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Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup Look

Did you miss the OTT, crazy & fun make-up looks on here? I really missed doing them, and I'm aware they're the reason some people come here. I know, I know... even my Bollywood Babes series is hanging in limbo, just give me some time with that. Right now, I'm in the mood for spontaneity & quirk, maybe coz it's Halloween month! More make-up looks coming up.....very excited about one in particular (I just received some jewelry from Ebay, but I still need a few more items & bangs for my hair to complete the look.) No, two actually. I'm excited about 2 crazy OTT looks! =)
I didn't give this one much thought, and I think I should have polished the eyes a little. Oh-kay, enough babbling. Hope you like!


The Worst Beauty Products

Hope you're all doing well. Today, I'll be showing you some of The Worst Beauty Products I've ever used.

*Please note: I'd used these products for a considerable amount of time, and I did give them the benefit of the doubt before I made up my mind. Also, they might have not worked for me personally, but it's very possible that they're wonderful products for others. That's one of the reasons why most of the ones mentioned are still flying off the shelves.

  1. Colorbar I-Define Pencil (Midnight Black) ~ Hard & dry. Would work better on paper, not eyes.
  2. Inglot Gel Liner (Shade 75 Purple) - Not creamy enough, and dried up before the gel liners I bought way before it. I was gonna use it this one time, and found a purple rock!
  3. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ~ Caused big painful cystic pimples. It feels like a dream, but works like a nightmare.
  4. Bourjois Elastic Mascara ~ No volume, lashes looked uneven in length & the formula burned my eyes. By far, the worst mascara I've ever used.  
  5. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Blush (Shade #6 Quickie) ~ Dried up before I'd even used it properly. I was shocked! Really not worth $26 (Rs.1400) You are better off mixing a powder blush with moisturizer.
  6. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion ~ Extremely drying & it neither prevented nor cured pimples. The only thing it cleared up was all the moisture from my skin. On nights when I used it, I was afraid I'd wake up in the morning and see my skin had cracked!
  7. Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Hair Color (Medium Blonde 175) ~ Burned my scalp like a chilly paste during developing time. Had the color not turned out brassy, the unexpected sting would have been so worth it.
  8.  L'Oreal Re-Nutrition Shampoo + Conditioner ~ Re-Name, Re-Grease, Re-Dull. 

I told you mine. Please tell me yours!  
♥ Cynthia Z *.* 


Most Used Beauty Products

Yesterday, I had an attack of short attention span (the infamous Gemini vice). I was going to blog about something.... then I decided on something else....then something else.... it was amazing how my mind went from China to Turkey in minutes. I wanted to pull my hair, coz I couldn't settle on a topic, yet I was editing photos & writing like a maniac. Then late at night, I ended up making this collage instead- far far away from China & Turkey.

These are some of my Most Used Products. I've repurchased some & I'm begging a few not to leave me!


Make Up For Ever Mumbai Haul & Swatches

I was in Mumbai before heading off to Goa so I got a chance to drop by Make Up For Ever in Mumbai. I was so excited! I have been to many MUFE stores before but somehow I was more enthu about going to one in "India" =D

I wanted to buy so many things but when I got there, I was all confused. I wanted to try the Mat Velvet+ Foundation but couldn't find a shade exactly like my MUFE HD Foundation #120 & my most-wanted 12 Flash Color Case wasn't available. 

In the end, I ended up buying only 3 things:
  • Make Up For Ever Star Powders 951 Iridescent Fuchsia & 974 Taupe ~ These are loose shimmery pigments that can be used anywhere on the face & body. I'm going to love Iridescent Fuchsia coz I I always wanted a really pigmented candy pink eyeshadow.
  • Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N35 ~ This is a sheer & non-opaque version of the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks. They are more natural-looking, hence the name.


