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Kevyn Aucoin's Makeup Pictorial #1: Smudged Smoky Eyes For Different Eye Shapes

When I went to my abandoned apartment in Gurgaon (Delhi), I took a few makeup items that I'd left there, and I made sure to take my makeup books. I was missing them a lot. Unfortunately, they're too heavy to take to UK with me, and I also didn't have time to go through them properly while I was there, so I just clicked pics of a few pages. I rarely read them again while I was living there, but now I badly want to go through them- thoroughly. See? You don't value something until you don't have it anymore.

Men-Who-Don't-Appreciate-Their-Wives&GFs, do you hear that? Yes, you. Your beautiful girl is sitting right next to you, and you're checking out other girls?! One.Tight.Slap.

Anyways, I thought I'd share some pictorials from the books of the MUA I learnt a lot from- Kevyn Aucoin. These illustrations are from either Face Forward or Making Faces, I'm confused. I've done a post on makeup books here & here

Hooded Eyelids: Hooded lids means you have a chunky piece of skin that covers your lid space. Ya, my eyes are a good example of hooded lids. You must have seen that I always draw a line on my crease- or rather the area where my crease should have been. Also, I can't pull off a thick eyeliner without contouring my crease area.