Maybelline Color Tattoo Permanent Taupe. You can straight away apply a chocolate brown eyeshadow. I didn't have a dark brown matte eyeshadow.
  2. Take a brown eyeshadow on a blending brush. I used Sigma E25.
  3. Apply the brown eyeshadow on top of the taupe cream eyeshadow. Also apply on lower lash line. I used Urban Decay Buck from Naked Palette.
  4. It should like that.
  5. Take a shimmery taupe or bronze eyeshadow. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo On And On Bronze.
  6. Pat it gently with your ring finger in the center of your lids as shown. Make sure not to touch the edges.
  7. Pat a little bit of gold eyeshadow on top of the bronze.
  8. Reapply the brown eyeshadow making it darker on the outer corners
  9. Get the color in the hollows under your brow bone and blend using circular motions.
  10. Blend & soften the edges of the brown shadow with a fluffy blending brush. I used Sigma E40. Blending Tutorial here.
  11. Line very close to your lashes with black gel liner & an angled liner brush. Start from the outer corners, then line from inner corners by pushing the brush on your lash line, and then join them in the center. I used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner & MAC 266 angled brush
  12. This is optional: False Lashes. I used Eylure Katy Perry Lashes in Sweetie Pie. Skip if you have naturally full lashes or a darn good mascara.
  13. Apply black mascara to blend the false lashes with your natural ones. I used Maybelline Colossal Smokey Eyes Mascara.
  14. Darken the brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line. I mixed Urban Decay Buck & Blackout because I don't have a dark brown eyeshadow with me.
  15. Apply a bit of the shimmery eyeshadows you used on the lids just on inner half of inner corners of lower lash line. I used only Maybelline On And On Bronze with a pencil brush.
  16. DONE! 
 My brows look dusty (in pics only) because I used cold brow wax. Big mistake >.<

Red Lipstick suggestions: Here she's wearing a YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick (as shown in the video) - probably in Red Taboo. Other suggestions: Maybelline Pleasure Me Red & MAC Russian Red.

The Video:
Stupid stupid man, isn't he?  =D

Fi Hagat means 'There Are Things'. Translated to English (because I'm that  interested heehee):
"I can't ask you to make my world sweeter, to change how things are
No matter how close you are to me.... How dear you are
I can't tell you how I want our life to be
Know, on your own, how I want our life to be.
At times, it seems that I'm content
That I'm calm, that I've accepted everything and got used to it
That doesn't mean you can believe that I gave up."
[Full song translated here - if you're interested.]

I love her makeup in last scene as well. Suggestions: 
Eyes: You could use the same taupe Color Tattoo I used here, or any matte taupe eyeshadow.

I will post a full LOTD with these eyes in a bit, but it will no longer be Nancy Ajram inspired. Hope you found the tut helpful.
Post Updated: 
More pics here 

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Sephora India Opened Today!

Source: Sephora India  (posted yesterday)

Sephora has opened today the 22nd of December '12, if you didn't know it already. At Select City Walk, New Delhi.
Hope you went...or you are still there!
Please come back to give us all the juicy details! =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*

Christmas Nails ~ Sequins On Pillar Box

Simplicity Gone Gorgeous! 


Outfit Of the Day, Mini Haul & Some Very Thoughtful Gifts From The Man

One: Posing in that position (maybe 7 times to get it right) will make your thigh muscles very angry at you. Going down the stairs was a pain even after 2 days! >.<
Two: I ended up sitting in most of the pics because the camera kept cutting my head off.
Three: Please excuse the messy background. We always think about tidying it up, but it's always raining & wet. Sheesh, I didn't even notice that stick branch on the ground until I was editing these pics.

New! Maybelline Super Stay 14 hours Lipstick.

No more melt downs!