Make Up For Ever Très Vichy Look & Tutorial

Better late than never! I've thought about doing this look since January, when I first saw the promo of Make Up For Ever  Très Vichy Collection. I had bought the gingham fabric since then, but couldn't make the bow lashes, coz the fabric with smaller checks didn't match this fabric I'm using right now. Yup, I'm a perfectionist obsessive that way. But thanks to the wonderful Rashmi, who sent me these lashes (post here), I was able to do it without any worries.

Très Vichy was a spring collection and we're almost touching fall, but I'm a bow enthusiast. It would be wrong, almost sacrilegious, if I didn't do it. 

Très Vichy ~ Very Gingham. Prepare yourself for a lot of gingham! :)


Arabic Look

I had a tough time picking a title for this! (Changed it from Indian to Arabic after reading the comments :))
This is a look I created for my 1 month LOTD Challenge (3 looks per week). It would look fabulous on a night out. Shimmer all the way to the brow bone. It looks so gorgeous & glam under yellow light. I'd do this makeup if I were wearing a black & silver Indian saree.


Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #2 Steel ~ If Britney Spears Used It....

About Aqua Creams:
The Aqua Cream is an ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream. Highly concentrated in mother-of-pearl pigments, it provides an immediate color intensity with a luminous finish. 
Its long-lasting formula will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions.

Available in 22 shades.


Favorite Red Lipsticks

Red Lipsticks are confidence boosters. That I believe. But some go as far as to say that women who wear red lipsticks have better careers and success. Really?! I don't think so.
I'm somebody who used to have a red wallet because according to Feng Shui, red wallets attract money. I was in college and always broke, so I thought it was the best piece of information I'd ever heard and I believed in it until...I couldn't afford a bread pakora from the college canteen. Of course I didn't have enough money to begin with and I always had expensive taste, but still.

Anyways, here are my Favorite Red Lipsticks:

  • Colorbar Velvet Matte Hot Hot Hot ~ So HOT!
  • Revlon Colorburst True Red ~ Really a true red. Finish is awesome, but I don't like how wide the tip is. Not very easy to apply with.
  • Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge ~ The most pigmented of them all
  • MAC Heartless (Venomous Villains Evil Queen) ~ I'm so glad I got this. It's superfabulous! Swatch below.
  • Shu Uemura RD 165S ~ This has silver shimmer, and I heart it coz it makes my teeth look really white.
  • MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper ~ I realized this isn't really red, but it belongs in the family.
  • The Balm Read My Lips Wanted ~ Has a pink undertone 


Valentine's Day Look & Outfit

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day. I had fun, although the sudden change of weather here in Delhi spoiled my 'pink' plans a little bit. Anyways, on to my V-Day look....

Face- MUFE HD Foundation, Body Shop Loose Face Powder, YSL Touche Eclat
Cheeks- Inglot Cream Blush #84, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Rose to highlight cheekbones
Lips- MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #32
Eyes- UDPP, Nyx Jumbo Pencil Milk as base, Shimmery white eyeshadow all over lids & inner corners, Pink & Blue eyeshadows from LA Colors Circus palette , MAC Petrol Blue Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner, Revlon Beyond Natural Long Volumizing Eyelashes


Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge Inspired Look

Since I'm into red lips these days, I thought I'd do an inspired look and it had to be Make Up For Ever's Moulin Rouge Collection promo pic. Hope you like!


Make Up For Ever Très Vichy Collection For Spring 2011

Who wants to kiss (on the cheek!) that girl in the promo pic? Isn't the whole pin-up girl meets Barbie look just ADORABLE?!! And OMG...BOWS! *.*  Très Vichy in French means "Very Gingham" and I'm a big fan of gingham prints too! I can't wait for this collection. It's the cutest one since the MAC Hello Kitty Collection in  my books. I hope that it'll definitely be launched in India too.

Make Up For Ever Très Vichy Collection is inspired by Brigitte Bardot, the iconic French actress & model.

Tres Vichy Collection Products:
Star Powder Diamond ~ Crystal White, Sweet Pink, Peach Pink, Pale Green
Très Vichy Palette ~ Crystal Diamond # 301 and Cheek Color # 303. 
Très Vichy Faux Lash ~ Lashes with gingham bows. Oh-so-cute!

I see a Très Vichy-inspired look coming ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Review

What it is:
An ultra-pigmented long-lasting waterproof cream. Highly concentrated in mother-of-pearl pigments, it provides an immediate color intensity with a luminous finish. It's long-lasting formula will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions.
Available in 22 shades, the multi-purpose Aqua Cream can be applied on your lips, cheeks and eyes.
Shades for lips & cheeks ~ 5,6,7,8,9,10.
Shades for eyes & cheeks ~ 1,2,3,4,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22.
I got this in #9 Coral, which I think is the prettiest coral shade ever! It's meant for lips & cheeks.


Fashion Friday ~ Black Lacy Fingerless Gloves in The Now

Gloves are my new favorite accessories right now, after I picked up these Forever 21 black lacy fingerless gloves. Cheap and cute, but had it not been for those bows, I probably wouldn't have bought them. Obviously :).
I couldn't decide what to wear with the gloves so as not to look trashy or too 80's.

The black strip on the skirt is actually see-through mesh

Gloves~ Forever 21 (about Rs.450? I don't remember exactly :S )
Tattoo Mesh Bodycon Skirt ~ Topshop (Rs.2200-2300)
Lace cami ~ Topshop (Rs.2100)
Belt ~ Nichii (Rs.800). Didn't wanna wear it but the skirt is a tad loose. I almost lost this belt twice at a club coz the clasp isn't that stable.
Shoes ~ Vincci (Rs.1200)
Black stud earrings ~ Forever 21 (came in a pack for about Rs.350 or 450)
*the tube under the lace top is actually a t-shirt which I cut and wore without an elastic to hold it up, that's why it's hanging down at the back :D

Okay, let's see how this outfit would look at a bar....

Nah, too dressy for a bar, hence not trashy. Maybe, I don't know, somewhere with dressy people? =D
In winter, I'd throw in a pair of plain black tights and a quarter/folded blazer or cardigan in the same color as the skirt, and maybe a scarf too. 

Products used (click on highlights for reviews & swatches):
Face ~ Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, Laura Mercier Undercover Pot as concealer, Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination foundation in Warm Golden, MUFE HD Powder, MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden on hollows of cheeks, forehead, nose and chin
Blush ~ On cheeks Bourjois Blush in Cendre De Rose Brune , Bourjois Blush Lune D'or on the cheek bone
Eyeshadows~ Revlon Colorstay in Berry Bloom, Maybelline Eyestudio Diamond Glow in Lilac Mauve 

Eyes ~ 1 to highlight brow bone and inner corners, 2 on lid, 3 on outer corners of lids, crease & lower lashline, black eyeshadow from BF 120 palette
In2IT Gel Liner Pencil to tightline upper lash line,Loreal Super liner Carbon Gloss eyeliner, Eylure Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole lashes, Maybelline Double stretch mascara on top and bottom lashes. 
*On the outer corner make a V (refer to pic) with black eyeshadow using pencil brush and blend with a fluffy brush
BrowsNo7 Beautiful Brows pencil in brown/black
Lips ~ Za Pure shine lips in RS1 Salmon Rose
Nails ~ Bourjois 1 seconde T9 Prune Stellaire

Hope you like :)

Happy Friday everyone!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


MUFE Rouge Artist Lipsticks Giveaway WINNERS!

First of all, thank you all for taking part in my Giveaway , following, spreading the word, tweeting & liking IVC's FB fanpage.

There were altogether 319 valid entries:

You can enlarge pics

Let's find out which 2 lucky ones are destined to win these lippies, shall we?
 ♪ ♫.............. Drumrolls............... ♪ ♫

Winner 1  : Dominique
Winner 2 : Get Gawjus

Congrats ladies! :)

Winner 1 can pick which pair she wants & the other pair will automatically go to Winner 2.