Maybelline New York Presents The future of long wear lipcolor with Superstay 14hr Lipstick
Never drying, always fresh and comfortable, the new SuperStay 14Hr Lipstick offers a multitude of vibrant shades in just one step that delivers a lightweight feel like never a longwear has before. It lasts 14 hours without ever drying, crumbling or feeling tight.

With its super stay power, this lipstick sets you free! Just one application and you’re all set for the day. No dragging, no fading, no drying…..but stunning gorgeous lips and lightweight feather feel!

A combination of technologically advanced formulations and make up expertise Maybelline New York strives to deliver the best to you. Superstay 14hr is made of silicone film for smooth comfort and lightweight polymers for the ultimate long-lasting effect. The entire collection boasts a blended mix of 16 vibrant shades of pinks, corals, reds, plums & browns perfectly crafted to suit the Indian skin tone.

With proven long wear results, satisfactory reviews and high ratings you can be rest assured of confidently flaunting your perfect lips.

So, feel extremely comfortable, soothing and fresh always. with the new Superstay 14 hrs lipstick and get the lip look you love!!

Price ~ Rs.525
Availability: 16 Shades across Maybelline New York Counters.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


The Shopping List: Christmas Edition....

..... Where Savings Come To Die!

It's that time of year again! We write a long wishlist (in Windows Notepad)..... we think just because it's Christmas time, we'll get everything we wish for..... and we know Santa ain't real.

No. He's not real. 

  • Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection ~ Look.At.Those. Makeup fit for a princess, really. I can't even tell you how much I want this collection! I can't even.
  • MAC Making Pretty Collection ~ These are ridiculously pricey, so I might not get any of them. Bug *sigh* so pretty!


Garnier UltraLift Serum+Cream & Eye Care

I have been literally dreaming about me applying creams that make my dark spots & lines under my eyes disappear. I sat in front of my Revlon Hollywood Mirror and saw the magic of these creams. No, the names of the creams did not appear in those dreams.
I know...I know...we're all thinking- vain much? But truth is, I'm seeing more lines under my eyes  my right eye (weirdly), and they have been really bothering me for months. So it's now my mission to fight them (get out! get out!)
My first thought: One word- RETINOL. Then I chanced upon these 2 attractive red-clad products from Garnier.
Garnier UltraLift 2in1 Serum & Cream ~ Gives you the power and comfort of a serum and a cream in one! Its striking innovative spiral format delivers an anti-wrinkle action with two products in one application for firmer feeling, radiant looking skin. Enriched with 2 times more Pro-Retinol* derived from nature, UltraLift 2in1 Serum & Cream has proven efficacy on wrinkles, even deep ones.
1st Impression: Look at the swirl design! How cute?! I saw it, and knew I had to try it. Smells very nice. Moisturizing, but non-oily.  Not at all oily.


MAC Mehr Lipstick Photos & Swatches

Me to MAC SA: "Do you have Me-her lipstick?"
SA (British): "Mm-ha?"
I wanted to get another matte lipstick from MAC (because I love Party Parrot so much), so I decided to pick up one of the MAC Indian Lipsticks - Mehr - if it's still available. It was!
MAC Mehr Lipstick was launched with the Mickey Contractor Collection. But I think it's still available, especially in India. 
Finish ~ Matte. But non-drying.
Shade ~  Described as dirty blue pink. It looks a little mauve-ish pink on me. It is pinker & more opaque than MAC Cosmo


SHOPPED! Revlon (FREE Sequins Nail Polish Alert)

I went into Boots to get a hair dryer. Typical me went straight to the makeup counters first. I decided to pick up some Maybelline products because of the 3 for 2 offer.
I couldn't decide on the last product, so I strolled over to the Revlon counter. There I saw the Sequins Nail Polish displayed proudly. I want it! I want it! Then I saw FREE not for resale, and you get it ONLY if you buy 3 Revlon products. I'd already picked Maybelline products, and we had to get home!
Mr.CZ: "So are you going to start all over again?"
Me: "Nah, it's okay. I'll come pick it up another time." 
In the queue to the cash counter:

Mr.CZ: "Are you happy with the stuff you got?"
Me: "Not so much. I think I'd be happier with the Revlon products. Sequins!"
Mr.CZ: "Come on then. Go get the Revlon products only."
Haha.... I think he knows me better now. Remember the Accessorize Bow Necklace episode? Btw, I just picked these products in a hurry, but they're all nice.... 


12.12.12 [Make A Wish]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  and believe it will come true!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*

Lakmé Perfect Radiance 4 Week Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment Review

Here's a "Personality Test" I made up while writing this review:
Look at the capsules in the pic above. What else do you think they look like?
A. You think they look like bowling pins.
B. You think they look like dead bodies.
C. You think they look like hibernating robots.
D. All of the above. 
***Pick only one. Results at the end of this post.


Garnier BB Cream In India!

Garnier has launched its very popular BB Cream in India! I know so many of you have been dying to try it out.
About: Tired of lugging around a hundred different products for your skin or having to pick and prioritize the products most important to you? Leave it all behind as Garnier introduces the BB cream, Beauty Benefit Cream - an all in one daily moisturiser which is the perfect solution to all your skin care problems.  Everything you need for instantly perfect looking skin is now in one cream. The Garnier BB Cream is a miracle skin perfector that gives you perfect skin – instantly!
Infused with the goodness of Vitamin C, Almond extracts and Brightening Minerals, the Garnier BB cream gives you a deeply moisturised and visibly radiant perfect look. Being an all in one skin care product the BB cream gives multiple skin care benefits like:
  • Moisturisation  for  up to 8 hours
  • Healthy glow
  • Zero imperfections
  • Sun protection with SPF 24
  • Lasting Fairness


Hope y'all had a great weekend. Three more weeks and it's goodbye 2012. I'm kinda sad about it, especially since there is one more thing that I dared myself to do this year, but I'm still procrastinating! 

I was gonna split this post up and do it brand-wise, but I know I will get bored in no time and won't finish what I started. So.... I decided to make it a BIG post, and put them all in one.

Here are the Best Lipsticks of 2012 that I picked out from my collection....

Best MAC Lipsticks 2012:
  1. MAC Party Parrot (Matte) from Iris Apfel Collection ~ Limited Edition. I love this lipstick so much that I feel I should have given it a 5-star rating. Look & Review here
  2. MAC Watch Me Simmer (Amplified) from Shop Cook Collection ~ Limited Edition. Photos & Review here
  3. MAC Peach Blossom from Cremesheen + Pearl Collection ~ Limited Edition. Review here
  4. MAC Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) ~ Permanent. This definitely deserve a 5-star rating now. The very matte finish is just da bomb. Look & Review here
  5. MAC Viva Glam V (Lustre) ~ Permanent. This is such a great natural-looking mlbb (my lips but better) shade. It's famous for suiting most skin tones. Sorry, I totally forgot to review this when I told you in the May Favorites post that I would >.<
  6. MAC Modesty (Cremesheen) ~ Permanent. Another nice pinkish nude that's quite similar to MAC Patisserie. Yet to be reviewed here.
  7. MAC Scarlet Ibis (Matte)  from Marilyn Monroe Collection ~ Limited Edition. Swatched here
  8. MAC Love Goddess (Matte) from Marilyn Monroe Collection ~ Limited Edition. Swatched here
  9. MAC Rebel (Satin) ~ Permanent. Look & Review here
  10. MAC Cosmo (Amplified Creme) ~ Permanent. Review here 
 *There are 2 more that deserve a mention: 
  • MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Bare Again. It's such a nice peachy nude shade. Swatched here
  • MAC Patisserie (Lustre) ~ Permanent. Still my go-to MAC lipstick until now. Review here


Random Life In Pictures ~ Closet, Home, Snow, Etc

Hope you're having a nice Saturday. I had one of the worst days yesterday, but's over now.