Winners please email me your mailing addresses here ~

To the rest, what can I say? =( It sucks for me too, believe me! Better luck next time, yeah?

Thanks again all! Hope to see you again in another Giveaway :)

Have a great week!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Beauty Buys From Malaysia ~ Part 2

Looking less, isn't it? =(  I think I got more shoes, bags, jewelry and clothes this time for a change :)

But 1 more day baby! And duty-free tomorrow *wink wink*

Can't wait to be back in India...I'm dying to eat authentic Indian food!!!

Last year's haul here 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Vacay Giveaway! 4 MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks (CLOSED)


I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur today for a 2 week vacation. Wheeee....! Yup, two years in a row, that's how much I love it  loved shopping there.
But before I go I wanted to do this Giveaway, as promised.
It is open internationally, so everyone come try your luck!

2 WINNERS - 2 Lipsticks Each

Shades (L-R in the pic above):
  • #21 Pearly Bright Red
  • #17 Gold
  • #39 Satin Orange Coral
  • #42 Satin Vermilion Red
I paired two and two together in a way that both winners get a red shade and my favorite Satin finish.
1st Winner will win: #21 & #39
2nd Winner will win: #17 & #42

*All lipsticks are brand new in box*

To enter this Giveaway:

Compulsory: You must be a follower of this blog through Google Friend Connect (1 entry)

  1. Help spread the word by posting the first photo above in your own blog in blog post or sidebar (1 entry for sidebar, 2 entries for a blog post)
  2. Follow IVC on Twitter & tweet about this giveaway (2 entries) (Tweet this ~ Follow & RT @In_VanityCase 2 win MUFE Rouge Artist Intense. Details    )
  3. Like IVC's  Facebook Fanpage (5 entries)

If you do everything, your name will appear 10 times in the wheel of fortune ;) 

    *Contest will end 2 weeks from today ~ 23rd September, 2010 at 11:59 pm IST. Winner will be chosen shortly after that using

    Phew! Sorry about all the rules guys. I feel like an insatiable maniac! Hey, at least I didn't ask you to subscribe to my Youtube channel, eh? =D 

    Please enter by commenting below with all these details: 
    • You email id
    • Google Friend Connect Name 
    • Link to your blog/blog post
    • Twitter name & link to your tweet about this giveaway
    • Facebook profile name
    • It would be nice to know which pair you want too ;)

    "Thank you all for taking part in this Giveaway and I wish you the best of luck! :)"

    You can check out my review & swatches of some of the Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks here

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

    Disclaimer: The lipsticks were prizes that I won from the Make up For Ever 'Rouge is Art' Makeup Contest


    LOTD With Chanel Sunnies With Bows DUPES

    I couldn't resist putting up that first pic ~ It's so Retro & might I add unedited? Except I had to increase the brightness a bit.

    On to the Chanel sunglasses......

    Oh my, the cuteness! I saw these for the first time in Shop n Chomp's blog (lucky girl!) and I couldn't stop thinking about and night....and the following days and nights. I love bows! And I want them everywhere! 

    I was going CRAZY!

    Then I was at Miss Jo (an accessories store) buying those cute bottle umbrellas and I just hopelessly told the salesgirl "I want sunglasses with bows on the sides"  thinking to myself "Okay, now you're just being silly....AND desperate! Like Miss Jo would have Cha....."

    She brought me these..........