Life is so unpredictable right now. I don't know where we'll be living next year. Maybe in the UK, maybe in another country..... but one thing's for sure- I'll be in New Delhi for some days around March-April...woohoo!

My Closet: Sorry for the bad lighting, it's very dark in the bedroom. I'm very very lazy when it comes to organizing my closet, so it's easier for me to show you a non-messy one when I don't have much clothes. I need more hangers. I have not filled most of the shelves. Definitely need more shoes =D I don't keep the ones I've worn outside on the wetness & mud in here, so I have about 5 pairs near the door downstairs.
Jane Norman Belted Woolen Dress ~ Best buy & most-worn! Got in on sale for £15 (Rs.1300). It can be worn as off-shoulder or cowl neck.
Perlini Faux Fur Leopard Print Bag ~ Old. Got it years ago from Singapore.
Booties ~ Vincci   

THANK YOU Maybelline UK

One night, I was browsing the Maybelline UK website & my eyes chanced upon this section. Something about FREE Fit Me Foundation Samples. I signed up- just email, name & address. I didn't take it seriously. I thought "Eh, whatever happens." I think it was about 2-3 weeks ago, I'm not sure.
Today morning noon, Mr.CZ came to wake me up:
Mr.CZ: "It's 12 o'clock. Time to get up."
Me: "Hmmm...." *didn't open eyes*
Mr.CZ: "Something came for you.... from Maybelline!"
Me: "REALLY???!!!" *wide-eyed...took package & inspected it*
Mr.CZ: "Oh my God, look how she's fully awake for that."


MAC Angel Lipstick ~ Look & Review

Apart from Shaggy's insanely popular song, 'Angel' makes me think of a story a college roommate told me about that still makes me LOL to this day. A guy (admirer) had handwritten a love letter to her girlfriend:
"Blah.... blah..... blah........
...... You are my angle."
I think it's actually one of the most misspelled words in the English language. 
Sometime this year, I saw In Facebook:
  • Proud mother put up photo of her kid with caption: "My little angle." 
  • Status of some girl: "Treat me like an angle, and I'll show you what heaven is like."

Uhm, wrong angle, dudes! 
Coming to topic in hand, MAC Angel. One of MAC best selling lipsticks. I'll start with the look I did with it.



RAVE! Lakmé Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush Day Blushes

"Dear Benefit Coralista & Nars Orgasm,
You've got competition. It looks prettier than you, and it's price tag is more likable than yours."
About Lakmé Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush: Luxurious powder blush, baked on Italian terracotta tiles enriched with Jojoba Oil, Antioxidant Vitamin E for an extraordinary luminosity. Apply Dry for a sheer effect or wet for a long-lasting, dramatic look. Fragrance free.


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Pink Truffle Review & Swatches

I've been wearing Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Pink Truffle almost everyday since I got it. It's so addictive, it'll probably be finished in another 2 weeks! 
Pink Truffle is a rosy pink shade with little shimmers that give it that extra glossy look. Compared to Revlon Rosy Nude Colorburst Lipstick, it's lighter & pinker (judging for the photos. I don't have that with me)
It's unscented & tasteless. No truffles.
Wear: It does not necessarily need to be touched up for 3-4 hours when I don't disturb it. It somehow wears longer than Sweet Tart


Primark Haul ~ Jewelry, Etc.

I hadn't bought any jewelry since August, and I just couldn't stop thinking about shiny things. One night I actually dreamt that I was wearing some kind of gold crown! So the other day I made it a point to ignore all the makeup shops and focus my attention on one target- jewelry. Ya, I'm thinking about NOT buying any makeup till next year- January. Let's see how that goes =)
I could only do Primark that day, although I was dying to check out H&M and Topshop as well. I hate that all shops close at 6-7 pm here =[
Opia Gold Choker, £2.50 (Rs.217) ~ LOVE! Btw, what do call this type of necklace? I wasn't sure what to name it.