    Imagine my reaction =D

    The only difference is that these don't have the Chanel logo on the bows. Which is a good thing coz I don't like fake logos >.<

    The Make-up:
    Face ~ Laura Mercier Primer Oil-free, MUFE Hd Foundation, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
    Cheeks ~ Mac Golden Bronzing powder, Benefit Coralista, To The Beach Marine Life Highlighter
    Eyes ~ Used only one color eyeshadow- Toasted from the UD Show Pony palette, UD 24/7 eye pencil in Zero on my upper lash line & waterline, Bourjois Smokey eyes in smoked brown smudged on my lower lash line, Bourjois Elastic Mascara
    Lips ~ My favorite lip combo atm - Maybelline Color Sensational Warm me Up & Mac Cremesheen Lipglass in Partial To Pink

    *P.S: I do fill in my brows (Maybelline Brow Definist)  but somehow they always look undone in pics =S

    *See how Mac Marine Life Highlighter on my cheeks Glows!

    Oh, and the price you ask? Rs.899. Available in other colors too: Purple, Brown & White.

    Not Chanel, but definitely a keeper. And yes, I sleep better too ;P

    What do you think?

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


    Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Photos, Swatches & Review (& Giveaway?)

    Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks are said to have high concentrations of pigments to ensure high coverage in one single stroke. Made with a mixture of natural waxes like Candellia, Rice and Beeswax for a long-lasting hold. Derived ceramide combined with Sterol & Nylon powder to prevent the lips from dehydration.
    • Dermatologist tested
    • Paraben Free
    • Violet Bouquet Scent.

    Available in 50 shades and 3 finishes ~ Satin, Matte & Pearly


    Happiness ~ Coming Home To Prizes, Gifts & Hauls! =)

    Hey guys, I'm back in the city! It's nice to come back to the cool weather (keep raining please!), my love, broadband, the big wide roads, and all the new makeup that was waiting for me! =D (Imagine my impatience & anxiety when I couldn't see them asap!)

    First up are the Prizes:

    I received 10 Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks from Make Up For Ever (2nd prize for the 'Rouge Is Art' Contest)

    **Will write the shade numbers and names when I swatch them

    Next is the prize I won in Shivani's (Adorable On Your Vanity) Giveaway:
    My first ever Urban Decay product ~ Show Pony Palette

    Urban Decay Show Pony comes with a mini Primer Potion and 24/7 Glide on Eye pencil in Zero

    She even agreed to sell me her Make Up For Ever HD Blush coz she knew how much I wanted it. Thanks Shivani! 

    MUFE HD Blush in Quickie #6

    Of course I didn't miss out on the MAC To The Beach Collection which was launched when I wasn't in the city ;))

    MAC To The Beach Bronze Body Oil, Bronzing Powder in Golden, Marine Highlight Powder, and Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20 (from the Pret-a-Papier Collection)

    By the way, MAC launched 3 new collections today : In the Groove, Opulash & Superglass. 
    I've yet to check them out, but I sure want to see what the deal is with the famous Stereo Rose.

    Last but not the least, are some gifts from the lovely people at . They were kind enough to let me pick what I want =). So I went for 2 Laura Mercier products I've always wanted to try:

    Laura Mercier Undercover Pot #2, Foundation Primer Oil Free

    Strawberrynet is currently teaming up with an Indian website, where they are offering 70% discount only to Indian customers. To know more please click HERE . It's only for a few days, so check it out NOW!

    Reviews and swatches coming soon!

    That's all for now. Hope you're having a great day....

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


    Good News =D & New Hairstyle

    Hey everyone,

    First of all, I'm sorry for not updating lately. Took a while to get my internet connection reactivated (I'm in my hometown btw) and now it's quite slow. I will try to post everyday from now on. I'll be here for a month, so I'm planning to do different kinds of posts & some videos (editing one right now)

    On to the good news.....

    I won the 2nd place in the 'Make Up For Ever ~ Rouge is Art Contest'  *jumping up and down* =D

    I was pleasantly surprised by this email from them today......

     ♥ I love Make Up For Ever!!! ♥

    Thank You to all of you who wished me luck, commented &'liked' my photo in the MUFE Facebook Fanpage. I really really appreciate it.

    Click here if you haven't seen the the photo that won me 10 Rouge Artist Lipsticks hehe...

    My new hairstyle....

    See you again soon! Muah! :*)

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^